The Mean & Green Smoothie, a recipe

The Mean & Green Smoothie was created for those partaking in the smoothie diet or are on a typical smoothie binge. These individuals who drink nothing, but smoothies and liquids. I actually have tried this and in 2 weeks with Yoga and exercise, I lost a lot of weight, as a result. I created this smoothie simply for those looking for something a little less sweet, but sweet enough. It has a rather acquired taste, but a taste that everyone can enjoy.

(I apologize for my blender being messy, as I accidentally got a little mango juice on it when trying to make a compost for some cupcakes I was making while making this smoothie) 

You will want to first and foremost, add these ingredients to your blender...

Baby Carrots
Black Beans
Artichoke Hearts

Although you can add Chia Seeds, I wouldn't recommend it simply because most of the ingredients added are fillers. Chia Seeds do possess a nutritional value that allows you to enjoy them despite the fact they are a filler, so it is entirely up to you.

Once the ingredients are added, you want to go ahead and add your soy based product. Today, I am going to use Silk's Fruit & Protein (which is a soy based product) in Mixed Berry. Because most green smoothies possess a certain percentage of fruit to balance out the taste, the soy based product that I am using will balance out the taste because it's berry.

You want to begin to blend generously. If you add Chia Seeds, don't forget to blend a little longer than usual.

Finally, serve in a glass. This mixture is good for three meals.