It's official, I am done drinking regular dairy milk...

As most of you already know, I am "lacto ovo" vegetarian. In case you are wondering what a "lacto ovo" vegetarian is, it's simply someone that does not eat meat or fish, but do eat dairy, eggs, and honey. If you are trying to distinguish what a "lacto ovo" vegetarian is versas any other type of vegetarian, just think of a lacto ovo as someone who doesn't eat anything with a face or better yet, is or once was living.

With all of the numerous alternatives which range from soy and almond milk to rice and even coconut milk, there is nothing that says I should drink dairy milk. With that said, I have decided to give up drinking dairy milk.

You are probably thinking "So Sarah, what brought on this sudden urge to change?" Well, I attempted to drink a milkshake the other day at a restaurant and noticed an "after taste". The same "after taste" that I endured when I switched to drinking soy and almond milk from dairy milk. It was almost as if the reverse effect was happening. So, I've decided that giving up dairy milk is a good option for me at that time.  

Everyone who knows me also knows how much I love cheese. Now, if only I could give that up, then I could cut dairy out of my life completely and become an "Ovo" vegetarian, which is a vegetarian that does not consume meat or fish or "dairy", but does eat eggs and honey. I definitely want to stop eating eggs too. I guess that can be my bucket list goal for this year. It's early May after all. I hope you are having a wonderful day.