I deactivated my Twitter

I have decided to deactivate from Twitter for a little bit, as I am getting attacked by Keenan Vanginkel supporter Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) and her fake accounts in the worst way. I am also getting attacked by internet stalker Michael Odegard, a man who has been harassing me for years in efforts to get attention from my mother, who he is/was obsessed with. My mom has not talked to him since 2003. I am also suspecting that Morgan Ingram's stalker and his family are involved in this also, as @t4mtumblr (could be Mayra, as she has a track record of creating many fake accounts, which has been proven) has proved to be part of that same group also. @9riest I definitely suspect is MayraMM, as I believe @sarahafshardie, @exoticsarah1980, @diesarahafshar and the rest of the accounts are also her. It is definitely weird and a bit outrageous. I'm beginning to believe Mayra Martinez and Tricia Griffith don't leave their house. 

I am in Pittsburgh at the moment visiting my boyfriend Joe. I don't need my phone going off every single minute with redundant and outmoded hate comments, that are nothing more than rubbish based on paranoid speculation. Created by a cyberstalker from Oregon who is radically obsessed with silencing me because I disagree with her 100% and find her campaign of hate disgusting, especially towards Morgan Ingram. Is it necessary to attack me for thinking Morgan Ingram was murdered? 

Everything they are accusing me of is simply not true. I am definitely not "Mark Mann" nor anyone else they are trying to accuse me of. I can prove this also. This made me laugh at how unhinged and paranoid these people are. They also tried to say I am a webcam whore, yet there is not a single nude picture of me online because this has never happened and is not true. And as for ExoticSarah1980, I was being impersonated and found out years later that this was my former friend Majid, a Persian man from Virginia/Washington D.C. who was impersonating me. You can read the original story regarding this here

Mayra and her split personalities cannot accept that many people support Toni Ingram and I am not the only one who does. Also, I am not getting paid by Toni Ingram. Another lie this fool has created to up her agenda and make people believe Morgan Ingram was a suicidal junkie and I am crazy for interviewing Morgan's mother Toni and believing Morgan Ingram was murdered. When I discovered Mayra's real intentions after she originally visited this blog, I removed all of her comments and didn't put any of her comments through. This is why she is angry. She can continue to be angry, as I can continue to stand with and support Morgan Ingram and justice. 

Again folks, this is outlandish and fictitious paranoia this person/these people create from their warped imagination. My only guess is they are upset that I published another interview with Toni Ingram and don't want a single person supporting Toni or the homicide theory. Perhaps this is another way to try and intimidate me into deleting the interviews, as they have tried in the past. I have no clue nor do I care. I just interviewed Toni Ingram and have been getting attacked by this woman since. 

And MayraMM, if you are reading this, you are a liar and you know it. You know it is wrong what you are doing also. For the record, I am never deleting the interviews (which you can read by clicking here and also here) with Toni Ingram. Toni has every right to speak out. She has every right to question what happened to her daughter. Who are you to silence her? Who are you to silence me for supporting her? Give up this crazy propaganda hate campaign you have created. You are an angry bully with ego-driven angst who expects me to be intimidated by you and bow down to your demands simply because I don't agree with what you are doing to Morgan Ingram and her mother Toni. Sorry, but I don't listen to people like you who spread lies about others in efforts to silence them. You are nothing more than an internet thug. 

I will reactivate my Twitter once the harassment from them stops or at least dies down. They are wasting their time spreading lies. They have no proof either because what they are saying is not true. 


9riest is actually David Adler. He goes by Priest Adler. His wife is Tina Adler. After Tina was d0xed and this was exposed, he deleted completely from social media. He was a friend of James McGibney from Bullyville, then when James started to sell out and narc on those who he asked for help (Shm00p being one of them) all pf those who supported Bullyville stopped because he reported them to the FBI. Long story. There is a site that exposes all of this online. Mayra seems like an old troll but I can tell you 100% that David Adler is Priest and that’s been his nickname for years because he’s a fan of Judas Priest.
Anonymous said…
9riest is David Adler.
Washington said…
Michael Odegard is schizophrenic. I know his mother. She’s tried to help him for years. He is very sick.