The crowd to see Adam Lambert tonight

Tonight I am going to see Adam Lambert one of my favorite singers with my boyfriend Joe. Adam is performing at the 2013 Pride of Pittsburgh festival. I have been wanting to see him for quite sometime as he is one of my favorite singers right now. I convinced Joe to see him and tonight we are officially going to see Adam. I am so excited. Here is a look at the crowd tonight just to see Adam. 

P.S. It looks like Mayra Martinez (who uses the pseudonym MayraMM) is attacking me on Twitter under one of her many fake sock accounts and aliases over the whole Morgan Ingram and Toni Ingram thing. She is clearly @9riest, as she and this particular identity tweet the same thing and possess the same incoherent, paranoid truncation. She also has managed to recruit internet stalker Michael Odegard of Portland, Oregon adding more drama to feed her ego driven agenda other megalomaniac rage. 

Why is she doing this? Because she disagrees with what I have to say on a crime case and has convinced herself that if she devalues me enough and perpetuates the narrative that I harass other people who disagree with me, it makes her look like less of a troll. I don't know whether she is psychopathic or simply a narcissist who hates being wrong, but I am entitled to my opinion. With that said, I have never harassed anyone. Just propaganda she created to support her lies.

While I am out enjoying a concert with my boyfriend, these two sick fucks are on Twitter spewing out their lunacy and paranoid fiction. One word: petty. My question for you is: should I turn off notifications or should I deactivate Twitter so my phone doesn't go off every minute? Or should I let them have fun posting their craziness and just not look at their crazy lies and online bullying? I am here to spend quality time with Joe and watch Adam Lambert perform.  

It's extremely sad that this woman is going to such length to silence me just because I support Toni Ingram and believe Morgan Ingram's case deserves a second look. With the high levels of Amitriptyline in her bloodstream, it is evidently clear Morgan's death is suspicious. And when you examine the ratio of the Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline in both the blood and gastric levels, you'll notice that the level in the blood is very close. This alone screams foul play. 

Anyways, I am going to turn off my phone for now. I'll blog later. Thank you for reading. 


Anonymous said…
I remember when this happened. I always thought 9riest was a shared account with Kirsten Claire Curry, David Adler, and Tina Adler. Kirsten died in 2018 of cancer. Tina and David are a married couple. I do believe he changed his name to Mitchell after the incident in 2017. I also think their son or grandson died in 2019. Mayra was feeding them a bunch of horrible lies about you. Saying you harassed Michael Odegard and were the cause of him being homeless. I knew it was a lie so I never got involved when she contacted me back in 2013. I was part of Anonymous from 2010 until 2018. The idea has gone downhill.
George said…
Michael Odegard is quite the storytelling slob. Pushing 50 with no hair and no job. Ain’t no one interested in that. Only other disgustingly sick slobs would defend this manic mutant.