Album Reviews: Living On Borrowed Time by Sworn Enemy

Sworn Enemy is a hardcore metal band located in the heart of the big apple. Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to their latest album, Living On Borrowed Time. What did I think?

The first track, Do Or Die is a very uplifting hardcore tune. It is definitely a great way to start the album. I love everything from the actual delivery of this song to the guitar parts to the exciting chorus line - "It's Do Or Die!"

Have you ever heard a song so exciting you start to find yourself head banging? Hard Way is one of those songs. I love this song because it's exhilirating, it's angry, and it's intoxicating.

I am loving the guitar parts in these songs and with Broken Hope the use of heavy riffs continues. The bridge isn't as hardcore as one can expect, but the vocal delivery makes this song come to life. I love the lyrical part in this song.

When I first heard Slipping Away, I was immediately reminded of Disturbed meets Cannibal Corpse. The story in this song is quite moving. Although I am loving the guitar parts, including the riffs, I have to be honest, the beats in this song are what makes this tune exciting.

The excitement continues with No Apologies. I am loving the beats, along with the strong bass line. The lyrical delivery is awesome, but the story itself is something special. This is one of the strongest tunes on the album.

As I continue listening to this album, I am at the sixth track, One Eye Open. This song sends a powerful message. I love how the beginning of the song embraces the use of strings. It's as if it is balancing dark and light. This is one of my favorite songs I have heard yet on the album.

The beginning of this song is so exciting. I cannot stop head banging. Whenever you listen to No Mercy, you cannot help but head bang. The story is incredible and I am loving the vocal delivery, along with the strong chorus long. It is one of the most exciting songs yet on the album. "No Mercy, No Mercy, No Mercy!"

When you think of something you have experienced in life, do you ever forget it? We can try to forget, but I don't think we can. Never Forget is a tune that embraces that concept. The screaming in this song is polished. I am totally loving this tune.

Stand And Deliver is one of those strong uptempo numbers that really embraces the power of anger while delivering it effectively on the listener. This hardcore addition reminds me of Rage Against The Machines meets Faith No More.

Does life change or is it a part of our imagination? We are at track ten. I absolutely love Nothing Changes because the lyrical delivery goes effortlessly with the story line.

The final song, is Rise Above. I am loving the guitar parts immensely in this tune. The chorus line is really strong and I am loving how the beats come out of no where to surprise you.
Living On Borrowed Time by Sworn Enemy was released on Tuesday, May 13th. Would I recommend this album to a friend? Yes, but only if you like hardcore music. If you do not like screamers, you aren't gonna love this album. Would I purchase this album? Absolutely. For more information about Sworn Enemy, please visit today.