Music Talk: Exclusive Interview with Lil Jon

Lil Jon is a rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, international DJ, husband, father, and musical genius. Born in the heart of Atlanta, he has worked with everyone from Usher to Ludacris to David Guetta to the Ying Yang Twins to R. Kelly to Soulja Boy to LMFAO and more. He has appeared in an array of movies such as Soul Plane, Date Movie, and Scary Movie 4.

He has also made various guest appearances on shows such as Ridiculousness, Chappelle's Show, and The Jenny McCarthy Show. He was also on the 11th Season of Celebrity Apprentice where he then, appeared again for the All-Star show which was the 6th installment of the reality series.

When it comes to Lil Jon and music, it just never stops. Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with him about his music including his latest hit 'Turn Down For What' and his future projects, including a potential movie. Here is what he had to say...

(Q) Behind every musical genius lies a major source of inspiration. Tell me a little more about who influenced you to get involved with music...

Music was always played in my house growing up. My uncle lived with us and was a DJ. He had a big collection of records. Also, my parents had house parties a lot. Even if it was a Saturday morning, mom would be playin' music while cleaning. As I got older, I had a house party one day and was amazed at the way the DJ could control the crowd, so I asked him to teach me. He's still a friend to this day and we basically grew up together. Emporer Searcy from Hot 107.9 in Atlanta.

(Q) Music is more than just art. It is a language. When you are writing music, do you listen to any music?

I get inspiration from various stuff. It depends on what I'm going for. Sometimes it just comes out of no where and really just I'm going through that day or the vibe in the studio.

(Q) You have worked with everyone from Usher to Ludacris to the Ying Yang Twins to Too Short to LMFAO and many more. Is there a specific a
rtist or band you haven't worked with, that you want to work with?

I want to do some shit with Jay and Kanye. I think we could do some incredible shit.

(Q) In 2013, you collaborated with DJ Snake and released "Turn Down For What". I absolutely love the song! What would you say is different about this tune versus the other stuff you have created?

There isn't that much difference. Same formula really. A catchy phrase and a lot of energy! Something that people can really connect with in their life.

(Q) Your music has touched into various genres, but I am curious Jon, is there is a specific genre that you have always wanted to work with, but haven't?

Shit...I think I've done everything. HAHAHA!

(Q) Aretha or Etta?

Aretha, man!

(Q) The question on every fans mind is, what is next for Lil Jon? Tell me a little more about what you have in store us...

I wanna drop a new album this year. I also wanna do more TV. Me and Aoki are talkin' about doin' a movie!


Anonymous said…
Lil Jon is real talent! One of my favorite artists ever. Great interview Sarah!