5 reasons why Adam Lambert is perfect for Queen

Adam Lambert is a singer, songwriter, and actor who struck instant fame when he auditioned for the reality hit series, American Idol. He became a world-class sensation virtually instantly and as a result, became one of the greatest forces in the music industry.

Lambert recently made headlines when Queen announced that Adam would be joining them for a special tour, where he sold out shows. Although the tour was originally 19 dates, an additional 5 days have been added. As much as I love Freddie Mercury, the original front man, I do believe Adam Lambert is perfect for Queen. Why?

1. Voice. When a singer can deliver every single performance and still have polished passaggio, as well as, timbre, you know they are serious. Not only does Lambert have excellent control of his voice, but his power and range are ultimately incredible.

2. Projection. What I love about Lambert goes beyond his amazing vocals, it is the fact that he can deliver and engage the crowd in a sense. When he sings, not only do you know it's him, but he makes you believe what he is singing.

3. Style and Image. Lambert epitomizes individualism when it comes to his style and image. Although it is somewhat eccentric, it is never scandalous nor boring. This is how Mercury was, which makes Lambert right for the band.

4. Personality and Charisma. His personality, as well as, charisma is a lot like Farrokh Bulsara's in many ways. When someone is a good person naturally, their personality effects everyone around them.

5. Influence. When someone knows the material, it is highly beneficial. Lambert has stated various times how he has been influenced by Queen and Freddie Mercury. When someone respects the artists they work with, before working with them, you know they are right for the band.