Food Talk with Quest Nutrition

When it comes to enjoying high-quality ingredients without numerous carbohydrates and sugars, Quest Nutrition knows all about it. In fact, they are one of the top rated health & wellness food brands in the world today. And guess what? I recently had the chance to speak with Quest Nutrition's Creative Director, Matt Cadiz all about the brand. Here is what he had to tell me:

(Q) Hello Matt. How are you? Tell me a little more about Quest Nutrition...

Sarah, I’m doing amazing! Thanks for having me. In a nutshell, Quest Nutrition is all things clean, fun and delicious. Our mission is to end obesity without sacrificing flavor. We offer 14 delicious protein bar flavors for every taste bud, as well as Quest Cravings (peanut butter cups), Quest Pasta, and our newest family member: Quest Protein Chips!

(Q) That is amazing! I have to ask, what is the inspiration behind this brand?

Quest was inspired by leaders who wanted to bring value to peoples lives. We are serial entrepreneurs who wanted something that will benefit people, as a whole. Enter, Quest Nutrition! The spearhead to ending obesity.

(Q) You offer everything from low carb chips to low carb pasta to low carb candy bars to even low carb protein bars. I have to ask, what are your best selling products right now?

Our most popular sellers continue to be our Quest Bars: Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. We have yet to compare our Quest Protein Chips, but they are on their way to success.

(Q) When it comes to protein bars, you offer quite a selection. Everything from 'cinnamon roll' to 'apple pie' to 'lemon cream pie' to 'strawberry cheesecake' to even 'banana nut muffin' and much more. You even offer a 'Peanut Butter & Jelly' one, as well. I have yet to discover a protein bar, which is low carb to offer such an extensive selection. It's incredible.

I’m glad you mentioned PB&J, as it’s my favorite! Don’t forget, amongst all the low carb macros and nutrients, we offer a high value of protein as well! Famous for what we have, and don’t have sugars! We definitely do our best in Research & Development to give the best tasting products without sacrificing our macros.

(Q) I love that offer two different kinds of pasta, spaghetti and spinach fettuccine. This is perfect for those who are doing a high-protein, low-carb diet. They are also great for individuals with diabetes.

When we first released Quest Pasta we didn’t know how our customers would react, as it was left field of our Quest Bars. But they’re doing great and just another family member to our ever growing line of products. We try our best to have something for everybody.

(Q) The chips you offer are incredible. The flavor pairings are one thing, but the fact that they are low in carbohydrates is just something entirely special. When you created one of America's favorite foods on a healthier level, what was your mission?

Going back to our mission, it’s to eat cleaner, but NOT sacrificing taste or the feeling of indulging. It only made sense to replace just fun eating, with fun and healthy eating via Quest Protein Chips. It’s a snack for the perfect road trip, hike, or post gym. We definitely aim for convenience as the world has less time to prepare meals, and more time working on their personal growth.

(Q) What is Quest's Kitchen? Tell me a little more about this particular feature...

Quest’s Kitchen is where all the fun takes place! You can catch all our favorite fans creations on our Instagram: @questnutrition, as well as our “Cooking Clean” series on YouTube hosted by Cassey Ho. It’s a fun way to engage with our amazing fans and let them know we couldn’t have done it without them!

(Q) When someone approaches you and says "Matt, I don't know what I would have done without Quest Nutrition. Your products have allowed me to enjoy my favorite foods without the carbs." How does this kind of testimony make you feel?

Honestly, there were times when I wondered if people would appreciate what we were doing… and to see all the comments on social media and emails, it has motivated us even more to continue our quest (no pun intended) as it makes everything worth it! If not us, somebody would try to do this…Might as well be us – TEAM QUEST!

(Q) For all of those health and wellness enthusiasts, including food lovers and foodies that are reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for Quest Nutrition?

Quest Nutrition is relentless and passionate in our mission! Y’all may think we don’t listen or read what you write, but we do! Continue to contribute your ideas because we appreciate you! 2014 is just the beginning. Make space in your kitchen for what’s to come. Let’s make conscious eating clean and fun, together!

For more information about Quest Nutrition, please visit Quest Nutrition today.