Happy 16th Birthday Google

Founded in 1998, Google.com continues to remain stronger than ever. I remember when I first started college in late 1999, every single computer at the main library had "Google" as it's start page. I remember asking the librarian "What is Google?" and she proceeded to explain to me, it's a lot like MSN (which was the most popular at the time) and Yahoo!
Little did I realize that Google would go on to become something so much greater in the years to come. Not only a business, but a brand. Now, 16 years later it is stronger than ever. In fact, it went from a small idea with only few employees to almost 50,000 employees (47,000+ to be exact).

With a strong effort to promote lobbying, Google is definitely high in the ranks. When I asked the librarian years ago "What is Google?" I never realized that Google.com would go on to become one of the world's strongest and powerful multinational corporations. And knowing what I know now, I believe it's going to be just as strong in many more years to come.

Happy Birthday Google!