Lunch at the Old Faithful Inn Dining Room

Today I decided to visit Yellowstone National Park. As I tend to enter via West Yellowstone, I always find myself contemplating and debating where to go for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner, as I have had the privilege of dining at many places in the area.

And as much as I love quite a few restaurants in West Yellowstone, I find myself really loving and appreciating the Old Faithful Inn dining room located in the Old Faithful Inn. Located on 3200 Old Faithful Inn Road, this is a place I highly recommend. As a vegetarian, I enjoy this restaurant because it offers an extensive selection of vegetarian food. It also features an array of favorites with a vegetarian angle, so you can order anything and they will provide you with great alternatives and substitutes. The ambiance is definitely interesting as it consists of a rustic yet historic log cabin.

As most of the time they only accept reservations (mainly for dinner) to eat here, sometimes it is great to frequent this world-renowned geyser inspired eatery during the lunch hours, as they tend to not be so busy.

I decided to enjoy a nice lunch here today, as I was visiting the park. Today, I ordered the roasted red pepper smoked gouda soup with a classic vegetable panini with mozzarella cheese on it. The sandwich was a little dry, but had a rustic flavor I really appreciated. The soup was absolutely delicious. I can see that being a real, tried and true classic to keep on the menu.

To drink I enjoyed Chai tea, as they make a good one here. The tea comes directly from Big Timber, Montana and everything is so fresh and flavorful. I wouldn't say it was as good as masala chai, but they offer organic vanilla almond milk which is what I love with my chai tea when I order it.

For dessert, I decided to order the Summer Berry Stack. This dessert consists of a citrus cake layered with key lime and creamy white chocolate cream cheese. It also consists of an array of berries and is garnished with raspberry syrup. I really like the dessert here; however, it does remind me of something that was or is frozen and then thawed out. Nevertheless, it was still relatively decent.

I have tried almost every restaurant in Yellowstone and so far, this is a favorite. They also offer a lunch buffet, but I haven't tried that. Lunch is from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm everyday. For more information about the Old Faithful Dining Room, just click here now.