The tragic life of Rehtaeh Parsons

Rehtaeh Parsons is a beautiful 17 year old girl from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada who attempted suicide on April 4, 2013. The Canadian teen tried to hang herself. As her suicide attempt was not fully successful, it lead to her being life support where she spent the rest of her days in a coma. Parsons died on April 7, 2013, only three days after the attempt, as her family made the decision to switch off her life support. 

But the question remains; however, what made her attempt suicide to begin with? Truth be told, Parsons was ganged raped by group of savages in November of 2011. These low life losers took pictures of Parsons. The pictures ended up finding their way on the world wide web. What started as a night of drinking for the, then 15-year old Parsons, turned into a nightmare when she was gang raped in the Fall of 2011. 

Having barely no recollection of the event, Parsons was relentlessly harassed and bullied by many for years after because of what these vile boys did to her. The harassment was celebrated both offline and online. Trying to ignore what happened years prior, the boys who raped Parsons leaked images of her in efforts to taunt and devalue her. And encouraged others to do the same. 

When Parsons discovered the images herself. She was extremely devastated and depressed over what she saw, she attempted to end her life. And a few days later lost her life as a result. 

The evil savages who are involved in this terrible tragedy of Rehtaeh Parsons are: Kyle Brimicombe, Cody Allen Gosbee, Hunter Shippien and Cole Shippien. These boys should be punished accordingly and should go to prison for their crime. This is wrong and ignoring what they did to her is immoral and unethical. 

Rehtaeh Parsons deserved better. Will there ever be justice? One thing is certain, the justice system failed this poor girl and this breaks my heart.