Annie's Organic Grass Fed Macaroni & Cheese

Last month Annie's launched their line of grass fed macaroni & cheese. Fortified with only natural ingredients and certified organic, this new addition focuses on using cheese that comes from  humanely raised cows. 

According to a recently conducted study, pasture-raised cows contain more CLA (or Conjugated Linoleic Acids) fatty acids than cows that would ordinarily eat feed. CLA has been continuously marketed as cancer-fighting dietary supplement and has been linked to helping with other health problems.

"Annie's is very excited to enter the Grass Fed category with an innovative new line of macaroni & cheese," Amanda Steele, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Annie's said in a press release on October 8th 2014. 
The grass fed line currently includes three varieties. They include: Organic Grass Fed Shells & Real Aged Cheddar, Organic Grass Fed Classic Mild Cheddar, and Organic Grass Fed Shells & White Cheddar. The high quality cheese comes from the Rumiano Cheese Company, which is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in California.

Established in 1989, Annie's products do not contain any antibiotics or pesticides, as well as, artificial flavors, colors, hormones, or preservatives. They are also free of GMO's (or Genetically Modified Organisms). Annie's currently offers over 145 products and can be found in almost 40,000 locations in both the United States and Canada alone.

This tastes delicious and is personally one of my favorite instant macaroni and cheese meals right now. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially those of you who enjoy instant meals like this. 

You can find Annie's Organic Grass Fed Macaroni & Cheese varieties at your nearest Whole Foods retailer for $3.29. For more information, visit today.