Crying by Sarah Afshar

Crying is one of those classic country songs that many people refuse to touch because they don't know whether or not they will do it justice. Personally, I have had doubts singing this song, but then I realized that it isn't the X Factor and I am only singing this on Smule

Roy Orbison sings this beautifully; however, when he and K.D. Lang sing it together, it is just magic. Perhaps one of the best duets ever in music. Anyways, going back to this song and its meaning - I decided to put my own spin on the song. 

What do you think? 

To listen to my rendition of Crying simply watch or listen to the video above. If it doesn't play for some reason, just click here to listen directly. Make sure you listen with headphones. 


Anonymous said…
The best rendition I’ve ever heard next to Roy Orbison’s. Incredible!
Kristi said…
Sarah, your beautiful voice has touched my heart. Your rendition of Crying is simply stunning and one of the best I have ever heard - Roy Orbison would be proud!