Rest in Peace Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was one of the few people I enjoyed watching on reality television. And to be honest, I am not a fan of reality television much unless I find the show to have a a somewhat educational angle. Something like Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery Channel or Forged in Fire on the History Channel, etc. Bourdain's shows were more than shows, but endless journeys and escapades that allowed you to experience food from around the world, right from your TV.
When he visited Iran, I was stunned (and If you haven’t watched that episode, you need to - Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Iran episode 6). He said the nicest things about Iranian people and had a lot to offer when visiting there. I've watched his other shows also and they were quite interesting.
But the real question is - why did Anthony Bourdain take his own life? What was he escaping from? At 61 years of age, what made him want to hang himself? Bourdain is also proof that mental illness does not discriminate and no matter how happy you assume a person is, the pain is always often hidden. It is very unfortunate he passed away and hearing the news has left the world sad.
Rest In Peace, Anthony Bourdain.