I Believe In You by Sarah Afshar

Stryper is one of the greatest Christian rock/metal bands ever. Their music is more than a message, but an experience. Hence why I took it upon myself to log onto the Smule app and record the song I Believe In You. 

This one of the greatest love songs of all time, but isn't well known. I must say that the song is underrated not just message wise, but lyric wise and vocally delivery wise. 

I wanted to record this because I not only love this song, but have never really heard it covered that much. 

What do you think?

To listen to my rendition of I Believe In You simply watch/listen to the video above. If that video doesn't play for whatever reason, just click here to listen. I recorded this using an iPhone X. What are your plans for Wednesday night? If you are bored and you love music, you should definitely check out Smule, as it is so much fun. Thank you for listening. 


Anonymous said…
Your voice is a gift from God Sarah Afshar!