President Trump offers 'Dreamers' Deal

As you many of you are already aware, president Trump is definitely not hiding nor zigzagging around any issues with his latest proposal in exchange for funding the wall. A 1,000 mile wall that will cost a staggering $5.7 billion. As Trump continues to promise a safer America by creating a wall to border South America, the 45th president has made quite a few demands.

Did you know that every year, a significant number of undocumented immigrants enter the United States, with millions of them being under the age of 18? President Trump has taken steps to protect these young individuals, commonly known as "Dreamers," and has made a promise to ensure their safety, as mentioned in his recent 13-minute speech. 

"$800 million in urgent humanitarian aid, $805 million for drug detection technology to help secure our ports of entry, an additional 2,750 border agents and law enforcement professionals. 75 new immigration judge teams to reduce the court backlog," Trump shared in his speech earlier today. "A mechanism to allow Central American minors to apply for asylum in their home countries" he added.

“The radical left can never control our borders. I will never let it happen.”

“Liberals care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our own citizens. It's time to put America First,” Trump shared in a recent ad. Marking day 29 (four weeks and one day) since Trump shutdown the government, I think it is very clear our president is not going to allow anyone to disprove his plan. 

While some Democrats accuse Trump of throwing a temper tantrum and acting immorally by shutting down the government, I personally believe that both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are displaying egotism and immaturity. Their refusal to accommodate the president's request for wall funding, despite their previous support for it, suggests that they are prioritizing their own egos and self-righteous thoughts on the matter. You may find this interesting video featuring Schumer from 2009 and this one featuring Pelosi discussing her agreement with Trump on border security.

Schumer and Pelosi's evident disdain for Trump and refusal to compromise on his request not only fuels polarization and backlash, but also puts the livelihoods of countless government workers and their families at stake. It's important to recognize that this is not a fabricated issue, but an ongoing problem that will persist unless they address it. Furthermore, the demands placed on Trump by these individuals are substantial.

It's concerning to see our president being disregarded and treated this way. Why do Pelosi and Schumer persistently reject the president's efforts? Could it be due to the failed negotiations on the wall? It's unfair to punish Trump for seeking advice and prioritizing the well-being of the people over personal interests.

While it's evident that Pelosi and Schumer once shared similar views on border protection, their refusal to acknowledge Trump's requests for wall funding raises questions. Accusing him of using youth as bargaining chips seems contradictory to their past stance on immigration. Could their motivations be driven by financial gain or a deep-seated animosity towards Trump, leading them to oppose everything he says or does?

The influx of undocumented immigrants not only affects our economy and labor market, but also contributes to increased poverty, overpopulation, and potential risks of conflict and asylum. These issues are further compounded by problems such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping, and rape. It's important to note that not all undocumented immigrants are involved in criminal activities, but their presence does have an impact on various aspects of society, including economic disparities, population growth, and social divisions.

I can't help but wonder, why is the construction of a wall such a contentious matter? Instead of attacking President Trump, why not engage in constructive dialogue and question his motives? Directly addressing the ongoing issues to him would be more productive than wasting energy on hatred. While Trump may have a controversial personality, it's crucial to separate that from the job he is doing and acknowledge the pressing issue of illegal immigration. However, compromising on this matter should never lead to further division within our country.

Distinguishing between fact and fiction, I applaud President Trump for his commitment to addressing the immigration issue and offering potential solutions for the benefit of the American people. The United States is a nation built on the principles of life, liberty, and happiness, serving as a melting pot for people from all over the world. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to come here to America, as long as they do so legally.