I just won for my entire squad on PUBG

So, tonight when playing PUBG on my iPhone, I found myself being on the only surviving player for my entire team. As two of the players died early on, one of lasted quite a while before they also died. It is quite hard to play solo in a squad match, as most teams tend to stick together and the chances of you getting ambushed by 3-4 people is relatively high.

Tonight, I took one for the entire team and brought home the chicken dinner in my quest, when playing the Erangel map. With the last remaining player being Lork, I was able to shoot them by simply running directly at them and just shooting, as they attempted to shoot at me. I killed a total of five players in this particular PUBG game.

For winning the chicken dinner for my squad, I was able to garner a total of 677 BP. I also gained 760 in experience. My total kill rating was +70 and my survival rating was +40 with a total rating of +56. In addition, I achieved the chicken master title for shooting the final player in the game, winning for my entire squad.

As my squad for this evening consisted of mamo6767, KRALYOZGATLI and BigBoss852, it was fun playing with them. KRALYOZGATLI killed more players than me and withstood for quite sometime before he was killed. Regardless of winning or losing, I always have a fun time.