Remembering Etta James

Etta James was one of the greatest singers to have ever lived and one of my favorite singers of all time. She was a storyteller who sang the blues, not because she wanted to but because it was who she was. James exuded so much soul she sold you the moment she would open her mouth. 

I remember hearing her sing for the first time and thinking how amazing she was. The power and projection she possessed was impeccably pristine. Imperfectly perfected, she epitomizes what singing your heart out really is. When she sang, I believed every word she would sing. It was 7 years ago today that Etta James died. At the age of 73, she passed away 5 days before her 74th birthday (which was on January 25th.) 

In late 2017, I joined Smule. The first song I ever recorded on the app was in late November. The first song I ever recorded on the app At Last by Etta James. It speaks so many volumes for being under three minutes and tells a story that many can relate to. 

To listen to my rendition of At Last, simply watch the video above. If it doesn't play, just click here right now. 

A woman with a voice and a message, Etta James will be remembered forever. 


Anonymous said…
Amazing rendition! I love it! At last is one of my favorite songs. You sung it incredibly.