Michael Jackson is innocent

Michael Jackson with Alan Light
and James "Jimmy" Safechuck.
(Photo by Alan Light)
Recently, Michael Jackson has been a major headline in the news. In a recent documentary titled 'Leaving Neverland' directed and produced by Dan Reed, several allegations surfaced about the King of Pop including allegations of child abuse. The documentary features Wade Robson and James (or Jimmy) Safechuck who both claim to have been sexually abused by Jackson. The documentary also features archived footage of Michael himself. The Dan Reed documentary aired tonight on HBO.

To be honest, I am extremely baffled by the allegations of abuse, but find it very odd how these two were given a platform to spread such obvious lies. Both Robson and Safechuck previously swore under oath that their relationship with the pop sensation was never inappropriate nor sexual. They maintained this via cross examination for years yet when asked about it recently, they come up with stories to justify their very obvious libel against Jackson.

Wade Robson has always praised Michael Jackson. However, this all stopped when he was rejected as the lead choreographer in a Michael Jackson themed tribute show in Las Vegas. You see, in 2011, Robson approached John Branca about choreographing the Michael Jackson/Cirque du Soleil production of "One" only to be denied the job. This leads me to ask - if you were abused by someone, why would you want anything to do with them let alone a show dedicated to them?

Another reason I truly believe Michael Jackson is innocent is because shortly after, Robson mentions in 2012 that he suffered a nervous breakdown stating he had an obsessive quest and need for success. What I found awkward was after he was rejected, he mysteriously came up with these abuse allegations, claiming to have "memories" of the abuse he endured by the king of pop. This was shortly after he was refused the job as the lead choreographer for "One". And with these allegations, Robson tried wholeheartedly to publish a book detailing the alleged abuse. That ship completely sailed after the book deal failed.

In 2013 and 2014, both Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck hired the same attorney to go after Michael Jackson. Filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the king of pop's estate, the lawsuit was automatically thrown out in court. In addition they attempted to file a $1.5 billion civil suit and creditor's claim. Fast forward to 2016, Robson referred to himself as the "master of deception" in a deposition that same year. And in the course of those particular proceedings, both stories changed several times. The courts were not fooled by their scam hence why the lawsuit was completely dismissed in 2017.

In addition to the libelous allegations made against Michael Jackson, Dan Reed has made it clearly many times he had no desire nor interest to hear any "pro" commentary regarding Jackson, going supremely with the "con" angle and abuse narrative. He didn't want to talk to anyone who supported the pop star nor anyone who would defend him. The documentary aired tonight, March 3, 2019.

And after an FBI investigation, Michael Jackson was found not guilty, as no evidence was found at the ranch. With over 70 police alone raiding the Neverland Ranch, they found nothing to convict Jackson. This excludes the testimonies of those who hated Jackson or found his actions questionable, but includes the evidence which was thrown out and the evidence from prior cases.

When Michael Jackson was alive, he still maintained the fact that he didn't have a childhood and that he slept with children after because he thought of himself as a child. A real predator, a pedophile would be quick to deny this and not even mention children again. If Jackson were a sexual predator, he would not even put himself in the situation repeatedly.

If Wade Robson was really abused, why would he want to have anything to do with Michael Jackson or his tribute show? A real victim of abuse would never want anything to do with the person who abused them no matter how obsessed they were with that person. No matter what kind of friendship they had with that person. He was also asking for tickets to MJ's memorial. A real victim would not ask for anything nor entertain that person as someone they would want to be around let alone support.

When it comes to proof, I believe a lie detector test and/or polygraph would determine the true deception of Robson and Safechuck, as well as, their claims against the king of pop. But then again, anyone who watched the documentary could clearly observe evident deception by not only the lack of emotion, but how the cameras never focused on them directly when they would explain their alleged experiences. I don't believe they are genuine, as real victims of abuse would not want anything to do with their abuser after. Robson tried to get memorial tickets and even tried to work as lead choreographer for Jackson's show.

I believe Michael Jackson paid off Jordyn Chandler simply because record executives told him to do so. Perhaps it was Tommy Mattola who gave Jackson this advice, hence why he professed his hatred of Mattola years later. I think 'they' Jackson not to fight it, as he had too much to lose and it would consume a lot of time fighting it in a court of law. I think Michael Jackson had horrible anxiety, depression, and mental illness as a result of being falsely accused hence why he died in 2009 of a drug related problem, due to lack of sleep from all of the anxiety created by this terrible lie. 

The documentary serves as a propaganda that allowed those involved to make a quick buck. If you examine the events surrounding the stories, you will notice more than just red flags but a plethora of inconsistencies such as the timing of the abuse. I think there were even instances where some of the witnesses to the crimes came up with supportive stories that were contradicting too. It just didn't make sense. 

Michael may have come across as unorthodox. Maybe even a little eccentric and bizarre, but I don't believe he was a pedophile. He didn't have a childhood and was a kid at heart. He was also a musical genius who genuinely wanted to help people. Unlike R.Kelly, who I believe is guilty of the allegations against him, I believe that Michael Jackson is innocent.


Unknown said…
Mj is innocent I believe he is innocent
Unknown said…
Thank You for giving Michael and his fans or those who have just sat and watched and believe everything they listened to a forum. It is on a topic that of course people who are not really fans, or know too much, or people who have done their research and know these guys to be liars. They would be easily sucked in as the subject matter is so controversial and nobody wants any child to be molested.
However, your research is true. I have a particular distaste for Wade Robson as I think he is a cold, calculating.. and he has stated himself... "A Master of Deception... ( though I thought he said Manipulation." Either way he makes me filled with anger.
As I said the things you stated are very true, however, there are some other pieces of evidence too.
He used Michael to get close to Justin Timberlake and was hired to do choreography for Justin and then Brittany Spears, whom he had an affair with, despite calling Justin his friend. Justin's song "Cry me a river" is about his breakup with Brittany due to her affair with Wade Robson.
He then used Michael again to open doors to meet Prince who was either going out with or married to... I think going out with.. Matye. Robson had an affair with her and was then basically blacklisted from Hollywood. Michael wanted nothing to do with him as he felt he'd been used too and betrayed.
He wanted to be the Choreographer for This Is It but Michael said no as he used his usual Tour Choreographer... Wade didn't like this either. As You said when Michael passed away he begged to have tickets for him and his whole family for the Memorial and was granted his wish and I'm fairly certain he may have written a piece for the Memorial Booklet, I'm not sure of that..but he definitely made a statement to the Media all gushing etc.
Unknown said…
Continued ... Part 2
He then begged and was one of the back up dancers with Janet Jackson at the I think MTV Awards where she sang and danced her Duet ( their only collaboration) Scream.
After that the things you mentioned.. Cirque De.. and One..and just prior to breakdown he was offered and accepted a job to Choreograph and Direct a film either a musical or about Dance? However, he wasn't able to handle the huge pressures of Directing and was fired.
He's been out of work, as has the other guy in so called "Documentary".. however he didn't make a Claim for abuse until the Estate was out of huge debt and into the Billions??
There is a 2 Part on YouTube with a gentleman body language expert and it is called " Body Language Assessment of Wade Robson" in an Interview when he first suddenly remembered he has been molested. The only truth he says , the Expert says is when he says " I loved him". Interesting watch.
What I HATE is that these two guys have conspired, done their research on lapsed memory or whatever they term it so they describe it as correctly as possible to get the audience by a sympathy vote. All rehearsed, making sure they have exact same story.. researched being groomed and making sure it is the same again....but what they are in fact doing or have done is make a MOCKERY for those children who have actually been molested.These two , like their families used Michael's generosity of spirit and vulnerability... to make him a Scapegoat... and Wade Robson in particular couldn't care less.
Both these men are unemployed and have been for a long time, they owe heaps of money and are also so vindictive and calculating to release in the same year as Michael's 10th Anniversary of his death?Doesn't that speak for itself?
I hope it all backfires . It may do as I read today the Ratings were not very good for HBO considering all the money they spent on letting the world know about when it was on.

There is so much more. People can read a 3 Minute Article by Forbes titled.. 'The Real Truth about Leaving Neverland'..which would be on the Internet if anyone is interested.
They can also read a book called "Conspiracy" by a journalist Aphrodite Jones. She thought Michael had to be guilty and went to the 2004 Trial. After the first day she had completely changed her mind. She approached his lawyer Thomas Messerou to discuss writing a book. he was very protective of Michael but was convinced and gave her access to his Trial notes. It is a great read if you want to know the truth that is!

Unknown said…
Part 3...
I agree Michael was so different to all of us, how could he not be? No one in the world ever was or possibly ever will have again have his life?
Elizabeth Taylor said she was on the bed several times too, when she stayed there. It wasn't that they were under the sheets, she said they were all on top of the bed. Just watching movies, eating popcorn and ice cream etc. She said it was not sexual. Most of the children were his nieces and nephews. She also said whenever she was there and others have corroborated.. Michael slept on the lower level of his bedroom.

The maid too in this "Documentary" is also a known liar.She lied under oath and then admitted she had and was paid big money for stories from Tabloids. When telling the truth she said she never ever saw Michael in the shower or bath with any children.
However, she was sacked by Michael for stealing his drawings, his art, he was a gifted drawer,plus small items to sell for money. Hence her little evil mind has decided to lie again all for money.
The Director speaks as if it is FACTS. How would he know? Says he did research....BS... just did research with media lawyers on what he could get them to say that wouldn't be liable..Parasite. But he excluded anyone with another point of view or actual FACTS.. because he said ..." I had a specific Narrative I wanted to tell".... Yes we know A ONE SIDED NOT NEUTRAL MOCKERY WITH LIARS......All for $$$$$$$.

AS Michael's lawyer.... who could have by the way easily have said after Michael died... now he's dead I can tell you what I really think.......In fact he was asked a few days after or the day of by reporters from TMZ... His answer began with " You had better be careful because if I find you have Edited my words in any other way than I want to say you'll have me to deal with personally"!

He only spoke of Michael in glowing terms and still does to this day. His conclusions are the same as that of Aphrodite Jones.... all he was guilty of was being too naive ( which you would be with no childhood and the life and fame he reached). Too Trusting of people like these families thinking they were his true friends and treating them so well, and therefore making himself very vulnerable a target for extortion....Well look at what is happening? A man who can't even defend himself.
Unknown said…
Part 4...
I believe Michael was of another world as a genius and in his thoughts and mind.He was a precious gift to the world and look at how some treat him?

He created Neverland for himself, not to groom boys.He said many times it is here for me because I had none of this when I was growing up. Plus remember his mother was a devoit Jehovah's Witness... so NO Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Birthdays. No wonder he went beserk.

The only children he sought were child stars like he was. He didn't want them to miss out on their childhood like he had. None of these have said anything other than he was like an older brother, he understood how we felt being left out or bullied at school like no one else did. He was a kind, loving person and there was never any inappropriate touching or molestation.

These other families all sought him out... so who was grooming who? All their sob stories etc. I believe there are letters to them from him. With Experts saying it's Michael's writing. I do Not for a second believe that.... not with all the Liars involved.

I believe Michael just couldn't understand why people didn't think like him. How could we?But I do feel he made some bad judgements by putting himself in such a vulnerable position.. but that doesn't make you a paedophile. HE WAS NOT. Eccentric yes, but again that isn't against the law or make you a paedophile either.

Plus we have the all neutral Ms Oprah Winfrey with an Agenda of her own. Apparently now she has been made the World's Judge and Jury??? Again after her 1993 interview where he put her in the worlds eye and the case of Jordi Chandler..... because she was molested as a child well it meant he was a paedophile. She is very neutral too with her Interview only having an audience of those who have been molested and the two " stars" ( vomit time) and the so called Director. Very neutral Oprah.

She couldn't care less about Michael not being here to defend himself because if he was he would win his case with these two evil LIARS. I bet Katherine Jackson is woe betiding the day she let her into her home for an exclusive Interview.? Only Michael's brother Randy said at the time to his mother and family... "How could you,? When on her show anyone who knew him or was associated with him she continually asked ...did you see anything?... I bet she wished she had listened to Randy then. It was also Randy who advised family to fire the first Lawyer as he was OJ Simpson's Lawyer and they got Thomas Messerau... and he only agreed after meeting Michael and believing wholeheartedly that he was innocent.
I will paste a message from a famous music executive from his Twitter who knows Wade Robson very well......
Thank you again for an opportunity to write for those who believe and know Michael is INNOCENT. Thank you Sarah.
Rosane said…
Yes, Michael was, is and ever will be INNOCENT. We know the truth.
I am a researcher of the life of Michael Jackson for more than 30 years and I do not have an atom of doubt about the innocence of Michael Jackson. Congratulations for the excellent text.
Louise 👑 said…
Yes of course he is innocent! Those two testified against his innocence only to make a massive u-turn after his passing is disgusting and utterly pathetic! They are probably just pissed off they didn’t get anything in his will and weren’t part of his shows etc... they need to grow up! The title of the documentary is like some spoilt brat that doesn’t want to go back to reality and if people want to let it brain wash them into thinking otherwise then shame on them! If Michael was guilty the list would be endless of people wanting to tell their stories not just these two losers. MJ forever ❤️
Louise 👑 said…
Yes of course he is innocent! Those two testified against his innocence only to make a massive u-turn after his passing is disgusting and utterly pathetic! They are probably just pissed off they didn’t get anything in his will and weren’t part of his shows etc... they need to grow up! The title of the documentary is like some spoilt brat that doesn’t want to go back to reality and if people want to let it brain wash them into thinking otherwise then shame on them! If Michael was guilty the list would be endless of people wanting to tell their stories not just these two losers. MJ forever ❤️
Terri Stipp said…
You are a moron. Michael Jackson is guilty! You are an Iran troll leader. You are wrong! Wrong about Jussie Smollet! Wrong about Keenan Vanginkel! Wrong!
Lydia said…
Michael Jackson is completely innocent. My son use to stay at the neverland ranch and slept with Michael. Michael never touched him. These two psychos are in it for fame and fortune. They are awful to lie about Michael. Wade’s mom was always taking handouts from Michael.
Anonymous said…
Michael Jackson is innocent. I know Wade Robson IRL. He’s very deceptive.
Entering Neverland (2019 documentary) a must watch! https://youtu.be/PW7sco5AnyA
Anonymous said…
Michael Jackson is innocent. I could tell James Safechuck was lying when he explained the places where he and Michael allegedly had sex. He looked like a liar and it reminded me of someone acting.
Anonymous said…
I believe he is innocent also. You could tell by the details explained. An abuse victim would not be describing the details like that because they would not want to remember the abuse. Also, they kept looking up left and right like they were being deceptive. I watched all of the coverage on this and I think Jackson is innocent. Great write up! About time someone with some sense covered this whole saga.
Anonymous said…
Safechuck's mother: i was so happy in 2009 that MJ died and can't harm any other child. I danced.
Safechuck: i did not realized untill 2013 that i was abused. I got therapy and realized it and then told my mom about it.
Wadson: burns MJs gloves at end of documentary
Facts: He sold MJs glove at 2011 julien's auctions
Safechuck: MJ took me to Euro disney in 1988 for our honeymoon.
Facts: Euro disney was not open untill 1992.
Safechuck : I spent thanksgiving at MJs home with MJ in 1987 and he abused me that night too.
Facts : MJ was performing at a tour in Australia at thanksgiving in 1987.
Fans have found many conflicts in this documentary that every time a conflict is indicated, it gets cut from doc. New version released in UK was 45 minutes cut from original one. Its full of lies and so don't believe everything , do some research.
Kelly said…
Jimmy Safechuck and his dirty mother are lying scammers. She said in one take during Leaving Neverland towards the end “When I heard Michael Jackson died, I danced.” Then proceeded to say that he can no longer harm a child yet minutes prior in the documentary both Safechuck and his mother claimed he told her years after he died. I cannot believe no one caught that lie. Michael Jackson is 100% innocent.