Entering Neverland

Yesterday, Hibbeler Productions presented one of the most interesting documentaries "Entering Neverland" a very moving rebuttal to the famous documentaries "Finding Neverland" and "Leaving Neverland" by Dan Reed which are dedicated to exposing the King of Pop for alleged abuse of Wade Robson and James "Jimmy" Safechuck. 

I've watched both documentaries fully and could immediately see the deception of the alleged victims, as well as, others who are supporting their allegations. There were many red flags throughout the documentary, which I will discuss at a later date. As a victim of abuse, I definitely can spot those who are clearly lying about it. 

I believe Michael Jackson is innocent. You can read my reasons why here. I use to think it was possible he was a pedophile; however, after doing independent research, I discovered that Jackson is clearly an innocent man and a victim of very evident one-dimensional propaganda.  

Entering Neverland is a great documentary which you can watch here. The documentary is an intense reaction to "Leaving Neverland" and really proves the deception of Wade Robson and James "Jimmy" Safechuck. This is also a documentary that I truly believe many don't want you to see. I would not be surprised if this video was hit with an array of copyright strikes from Robson and Safechuck or anyone who believes them.

You have every right to an opinion regarding this, but I ask that you please do your research fully before believing something one-dimensional.  


Anonymous said…
I use to think he was guilty. I watched the two documentaries (Finding Neverland + Leaving Neverland) and the after special with Oprah (After Neverland). Then I watched this and see he was just weird and nothing more of that. I guess it’s easy for people to label someone as a pedophile with no proof just because the person is a weirdo. Wade and James provided no proof and prove they are only in it for money.
Sarah said…
The two documentaries only provided allegations. Looking upward left and right and avoiding eye contact with the cameras while camouflaging the deception with outmoded drone footage, is a trick that only the vulnerable would fall for. Exposing details that were almost too identical to the other, to glorify the deception. Saying they don't remember the abuse yet talk about actual places where they allegedly were intimate with Michael. There are so many red flags in the documentaries for me to even entertain the idea that these two men are truly victims.