Murder of Hae Min Lee: What Happened?

Hae Min Lee
I have been receiving quite a few messages from many of you asking what I think in regards to the death of Hae Min Lee. When I originally received most of your messages, I wasn't too familiar with the case. Like at all. And this is the honest truth. It wasn't until recently that I discovered that something is extremely suspicious about her death and the surrounding events that lead up to it. That is when I really started digging into what happened to this beautiful Korean-American woman from the charm city. 

Hae Min Lee was a young woman most described as being motivated, driven, and happy. A lot of her friends said she was an idealist, but very free-spirited. Those who knew her personally and the type of individual she was--loved her. She had a decorum that resonated joy which is why a lot of her friends or the friends she did have in high school still speak so highly of her and praise her in interviews. 

The Murder of Hae Min Lee

To give you kind of a backstory about Hae Min Lee and what happened to her--Hae Min Lee was an 18-year old South Korean-American from Baltimore, Maryland who was found dead on Tuesday, February 9, 1999. As the death was caused to be by strangulation, Min Lee disappeared almost a month earlier on Wednesday, January 13, 1999. She was a student of Woodland Hills high school. Her teachers described her as a bubbly, kind, and intelligent young woman with a bright future. 

According to an article published in the New York Times earlier this year, physical evidence collected in 1999 was never tested during the initial trial. Additionally, Min Lee's rape kit which was administered was not properly examined as they didn't fully examine her entire body. And according to an article published in 2014 by the Business Insider, the only thing that was discussed as being evidence during that time were body hairs found on Hae Min Lee which were clearly not hers. With evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, surely there should have been a thorough examination of this. Why on earth were unidentified hairs never tested for DNA evidence? 

In addition to what seems to be a relatively botched investigation, I dug deeper into the realm of this case because of the inconsistency of it and that is when I discovered that Syed's albi, Asia McClain (or Asia McClain Chapman) claims to have been talking with Adnan during the same hours he allegedly attacked Hae Min Lee in the Best Buy parking lot. McClain maintains this fact still til this day and has even published a book regarding this, but her testimony was ignored. 
Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee with a group of friends.

As baffling as this crime is, when I originally investigated this I didn't know what to think, as I had multiple theories as to what happened. One quick independent investigation into this case will lead you to several hypothetical theories that will skull bang your brain. Could Adnan Syed have really killed Hae Min Lee himself? Did Adnan Syed have help from another third-party to kill Hae Min Lee? Did another third-party close to Adnan Syed kill Hae Min Lee and make it look like he did it? Did one of Hae Min Lee's former boyfriends actually kill her? Did some serial stalker/killer on the loose in the area randomly choose Hae Min Lee as his next victim and just kill her? Did the man (which many refer to as "Mr. S") who found Hae Min Lee--kill her? The speculation was endless and can be to anyone who is just now hearing about this particular case. 

I just knew that I wanted to know more because it was bothering me not knowing what happened so I reached out to two psychic mediums I trust regarding the death of Hae Min Lee. These two psychics also confirmed that it was not Adnan Syed, but merely two people with one of them the same man that tried to report it as being Adnan Syed who committed the crime. They went on to say there was evidence that was overlooked and still some evidence that exists today which proves this other person killed her along with a female culprit. They described this person as being a former friend of Syed's who wants others to believe Syed was the one who killed her. 

After receiving a description from both psychics, I believe they are both referring to Jay Wilds, Syed's former friend who was said to have originally reported the crime and claimed to have helped bury the body. But, did he actually kill Hae Min Lee? And if so, why is he enmeshing himself into any of this at all? What would be his motive for doing so? Considering he claims to not be a friend of the accused yet managed to state on the stand that the accused confided into him about the said crime. If this was premeditated, that would explain why Jay was asking to borrow Syed's car or Pusateri and/or another accomplice driving Hae Min Lee's and parking it in front of an apartment complex. 

Others have speculated other people, but none of those people knew Syed personally nor did they report the crime as being Syed. And lets separate fact from fiction, Wilds story has been extremely inconsistent. Lets not forget that Adnan's Syed attorney Rabia Chaudry said Wilds presented a minimum of seven different stories with many more that possessed various narratives. Wilds also had witnesses including Jennifer Pusateri and woman identified as "Cathy" or also goes by the name "Christy", with Pusateri presenting a story that was much different than the original story Jay Wilds shared. I cannot believe the court system overlooked this. This leads me to another big question--was Jennifer Pusateri involved in her death?

Jay Wilds takes the stand in 2000.
According to an article published on PopDust in May of 2015, Jay Wilds testimony received mixed reviews with many of them questioning why Syed would reach out to him personally asking him to bury Min Lee's body when the two were not friends anymore. This leads me to the question: Did Jay Wilds really kill Hae Min Lee? If so, what would be his motivation? 

So, what do I think happened?

I think Hae Min Lee was stalked, as well as, both physically and sexually assaulted. As a result, she was murdered in one of the most horrific ways possible. I think the perpetrator was a man who was not only obsessed with her, but feared he would get in trouble for the crime. Hence why he had help from another third-party to cover it up.

Do I think Adnan Syed is guilty? According to an article published in the Baltimore Sun, multiple items were tested for DNA evidence. After testing various items for DNA in 2018, almost twenty years after the crime, none of the items tested positive for Adnan Syed's DNA. Not only does this exempt Syed from being Lee's killer, it proves his innocence. 

So, do I believe Adnan Syed killed Hae Min Lee? No. I believe he is innocent. I don't think he is very bright, but I don't think he is the one who took Hae Min Lee's life. Why would he tell Jay Wilds he killed Hae Min Lee, knowing Jay would repeat it? Especially if they were not friends and simply acquaintances as Wilds claims? Think about it. There is just no way. Plus, Syed had an alibi. The only alibi Jay Wilds actually had was Jennifer Pusateri. I believe the actual perpetrator who committed the crime feared it would link back to him, so he made it look like Syed was the one who did it. I also believe this person was a friend of Syed's at one point and knew that Syed was hated by Hae's family hence why it would be easy to pin Adnan for the crime. 

It is easy for the perpetrator to throw Adnan Syed under the bus simply because they knew him and the kind of decorum he exuded. The perpetrator also knew Syed burned bridges with Hae Min Lee's parents as it has been theorized the two relentlessly broke up often during a big part of their multiple, short-lived relationships. After all, Syed and Lee were both in their teens and still discovering what love was. I believe the person who murdered Hae Min Lee is a habitual yet compulsive liar who has more holes in their stories than the finest cheese in Lucerne. I also believe this person was a personal friend or was once a friend of Syed's to know the best way to frame him for the crime, as this individual presented many misleading statements with the intent to cover up his own indiscretions. But the big question everyone has is--who is it? 
Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee.

So, who do I think may have murdered her? Jay Wilds. Do I think he had help? It is very possible. Perhaps his alibi Jennifer Pusateri helped him clean up the crime scene the best she could or perhaps he did this alone, using Pusateri's alleged hatred of Min Lee as leverage. Maybe Pusateri is also involved and her friends and alleged sorority sister covered for her in efforts to never break the bond of sisterhood thus we will never know. Perhaps in a frantic panic, Wilds primary intent was to safeguard his guilt by blaming it on Syed because he was scared he would be blamed and knew Hae Min Lee's parents would believe and entertain the idea Syed killed their daughter rather than him simply because he was aware of their dislike for Syed. On a serious note, I wonder if Pusateri's hair was ever tested for DNA, as there was allegedly 'light body hair' on Hae Min Lee's body.

Discrepancies of Wilds' Testimonies

Jay Wilds stories are filled with many one-sided contradictions that do not add up and definitely do not epitomize any truth at all here. His phone records negate the possibility and the premise he is more than just a witness to this crime. One thing I noticed most (perhaps the biggest red flag) was when Wilds claimed Syed told him he committed the crime and then he denied being a friend of Syed's, before saying they were not close. In 1999, Wilds blatantly admits they are casual acquaintances and not friends. If a person is not a friend let alone close to the person they claim confided into them, why would that person tell them they killed their ex-girlfriend or planned on killing their ex-girlfriend shortly before asking the said person to bury the body? This makes no sense and I cannot be the only one who thinks so. You just don't tell someone who is not your friend you just murdered your ex-girlfriend. And prior to this crime, Adnan never really got in trouble with the law, whereas, Jay Wilds has history with the law. I've read quite a few things in recent years that are modestly problematic and make me believe Wilds is a master manipulator who has gotten away with much more than we think. 

Lets also not forget how Wilds said he had a long conversation with Syed regarding Syed's alleged plan to kill Min Lee. If you intend to murder someone, how can you discuss your plan in an 18-second phone call? Yes, this was revealed by Rabia Chaudry, Syed's attorney when phone records surfaced which prove the call only lasted almost twenty seconds. In addition to denying they are friends (which Wilds originally did) he is now implicating Syed as the perpetrator, saying Syed called him and they planned the murder during an 18-second time frame. This makes no sense. Overlooking Chaudry's testimony regarding this, there is proof this phone record exists. Don't forget that Jay Wilds refers to Syed as an acquaintance. No person would ever tell an 'acquaintance' they murdered someone. This isn't just criminology logic, this is common sense. Think about it. This is another red flag in this story.

Another discrepancy I discovered were the time frames of the stories themselves. Wilds and his key witness Jenn Pusateri claim they stopped by another young woman's house by the name of Stephanie McPherson. McPherson was a friend of both at the time. They claimed they both stopped by her house around 8:30 PM EST; however, she was at a basketball game playing until 10:30 PM EST. How is it possible? I listened to the Undisclosed Season 1, Episode 3: Jay's Day which reveals these vital facts. You can read the transcripts of his many cunningly concerted narratives here. The Undisclosed podcast is put together amazingly and really gives a fantastic explanation on this entire case, but I believe they have different narrative than I have regarding what happened. I think they believe that someone else killed Min Lee and that Wilds' and Pusateri are completely innocent. 

Adnan Syed in 2017. 
Lets not forget both Jay Wilds and Jennifer Pusateri present two different stories within the same story, the night of Hae Min Lee's disappearance, with Pusateri stating they went to a party shortly before going to "Cathy's" (whose real name is actually Christy) house. Wilds, of course, went with another angle and stated they went directly home. This is just one of many stories that contradict themselves and at least ten of them which are conspicuously signaling an artifice of a very guilty person. I can't believe the courts didn't catch onto this or maybe they just didn't believe this happened because Syed had multiple people against him and not in his favor. 

Syed's attorney Rabia Chaudry doesn't believe neither one of these people are at fault, but she also doesn't believe Adnan Syed is guilty either. She doesn't know who did it. She's extremely informative when it comes to this case, but she is very meticulous in who she listens to. I don't blame her for being careful. Syed, who I believe was framed, was used by Wilds. Jay Wilds has a history of criminal behavior that is too relevant to ignore, no matter how irrelevant the justice system tries to depict him and his place in this case. Why would Jay Wilds deny being Adnan Syed's friend yet claim Adnan called him up and discussed his plan in a short phone call? If you are not a friend to someone, no one is going to call you and tell you they have plans to murder their ex-girlfriend. 

Did Jay Wilds kill Hae Min Lee? Perhaps yes and based on my own research of this case, I believe he is much more guilty than Adnan Syed, the man he inculpated and helped get convicted of a crime, a crime I believe he did not commit. I also believe that Jennifer Pusateri is more involved than she wants us all to believe. I believe if someone were to interrogate Pusateri effectively, she may eventually come clean, but I honestly believe Wilds will never admit to it and has a lot of dirt on Pusateri so the truth may never be revealed. Perhaps both Wilds and Pusateri have convinced themselves that Syed is guilty to deflect any attention onto them that would paint them as the perpetrators. They could also be completely innocent thus we may never know; however, I have my doubts. 

I want to also add that as an Iranian-American woman, I know what it is like to be generalized and profiled. I believe Adnan Syed was discriminated against hence why he never truly received a fair trial. Hae Min Lee's family knew of Syed and disliked him. Jay Wilds was aware of this fact. He used this to his advantage. I don't believe the race card is one anyone should ever play, but if you actually research this case from the beginning up until now you will notice many evident contrarieties that strongly emphasize Syed's ethnicity and religion. It was during a time when Middle Eastern people were racial profiled and hated for the acts of others. 

As Syed Adnan spends his life behind bars in a prison cell, all I can think about is justice for Hae Min Lee and how unfair it is that the wrong man is clearly behind bars. A lot of people are saying he's guilty, but not really diving deep into the crime to see the inconsistencies. Imagine being portrayed as guilty when you are completely innocent. Imagine living in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty, only for you to be found guilty when the evidence points other wise. When did the justice system start to embrace malevolence over benevolence? Will justice ever happen for Hae Min Lee? Is justice meant to happen for Adnan Syed?  Perhaps yes or perhaps not, but one can only hope something good happens in both Hae Min Lee's and Syed Adnan's favor that exposes the truth once and for all. 


Anonymous said…
The psychics, was it Jennifer Shaffer and Joe Valo III? You should be careful of using ANY psychic in a murder investigation. If they can't give you specific details instead of broad generalizations they may be trying to help but they are caca. Psychic testimony is not allowed in any court. I believe that many many times psychics are really empaths and they are reading energies they are presented with, not events especially unless the detail is EXACT.
Kaneasha said…
I always thought he was guilty (Jay Wilds). I bet when he described the crime he was talking about himself.
Anonymous said…
I also thought Jay Wilds did it. I heard from a psychic he actually hit her with a shovel several times and that’s how she died.
Anonymous said…
The DNA evidence didn’t match Adnan and the body hair found on Hae was not his. The hair was also black and dry. I definitely think Jay Wilds did it.
Clairvoyant said…
Jay took a shovel and hit her. She wouldn’t die so he strangled her. He is the one who did it.
Sarah said…
I hope the truth comes out. Not sure if it ever will or the guilt will forever be taken to the grave, we can only hope something happens in this case. Hae Ming Lee seemed like a nice girl and didn't deserve this at all. Hopefully justice is served in the near future for what happened to her.
Sandra Hudson said…
I am not a follower of true crime. Is this a podcast that you can listen to? It does sound very interesting.
Anonymous said…
I always thought Jay Wilds did it and was involved.
Anonymous said…
I trust your judgement when it comes to this case. Everything you said makes so much sense. I’ve always felt like Adnan Syed was an innocent man.
Anonymous said…
Jay Wilds and Jennifer Pusateri have increasingly become more suspicious as time has gone on. Despite Adnan Syed's possible involvement in the crime, there was never enough evidence to convict him in court. In my opinion, Adnan is innocent and Jay is likely responsible for Hae Min Lee's murder. Jay claims to have witnessed her body but I believe he is simply trying to reduce his culpability. The two J’s are undoubtedly aware of far more information than they've revealed so far.