108 Food Content Ideas For Your Blog

108 Food Content Ideas For Your Blog
Losing your ability to create content can happen to you at anytime. Especially to those of you who are unsure of what to write about and how your post will differ from the next person who writes about the same thing. If you run out of words to say, it isn't because you aren't creative, it is because you are looking for the right content to cater to your blog and your blog's niche. 

Whether you are looking to start a new food blog or you are a food enthusiast running out of ideas and cannot find anyway to be inspired, you've come to the right place. Your blog post can be any length; however, if you want it to reach the top of Google, it must be at least 1,200 to 2,000 words. 

Food is essential in life so there are many ways to create content that caters to the subject. With everything from the latest recipe and concoction to even the best places to eat, in a city you recently visited--the possibilities of producing write-ups that accommodate foodies all over the world are endless.

The Basics

What are 108 fantastic food content ideas for your blog? Continue reading, as I take you through over a hundred ideas on what to write about right now. Let's start with the basics shall we?

1. Write a recipe. Any recipe. This can be your stepping stone. Be unique. Create a listicle of recipes if you are unsure of what to post. 
2. What I eat in a day. A Day in the Life. Create a food diary to share with your audience. 
3. Recent grocery haul (spotlight every item purchased)
4. Describe your favorite go-to meal. Explain why it is your favorite. 
5. Create an annual "Best in Food" awards event and share your favorites. 
6. Share commentary about food you once hated, but now love. 
7. Share commentary about food you once loved, but now hate.
8. Food Challenges (5 ingredients or less, 30 minutes, etc.--get involved and blog about it)
9. Create a poll about food. Create a quiz about food. Interact with your audience and following. 
10. $24 in 24 hours/$48 in 48 hours. Share what you can eat/buy on the budget in that time frame.

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What's Trending

Blogging can be fun, but only if you have the chance to interact and enjoy it. So taking advantage of link-ups is a great way of getting involved. Don't forget to comment on other blogs, as this is the best way to receive both traffic and comments. Most of the time bloggers will return the favor and reciprocate. Skyrocketing your social has so many benefits which will happen if you take a trending topic and write a blog post about it. Always use the tag "food" and hashtag #food with every single one of your posts for more exposure.

11. Food For Thought (this is one trend you must take advantage of #foodforthought)
12. Meatless Monday (utilize the trending hashtag #meatlessmonday)
13. Saturday Sweets (share your favorite sweets using #saturdaysweets)
14. Food Porn Friday (it is important to use the hashtag #foodporn)
15. Try-It Tuesday (try a healthy food and use the hashtag #tryittuesday)
16. Wine Wednesday (share a toast of your favorite blush using hashtag #winewednesday)
17. Thirsty Thursday (spotlight any drinks using the hashtag #thirstythursday)
18. Taco Tuesday (show us your taco creations using the hashtag #tacotuesday)
19. Souper Sunday (share your soup recipes using the hashtag #soupersunday)
20. Friday Favorites (include all things food and use the hashtag #fridayfavorites)

Keyword Suggestions: Meatless Monday Recipes, Try It Tuesday Food Ideas, Food Porn, Souper Sunday, Wine Wednesday Ideas, Taco Tuesday Recipes, Thirsty Thursday Near Me, etc. 

Food Is A Part Of Life, As It Is A Part Of Our Culture

A food blog should always be more than recipes. Of course, recipes help you build a loyal following, but to have only recipes on a food blog is much like only talking about makeup on a beauty blog, when there is much more than just makeup. It is also vital to use the appropriate labels and tags to better fit your regularly updated website. Evidently you don't want to tag "French Toast" in with "dinner" as this is a popular breakfast food item. 

21. Describe your ideal menu. What would be the first course, second course, third course, fourth course, etc. 
22. Do an exclusive interview and/or Q&A with someone you respect or admire in the food industry. 
23. (insert cuisine): the best dishes
24. (insert number) ways to cook (insert food)
25. (insert number) (insert dish) for (time of year and/or event)
26. (food) vs. (food): which one is better?
27. The best food I ate in (insert year and/or place)
28. What to do with leftover (insert food)
29. (insert number) uses for (insert food)
30. How to cook (insert food and/or dish) in (insert number) steps?

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Food Facts Are Not Only Fascinating, They Are Fun

Food Blog Posts
Some of the best content I have read on the internet is fun food facts. If you do create any articles pertaining to this, it is very crucial to cite your sources. I love writing these blog posts because I learn so much just researching everything needed to create them. So many people want to know these because they are helpful to spotlight ingredients and to create infographics. 

31. 10 facts about (insert food here)
32. The biggest health benefits of (insert food here)
33. Why (insert food) will help (insert medical condition and/or concern)
34. 10 food facts that will shock you
35. My experience with (insert food here)
36. The health benefits of (insert food here)
37. 10 foods that are biodegradable 
38. The most controversial food facts 
39. The biggest lies and propaganda about (insert food here)
40. Interesting facts about (insert food here)

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What Do You Think About Instant Meals?

Reviews are one of the most Googled things on the internet. Did you know that? The best way to review anything food is to review the instant, pre-made foods that you purchase at the grocery store, as many people around the world purchase those. Cookbooks are also a great essential as many people across the world use those on a daily basis. Perhaps with your review, you can create a recipe from the cookbook to compliment your commentary. 

41. The best instant meals you can find at (insert store)
42. The best instant meals for those on-the-go
43. 10 instant meals that will make you forget you were eating instant
44. The best frozen foods I tried recently
45. Why I love (insert instant or pre-made meal here)
46. The best instant meals with (insert ingredient)
47. The best instant meals under $5/under $10
48. DIY recipe of your favorite pre-made and/or instant meal.
49. 2020 (insert brand name) Must-Haves
50. Review: (insert instant and/or pre-made meal here)

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Help Foodies Choose Gifts For Their Loved Ones

Gift guides are so important. Especially when writing any content for your blog. There are millions upon millions of internet users who Google and Bing what to purchase for their family, friends, and loved ones because they are clueless as to what to buy them. I know when I first started using the internet, I didn't know what to buy for certain family members and gift guides helped me. Leave the date out if your content does not contain affiliate links and is evergreen. 

51. 10 gifts for the (insert profession) who love (insert food)
52. 10 gifts for the food enthusiast who loves (insert item)
53. The best DIY gifts for the foodie in your life
54. The best gifts of (insert year) for the food lover in your life
55. 10 incredible DIY food gifts everyone will love
56. (insert food brand): the best gifts of (insert year)
57. The best food gifts for the (insert profession)
58. The best Christmas gifts for the (insert food profession)
59. 10 reasons why food makes the best gift
60. Write a seasonal recipe. 

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Don't Be Afraid To Embrace The Listicle

It is so important (and I cannot say this enough) to create content that is travel-friendly because believe it or not, there are many people who frequent food blogs just to see what eateries are good and what aren't. There are many review zines that contain fake reviews, so to kind of weed them out Google sets it's algorithm to find only the best quality content around. This means real reviews from real people. And although reviewing one place is a great idea, listicles work good too. Especially in this case. 

61. Top 10 best restaurants in (insert location here)
62. The best restaurant in (insert location here)
63. Why you should eat at (insert place) in (insert location here)
64. The best places to eat in (insert place)
65. I love dining at (insert place) in (insert location here) because...
66. Where to find an amazing (insert food) in (insert location)
67. The greatest cafes to find a great (insert food) in (insert location)
68. The best pizzerias in (insert location) - you can also change 'pizzerias' too.
69. Why I love to eat at (insert place) in (insert location here)
70. Review: (insert restaurant name)

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Even If You Don't Eat Keto Or Gluten-Free, You Can Still Talk About It

Words are completely meaningless and irrelevant if you don't have the creative process to back it up. You have every right to choose what you want to say and how you want to say it on your blog, but remember there will be many types of people reading your content. It is crucial to cater to your audience. Even if it means stepping outside of the box a bit. 

71. Tips for eating healthy in 2020 (you can leave the year out or build onto the title)
72. The best (insert diet and/or dietary concern here) recipes
73. A (insert diet and/or dietary restriction) version of your favorite (enter food)
74. 10 amazing gluten-free dishes you must try today.
75. The best sugar-free recipes for (insert food and/or dish here)
76. The good, the bad, and the ugly: (insert diet and/or dietary concern here)
77. 10 wonderful keto-friendly foods you must try now.
78. The (insert food) for those who are (insert illness)
79. How to diet during the holiday season (Is it possible?)
80. Review: (any health food product that is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and/or sugar-free)

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Vegetarians And Vegans Need Love Too

A lot of people will want to read your blog as long as your blog can relate to them in some way. It is very crucial to cater to those who are vegetarian and vegan. As a vegetarian, if I look at your blog and notice not a single plant-based article, I will click off immediately without flinching. 

81: Recipe: (something vegan and/or vegetarian)
82. 10 (name of food) that are vegetarian/10 (name of food) that are vegan
83. 10 vegan-friendly alternatives to meat that taste as good as the real thing
84. The best plant-based alternatives for (insert meat, poultry, and/or fish here) 
85. The best vegetarian food at (insert popular restaurant chain and/or fast food chain)
86. A look at the best (insert vegetarian food and/or dish) at (insert restaurant)
87. Eat vegan and/or vegetarian for a week and document your experience. 
88. Spotlight a fruit and/or vegetable that can be used in many ways
89. The best vegan restaurants in (insert location)
90. Review: (insert plant-based, vegan, and/or vegetarian substitute here)

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When All Else Fails, Talk About Food On The Tube

Food Content Ideas
YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the world wide web. It is also owned and operated by Google, which means the moment you start talking about it, the more traffic you will receive to your blog. Don't be afraid to write something controversial, as you are entitled to freedom of speech. 

91. Who is your favorite food vlogger? Why are they your favorite?
92. Which food vlogger do you admire? Why do you admire them?
93. Who is your favorite YouTube mukbanger? 
94. Top 10 favorite food videos about ____
95. Why (insert food vlogger here) is one of your favorites
96. 10 engaging food vloggers that have sparked your interest
97. What I learned from watching food vloggers on YouTube
98. 10 reasons I cannot stand (insert food vlogging YouTuber here)
99. Who is the most controversial food vlogger? Why do you think they are?
100. Review: (product endorsed by a food vlogger)

Keyword Suggestions: Top Food YouTubers 2020, Best Food YouTube Channels 2020, Travel Food Vloggers, Tasty, Serious Eats, Food Network, YouTube Chefs, Gordon Ramsay, etc. 

Some Food For Thought

As technology continues to evolve, so does the demand for those of us wanting to learn more about it. There are many people who don't know which apps to download nor do they know what social networking apps will help them grow. As you continue to learn, you can also educate your audience including other aspiring bloggers on what are the best and what are the worst on the world wide web.

101. What is your favorite food app? Why is it your favorite?
102. 10 amazing apps as good as Pinterest to share recipes.
103. The best food blogger I discovered recently. Why are they the best?
104. What are your favorite food blogs on the internet? Why are they are your favorite?
105. Why (insert app here) is the best app for food lovers.
106. Why I love (insert food app)/Why I hate (insert food app)
107. Share your Pinterest recipe success and/or failure. Explain more.
108. The best Pinterest recipes. The worst Pinterest recipes. 

Keyword Suggestions: Food Recipes Pinterest, Best Pinterest Recipes, My Pinterest Recipes, Pinterest Food Appetizers, Pinterest Food Ideas Dinner, Pinterest Recipes To Try, Pinterest Food Christmas, Food Delivery, etc. 

Remember that there are many meanings for the word "best" so it is important to utilize them to create original and compelling content. Best also means "greatest" too. A quick Google search of the definition will bring you to a list of synonyms which you can use in place of the word. You can also do this with every word you decide to use. 

Keywords That Define Your Content

Keywords are important and really serve as a guide to helping others find your content. If you want people to find your content, it is extremely important to use a platform that helps them find it. Virtually every single, generic term associated with food has a heavy search volume and high competition; however, when it comes to the Google search engine, the term "foodie" has a very strong volume and low competition. This is why you should always use this word in your posts when talking about food. Pay attention to the related search term results too. Some great places to find keywords include Keyword ToolUbersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Word Stream, and Semrush

Remember Your Audience 

Your audience is what makes your blog important. It is so important to remember that your subscribers are important. Create polls and utilize them in your daily and monthly emails to see what kind of content you should produce next. You don't have to make writing so much work, but if you want to be successful it is important to cater to your audience and put a little bit of work into your writing pieces. If that means producing content that is different from the content you normally create, this is a good stepping stone in doing so. 

Use Amazing Images

Remember a high-quality image is key. If you do have something that is relatively low-quality and not the best, try your best to tweak it up a bit using Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Also, do take advantage of utilizing templates and images. Some great apps and platforms you should definitely take advantage of include Snappa, InDesignCanvaSparkFotor, PicMonkey, VismePiktochart, Venngage, PixlrWord SwagPablo, Desygner, Photofy, YouZignPlace It, Recite, and Design Bold


I hope my blog post today will help inspire you to moderate your inner food blogger and sustenance scribbler. If you have any questions, comments, and feedback you want to share please do not hesitate to do so. Remember to share on social media. Do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I do have Instagram, but I haven't been active for two years. Discover more 'About Me' and what social networks I belong to. 

It is almost 8 am. I am going to finish my breakfast and then go to work. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


Julia said…
Wow, Sarah!

Your post is incredible. I now wish I were in the food niche! :) These over a hundred food content ideas for your blog are very helpful for someone who is in the food-focused niche. You've even offered keywords and hashtags. You've done half of the work for the writers; they should be heartfelt thankful. And all these tools you are suggesting for keyword searches, images, etc. are also very helpful. I'm familiar with several of them but haven't heard of others. I'm definitely bookmarking your page even though I'm not in this niche.

Many thanks,

~ Julia
Geneva said…
Great article for food bloggers! What a great way to spark the fire on content creation. Well done!
Matt said…
Very cool ideas Sarah!! :) Luckily I haven't run out of ideas yet for my blog since I started my cooking show on YouTube in 2013. I have been transforming those videos and recipes into blog posts. Still, a ton more to do! haha :)
Anonymous said…
Incredible article. This is so helpful for me. I am starting a food blog and I have no idea what to write about. Thank you so much for this. I have bookmarked this.
Nicole Anderson said…
This must be the most comprehensive list of food blogging ideas I have ever seen. Just so many great ideas that can be used by any food blogger to alter slightly to suit their particular theme or audience. If a food blogger reads this and suggests that he/she can't formulate an amazing number of post ideas, they are simply not trying! Great post.
Kristine Nicole Alessandra said…
Wow. So many food related blog post ideas! I don't usually "create" my own recipe, but I am interested in food facts and health benefits of food. Thanks for the list.
Scott DeNicola said…
If you are a food blogger there should really be no excuses for coming up with content after reading this post. You have outlined so many ideas that people could be set up for quite some time.
Myrah Duque said…
You have no idea how grateful I am for this list. I recently rebranded from a coupon blog and creating evergreen content is new to me. This list will help tremendously. Thank you!
Autumnleaves said…
Som really great article ideas. I am not a food blogger but I do post recipes and got a couple of ideas by reading your post. Thank you!
Dreams Abroad said…
Great post abut all the ways you can create content for your blog. This list is going to give me a one-up on my posts.
Britt K said…
Great suggestions! I LOVE the idea that Meatless Monday is tending - Each Monday I log onto social media and start cruising through different Instagram and blog posts to find motivation and inspiration for the coming days as a vegetarian. It's one day that I KNOW I'm going to find something that will fit my lifestyle.

As a blogger, we've ALL struggled with writer's block or a lack of inspiration. Having a list like this available will help to solve that stressful time for a lot of people out there. Thanks for sharing.
Wow! So many great ideas! I do often find myself in a rut and need ideas like these.
So many awesome ideas for food bloggers! Your list is practically endless. Thank you so much for sharing!
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That's a useful list, thank you. I tend write about wedding food only but there are still many ideas on your list I haven't thought of.
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Such great ideas for food bloggers, I can imagine it must be difficulty after a while if you’re blogging about 1 subject to think of new things all the time
Trish said…
So many interesting and wide-ranging ideas here for posts to write on a food blog. I like the concept that a food blog is so much more than just recipes.
Lily said…
Wow this is a very helpful post for foodie bloggers. I am going to pin this for future references.
Anonymous said…
You should write a book. You have so many wonderful ideas. I’m starting a micro food niche blog so this will help me. Thank you Sarah.
emman damian said…
I love Taco Tuesdays and Meatless Mondays! I strictly follow both! It's fun to celebrate and to build food content.
Lyanna Soria said…
All of those are wonderful ideas and you've got tons of them. Will definitely do some of those in the list and thanks for sharing us these ideas.
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I am not a food blogger but I think there are a lot of really great ideas here. Thanks for sharing all of these.
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This was so inspirational. I am a blogger, but not a food blogger, and this still triggered a bunch of ideas for my own topics. Really creative!
Great food ideas! Makes feel like cooking and eating right now
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These are all great ideas. I will definitely follow some of these tips.
I'm always looking for inspiration in creating recipes for my blog! I have a ton of fun with it, and these tips are helpful in finding new ideas.
I can barely cook so I usually don’t have food content but I know a few people who do and I would love to share this! These tips are amazing and can really go a long way
Thuy-Linh Phan said…
I certainly do appreciate food, I try a lot of recipes I find online and go out to restaurants a lot. It definitely wouldn't hurt to try to write about some of these for the lifestyle section of my blog. Thanks for the inspo
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