Police Brutality and Black Culture

Black Lives Matter
The police enforce the laws by protecting citizens of crimes against humanity; however, what happens when the men in blue who took the oath to protect us becomes the enemy? Racial intolerance has existed for centuries among society. Not only have whites discriminated against blacks, but blacks have discriminated against blacks. 

When a person is devalued and treated differently for possessing a different skin color and ethnic origin--we must question why? After I watched the video of George Floyd my blood boiled. I saw it first on Facebook Watch where it was originally shared and was utterly disgusted and deeply appalled by what I witnessed. 

As a huge supporter of police, I was so shocked to see such corruption right in front of my face. So I decided to write the fifth episode for the Even Salt Looks Like Sugar podcast about it. Hosted by Billy Housh, I discovered so many cases in the 20th and 21st century that really bothered me. Featuring clips of Malcolm X (who is one of the most brilliant minds of all time), this podcast was put together incredibly. Some of deaths mentioned in this podcast will shock you, but remember there is always a consequence to every action and sooner or later karma collects real debts. 

I have to admit, I am not a fan of looting nor am I a fan of rioting, but I am a fan of protesting. Protesting peacefully. I believe no human right should be subverted or undermined. I believe the time is now to use your voice to and for a higher purpose.

"Be the force behind your message, be the face behind your voice, and be the voice for the voiceless." Sarah Afshar

And remember, not everything in life is what it seems because Even Salt Looks Like Sugar.

To listen to Even Salt Looks Like Sugar - Episode 5: Police Brutality and Black Culture visit the official website right now. You can also listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker, and wherever you find fine podcasts. Thank you for listening. Have an amazing day!


Juanita said…
Incredible podcast. The best I heard. Thank you for honoring us.
Monique said…
This was amazing. I heard this on Google podcasts. I downloaded it. I love this.
Anonymous said…
Your segment is gold. Loved this!
Anonymous said…
Black people’s lives should matter. Thank you for shedding light on police brutality within the African American community. This podcast is so good it should win awards.
Tanisha said…
I just heard this on Spotify. This is one of my favorite episodes I have ever heard regarding police brutality within the African American community. My mother is from Kenya and migrated here to the United States back in the 1970’s. She had to deal with racism immediately when she arrived and witnessed cop corruption during that time. This was much needed.