The Existence of Aliens

The Existence of Aliens
As humans it is easy for us to acknowledge and recognize that we are the only living species in this universe. If the universe is estimated to be over 90 billion light years in diameter, I think we can agree that it is evidently clear that we are not the only living life form in this universe. 

I had an amazing time writing and co-producing the fourth episode of the Even Salt Looks Like Sugar podcast. I am also featured in this podcast. Hosted by world-renowned producer Billy Housh, experiment philosopher and theorist Michael Carrano (M.A. Carrano) also shared his thoughts.

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The continuous speculation of archetypes in our universe play a fundamental and formidable role our world today. Our civilization is a collective of multiple species rolled into one life form. If God didn't create our world, then who did? And if aliens really do not exist, why are we so eager to learn more about them? 

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