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Friday, January 15, 2016

StoryTime: Hit by a car

It was a Tuesday afternoon. June 8, 2010 seemed like any other day, until my life changed forever. As an active volunteer of the local Humane Society, I wanted to use my free time to help them. I had off of work, so I took advantage of the day off. At around 1:20 pm MT I headed there to take pictures of the cats, so I could upload them online in an effort to get them adopted. 

The weather was quite warm yet sunny with a light breeze. I guess you could say it was a beautiful day. I lived about a half a mile (one-way) away from the shelter, so I decided to take my mountain bike. I felt this sense of anticipation, but never felt reluctant nor did I get a feeling something would happen which would ultimately change my life forever.

I decided to cross the road at an intersection which was nearly a few blocks away. Some days the shelter was busy, so the traffic at the intersection near the shelter is almost unpredictable. As I continued, I noticed a trailblazer. I didn't think much of this vehicle, until it hit me.  

One of my biggest fears in life was getting hit by a car. In fact, I had a nightmare a few months prior to this happening, that I was hit by a car. As she hit the gas to increase the velocity of the large SUV, without noticing me crossing, she struck me. I basically went flying into the air. My bike virtually busted in half instantaneously and I landed on my side, where I forced myself to get back up.

I felt as if all my emotions were wrapped around each other in a plethora of shock. The adrenaline was quite evident; however, when I looked at myself I was covered in hematoma bruises. The driver of the trailblazer was crying and didn't know what to do. She kept apologizing, as she was fidgeting. As I wiped away my tears, I looked at her and told her that I forgave her. 

I was so in shock. My only thought was "did this just happen?" A few people who drove by stopped to see if I was ok. About 5 minutes later, the police showed up followed by an ambulance. Apparently several people reported the accident, hence why they showed up so swiftly. I went in a car with a family member who showed up and went directly to the hospital where I limped into the ER. 

When you are in shock, you don't feel pain. In fact, it's almost as if you are a zombie with a lot of adrenaline. Almost a state of confusion, but being well aware of what just happened. I am not sure if my emotions were fighting each other, but as soon as I got into the hospital, I almost fell to the floor before crawling into the hospital bed. I have a high pain tolerance, so my rating was about an 8 out of 10. 

As the nurse hooked me up to an IV, I was given pain medication. If I can remember, it was Morphine. The pain kind of merged into shock and once again, I felt like a lifeless yet emotionless zombie. I knew I wasn't dying, but my mind was clear. I had to pinch myself to see if I was still alive because everything hit me all at once. I could only question - Did I get hit by a car? How did I get hit by an SUV? The only thing I could do at this point was be grateful that I survived because most people do not. 

Today, it is 2016. I have had to endure quite a few things since then, but nothing as big nor traumatic as this. I can honestly admit that I am stronger than ever and getting hit by the trailblazer has changed my life. How? I have learned to not only love my life, but appreciate it much more so. Hello world, my name is Sarah Afshar and I survived getting hit by a car.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Person: How I Lost 10 Pounds In 1 Week

Everyone stresses shedding those extra pounds, no matter what time of year it is. Whether it is after the holidays or in early spring, it is a huge goal for most people who are looking to not only look better, but feel better too.

With all of the endless diet crazes that range from incorporating healthy eating into an active lifestyle or fasting until the next binge, it's hard to tell which diets actually work and shed off the extra inches.

As a 34 year old woman, I recently found myself losing weight and although I could not believe that my method worked, I was not shocked. The reality is, our body needs certain things in order to speed up the process, but how did I lose 10 pounds in 1 week?

For my diet - I stuck with a vegan diet that consisted of cabbage soup, kale chips, kosher dill pickles, and tofu. I used no butter or margarine and relied heavily on olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper. I also substituted butter for Earth Balance butter, as it is vegan. Instead of having three huge meals, I would also have 8 meals that ranged from medium to small.

The key to really losing weight is to drinking nothing, but water. I would drink at least ten, 16 oz. water bottles a day. The amount increased as I worked out. Some days I would have a gallon. It is so important to keep hydrated. Avoid anything such as diet sodas or anything with artificial sugars. Every other day, I would drink a can of Zevia soda and would have a glass of Silk's Coconut/Almond Blend.

Often times I find myself snacking on something after 5 pm, however; with this diet I did not eat anything after 5 pm. Instead, I would substitute any cravings with one kosher pickle and more water. If I were hungry, I would eat something vegan with no carbs, as well as, no calories.

For my exercise - I would go to the gym for at least 1 hour, every day. Sometimes I would go twice. There are no days off. I would do at least 20-30 minutes of cardio followed by muscle confusion strength training, working almost every area of the body at once. Each day, I would change course and speed.

On some of the days, I would stay longer at the gym and often times, train full contact boxing and Muay Thai. I would also shadow box and do a lot of cardio/cross training workouts outside of the gym such as cycling, running/jogging, and even swimming. In fact, instead of driving or riding a bus or even catching a carpool, I would substitute that form of transportation by riding my bicycle or walking. Every single time I would drink a lot and made sure that I kept myself hydrated.

For my supplements - What people don't realize is the combination of drinking a lot of water and working out is great, however; what makes the weight loss amazing and practically instantaneous is taking supplements to support it.

Although everyone is different, for this particular diet I took Raspberry Ketone, Sibu Beauty's Sea Buckthorn supplement, Mexican Wild Yam, and believe it or not, NeoCell's Collagen supplement. If I felt like I needed more energy, I would take a caffeine pill and/or have a glass of Click's Espresso Protein which I would use Silk's Coconut/Almond Blend as the source. Although the protein is whey and non-vegan, taking just one glass a week shocked my body in fat burning mode.

After a week, I was 10 pounds lighter. Not only did I drop the pounds, I lost inches and of course, clothing sizes. It is the best feeling in the world, when you start feeling the loss and seeing the results that follow. They don't call it a diet (die-it) for no reason. Stick with this plan and you will start seeing results in due time. Just please do not go crazy and consult your doctor before doing it.