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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why You Should Cut Negative People Out Of Your Life

You walk into the grocery store and you come across some of the finest organic kale you have ever seen. However; after a complete evaluation, you discover that some of the kale has mold on it and that the kale with mold on it is touching the good kale. You, then realize that a vast majority of the kale looks good, but you still would never trust it.

Now imagine if the kale were people and that moldy kale you discovered represented a negative or toxic person. Once that kale touches the good kale, you find yourself questioning the good kale. If the moldy kale were a negative person, that particular kale would affect you. So, why should you cut negative people out of your life?

Negative people have no real goals nor do they have real accomplishments and if they exist, they have existed in the past. Statistically speaking, a vast majority of those that have this particular quality would rather talk negatively about people than setting a goal for him/herself and accomplishing it as a result.

The spoiled kale that represents the negative person affects the good kale around them. That negative person has an impact on those that choose to associate themselves with that type of person. If you set a goal for yourself, the negative person will always attempt to trivialize that goal. The negative person always holds back from their goals and attempts to get their friends to refrain from setting one.

The negative person also tends to be critical of everything around them and quite narcissistic. They find the bad in everything and tend to think of themselves as superior to everyone they criticize, as almost if they suffer from some sort of inferior complex. They sabotage friendships for no reason and emotionally disconnect themselves as being the sole root of the problem, the problem they created.

You have the choice to befriend a negative person, but don't aspire to change them instantaneously. In fact, studies have shown most negative people never change and aspire to be nothing. Is that where you want to head? Think about it and understand why cutting negative people out of your life is a good thing to do.

How To Cope With A Jealous Bully

People are really fascinating and when I think of everyone being as unique as their personality, I think without some jealousy and hatred, the world would be extremely boring.

So, how do you cope with a jealous bully? You simply don't think of them and if you do, you stop thinking about them. How can you stop thinking about them? It's simple. You come up with ideas on how to better your own future, you look at your present life, and you set both short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Then, you look back at what you have accomplished.

Another great way to cope with a jealous bully is to remind yourself that they are talking about you. When I think of my haters, I think that I am doing something right because without haters, I know I am not doing my job correctly. Remind yourself that with virtually no effort whatsoever, you are making them go crazy over you.

Think of your jealous bully as a stalker. As they attempt to devalue you and spread lies, just remember that you are making no effort for them to do that. Think of them as a rabid fan, a fan that is negative and manifested with you, looking for attention. After all, lovers make a person rich, but haters make a person famous.

If you feel entitled to exercise the first amendment, it is important to recognize that giving them attention gives them ammo which is why if you do decide to do this, you want to blog only once about the person/people bullying you and then leave it at that. Remember your jealous bully does not need your attention more than once, let alone at all.

You can choose to think about it, but then you should realize that when you do, you aren't going nowhere with them because no matter what you say or what you do, they are still going to continue. You can't please the world, as not everyone will love you, but if you love yourself you will never even give your jealous bully a second thought.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Latest hate comment regarding Toni Ingram

Today I received the following message today regarding Toni Ingram. I am going to respond cordially to whoever you are. 

First of all, I have read the police reports, the autopsy reports and even watched the interrogation video with Keenan Vanginkel. I was also able to see other information that is unavailable to the public. 

I believe Mrs. Ingram has every right to question what happened to her daughter, Morgan Ingram. I also believe Morgan Ingram was murdered based on what I have read and observed. There are no inconsistencies, just questions from Mrs. Ingram that haven't been answered. Why are you refusing to accept foul play when there is proof there is?

Riddle me this, how does a 115 pound girl get 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in her blood when 900-1,000 ng is lethal? How can Amitriptyline be in both her gastric fluids and blood? Why was the horse Amitriptyline kept in the refrigerator at the horse ranch found missing? Why are you saying Keenan was in another state when there is proof he was in Colorado the day and night of Morgan Ingram's murder and death? Answer these questions please. 

And lastly, please tell me how is it unfair? Because I disagree with your suicide theory? Because there is more proof she was murdered? 

If you want to respond to this post, you are more than welcome to. But hate messages about Mrs. Ingram and Morgan will not be tolerated.