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Monday, May 20, 2019

Accident, Suicide or Murder: Morgan Ingram

Morgan Ingram
(Photo by Morgan Ingram)
As many are already aware, on Saturday, Oxygen aired Accident, Suicide or Murder a show which acknowledges, recognizes and examines cases thoroughly that have been either unsolved or deserve answers. The season finale featured the stalking and death of Morgan Ingram. 

The show starts out with drone footage of the picturesque Carbondale, Colorado before a dialog took place between retired detective Paul Holes and true crime producer and journalist Kelly McLear regarding her case. Wanting answers, the dynamic duo decided to dig deep into the case to find out if it was an accident, a suicide or a murder. I watched the show with an open mind, disregarding my own point of view, in case I was wrong to believe this was a homicide. 

I watched the show. I believe the show was spun to fit a narrative that the vast majority of status quo want to hear. Most of these shows are aired for entertainment purposes, hence why people watch them to begin with. However, a lot of facts have been left out as Oxygen producers can only fit so much into a 90-minute time frame.  

To be honest, I was very disappointed not by their conclusion of her death, but by how they depicted Morgan Ingram and her stalking altogether. I was also modestly miffed by how they portrayed Toni and Steve Ingram. With that said, questions that were not answered on Accident, Suicide or Murder that I would have liked to have been addressed include:

Question #1: Morgan Ingram had an obscene level of Amitriptyline in her blood. Over 6 times the lethal limit. So, if 500 ng to 1,000 ng of Amitriptyline in the blood is lethal, how did Morgan Ingram get 7,909 ng in her blood stream? 

Question #2: Morgan Ingram had 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in her blood stream which I addressed previously. She also had a level of 2,833 ng of Noratripyline in her blood stream, as well. In her gastric fluids (or stomach) Morgan had 2,287,440 ng of Amitriptyline with a Noratriptyline level of 9,431 ng. Look at how close the numbers are of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline in the blood. This leads me to the important question--why is the ratio so close in the blood versus the level in her stomach or gastric fluids?

Note: The amount in her stomach was high, but I don't believe that is what killed her. I believe it was the level in her blood that did. When looking at the gastric fluid level, the ratio is very far apart in comparison to the blood level. Why is the blood level of Amtriptyline to Noratriptyline so close in comparison to the gastric fluid level? 

Question #3: The beanie hat has a sufficient level of DNA on it. The forensic investigators did not even flinch nor entertain the idea of testing this item, as they were distracted by the polygraph test results of both Toni and Steve Ingram. The polygraph results of Mr. and Mrs. Ingram overshadowed this. That hat should have been tested regardless of the lie detector results. Why wasn't it?

Question #4: Why was Keenan Vanginkel never interviewed? He was the perpetrator, the stalker and yet is painted as innocent, but was not asked to take any lie detector test even though he offered to take one in 2011 and 2012. Have the investigators forgotten about his extensive criminal record including his history with criminal trespassing? Or do they think because he's alive, he is off limits? Vanginkel also has a history of drugs and mental illness, which the Ingrams' have revealed in the past. 

Question #5: Keenan Vanginkel was seen on the cameras walking up the Ingrams' driveway only later to deny it was him when interrogated by detective (now coroner) Robert Glassmire. Why is this fact being overlooked? It is because Morgan Ingram is dead and Keenan Vanginkel is living? Currently, there are no laws protecting the deceased. 

Note: Towards the end of the interrogation video, Vanginkel is seen frantically looking at his phone. As Vanginkel is protected under the constitution of the United States (innocent until proven guilty) he looked modestly guilty when Robert Glassmire left the room in 2011. 

Question #6: In the autopsy photos, it looks like Morgan had blood on her lip and her face had been smashed. There were also marks around her neck, as if she were strangled. Another disturbing observation I made was how her arms were risen and hands were clenched. Evidently this proves she didn't take her own life, but the question I have is--how can they reach the accidental conclusion knowing this fact? 
Morgan Ingram with her mother
Toni Ingram
(Photo by Morgan Ingram)

Additionally I have some concerns regarding the episode. These concerns include:

Morgan Ingram was not a suicidal person. She was artistic with more drive than NASCAR. Her character was not flawless and far from pristine, but was not how she was portrayed in this series. She was not suicidal. She was not running nor escaping from life. I noticed some victim blaming throughout the series which I despise. As I stated previously, there are no laws that protect the deceased. 

Both Toni and Steve Ingram took a polygraph test regarding the stalking and murder of Morgan. Granted it is not a good thing to fail, but I believe as both of them are in their 60's, going through a lot of tension and stress, unable to properly grieve, I believe this is why they failed some of the questions given to them. I don't believe they are deceptive or have bad intentions like some of you think. I don't believe they are liars. I've spoken with both personally for hours and have heard both of them cry. They are not investigators which they have admitted relentlessly throughout the years. They just want answers and have every right to question what happened to their daughter. After all, they knew Morgan more than anyone in this world and she was being stalked, whether you want to believe it or not. 

When they interviewed Danny Rodden, I had to admit I was a little shocked. Rodden is not the same guy from 2011 evidently as he ended up getting back into drugs (relapsing) several years ago and is now a registered sex offender in the state of Colorado. A person under the influence of substances is not a credible witness by any means and their opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. As troublesome as this is, I don't know why his testimony was used unless it was for entertainment purposes to elevate the shock factor, allowing you--the audience to reach your own conclusions about Morgan's death. 

The silhouette of the woman who claims to have been friends with Morgan, who allegedly saw her the night of the death or night before of her death is friends with Brooke Harris and is friendly with the suspect, Keenan Vanginkel. According to a Morgan Ingram Facebook page ran by friends of Morgan Ingram, called RIP Morgan Ingram, the woman identified as "Kara" allegedly also changed the story to fit a narrative that was proved to be not true hence why only excerpts of her testimony aired on the show. 

Stalking is a serious crime which was not taken seriously in this case. They played recordings of Steve Ingram mentioning Morgan may possibly be contemplating suicide. Everyone has their down days. There have been times I thought about ending my life, but then I realize--I love life way too much, which Morgan said on Facebook in her final days of being alive on earth. In fact, it was her final post before she was murdered. 

Update 5/22/19: There is more to the tape that aired on Accident, Suicide or Murder. This tape was recorded before the Ingrams' independently investigated the death of their daughter. The recording featured on the show leaves out vital details, including parts where both Toni and Steve Ingram questioned if it were a suicide and overdose. When questioned, the Ingrams' evidently looked at all scenarios diving deep into the suicide and the accident possibility. The entire tape reveals this fact. Toni and Steve Ingram are not investigators and would have accepted suicide, had Morgan actually took her own life, but eventually after looking at her case fully, they knew their daughter and knew her death was not a suicide and/or accident. 

Update 5/22/19: Camera footage was released to Paul Holes and Kelly McLear of the day Morgan Ingram was found dead. The unidentified concoction in the cup that was in Morgan Ingram's bathroom was, in fact, Morgan Ingram's Pure Tasty Face Mask. Evidently it wasn't tested as Paul Holes suggested. She used the butter knife to stir it, as it is filled with cinnamon, nutmeg and honey. 


I felt like the series was put together greatly with three points of view and possibilities; however, a lot of what they shown is not the whole story. This is just common sense, as every show has to edit hours upon hours of footage to fit a 90-minute time frame. With that said, my opinion has not changed. I still believe Morgan Ingram was murdered and this was in fact, a homicide. Until you can answer my questions, I don't have to listen to any of the banal ad hominem or strange internet theories to support inaccurate narratives. 

I have every right to my opinion and I want answers. I support Toni and Steve Ingram. For more information visit Morgan Ingram today. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Stalked In Alabama: What To Do

The Capitol Building
of Alabama.
(Photo by Altairisfar/Wikimedia Commons)
Alabama, the 30th largest state of the United States of America. Also known as the Yellowhammer state in the Heart of Dixie, this southeastern state is the 24th most populated state among 50. Home to Redstone Arsenal, University of Alabama and Maxwell Air Force, it is estimated that over 25 million people visit the state every year.

Stalking is defined as the unwanted and repeated contact towards a person, people and/or group. As a form of intimidation and harassment, stalking is simply contact that is not wanted. And when that unwanted contact becomes to be a nuance, that is when it becomes stalking. As a victim of stalking, I have found it very difficult to find information regarding this topic. As I often contemplate why it is hard to find a resource regarding this, my only guess is because a lot of people do not take this seriously. And I personally believe most have never experienced this hence why they refuse to help those they cannot relate with. I'm noticing many cases of true crime within the last decade of very obvious murders being painted as suicides (Morgan Ingram, for instance) and limited care from law enforcement. I can only ask - why?

Alabama is a state with a lot of history and starts the countdown of the 50 nifty United States from the 13 original colonies. And guess what? The great news is, there is help in Alabama for those of you who are victims of stalking. According to several law enforced in 2012, under various codes stalking is very much punishable by law in the state of Alabama.

Under code of Alabama § 13A-6-90. Stalking in the first degree. (2012) This code states that a crime of stalking in the first degree is classified as a class C felony. This means that a person who intentionally harasses and follows with the intent to harm you is guilty. This includes threats, whether expressed or implied. If you feel you are in fear for your life and fear death of the suspected stalker, this is where this code applies.

Under code of Alabama § 13A-6-90.1. Stalking in the second degree. (2012) This code states that a crime of stalking in the second degree is considered a class B misdemeanor. This means that a person who intentionally and/or repeatedly harasses you in efforts to initiate unwanted contact whether via telephone, email, etc. is guilty. This also includes any third-party source who makes contact for the said person. Enforced again in the Summer of 2017 under H.B. 498, after the perpetrator has been informed to cease contact, the end result is guilty in the second degree.

Under code of Alabama § 13A-6-91. Aggravated stalking in the first degree. (2012) This code states that a crime of aggravated stalking in the first degree is classified as a class B felony. Any person who violates the provisions of § 13A-6-90(a) including court orders and restraining orders, will be tried under Alabama law for aggravated stalking.

Under code of Alabama § 13A-6-91.1. Aggravated stalking in the second degree (2012) This code states that a crime of aggravated stalking in the second degree is classified as a class C felony. Any person who violates the provisions of § 13A-6-90 including court orders and restraining orders, will be tried under Alabama law for aggravated stalking.

With action comes evidence. In order to both effectively and efficiently report stalking, it is very crucial to keep a timeline or a log of the events. This is what is often referred to as a course of conduct. Everything shared before the threat, leading up to the threat and to present as the stalking is persisting. And speaking of threats, a credible threat is very vital when reporting stalking. This can be a threat that is expressed and/or even implied. If you feel that the person stalking you is scaring you or making you fear for your life, you have the right to report this. You are constitutionally protected by law to report any crime. If you feel your life is danger, it is very crucial to report it.

Keep in mind that I am referring to only criminal law. At this time, Alabama does not have any laws to protect stalking victims civilly; however, with the right push and shove, we can hopefully change these laws for the victims in the Alabama area. Alabama is also a state that does not offer address protection from stalkers. And because of this unfortunately, Alabama currently does not offer any stalking protection orders; however, stalking is still punishable under criminal stalking laws and federal laws.

Speaking of federal laws, there are quite a few that really play a role in helping stalking victims. According to federal law code 18 USCS § 2261A. Stalking. (2013) any person who plays any reasonable fear of death in another person is considered a stalker and therefore can and will be punished as the law sees fit. With the intent to harass, injure and even intimidate, any person who does this can be punished. And under title 2261(b), this is all punishable by law. You can read more about the stalking federal law here.

Need Assistance?

If you are a victim of stalking, please check out the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence (or ACADV). Located in the heart of Alabama, you can reach them directly by phone at (334) 832-4842. You can also email them at

Other organizations you can contact include:

Alabama Coalition Against Rape (or ACAR). Located in the heart of Montgomery, this organization is always here to help. You can reach them via phone at (334) 264-0123.

2nd Chance, Inc. Located in Anniston, this is a crisis organization that serves six counties in the Alabama area including Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Etowah, Randolph and Talladega. You can reach them directly at (256) 236-7381.

Crisis Center Inc. (Rape Response + SANE). Located in Birmingham, this is a crisis center serving six counties including Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker. You can reach them at (205) 323-7782.

Crisis Center of Russell County. Live in Russell County? If so, you can reach this Alabama organization via phone at (334) 297-4435 today.

Crisis Center of North Alabama. Located in the heart of Huntsville, this organization is serving three counties including Jackson, Limestone and Madison. If you live in these areas, please call them directly at (256) 716-4052.

Family Services of North Alabama. Serving both Delkab and Marshall counties, this Albertville organization is here to serve you. Especially if you are a victim of stalking. You can reach them at (256) 878-9159.

Lifelines Family Counseling Center Inc. of Mobile. If you live in Mobile, Washington or Clarke county, you are going to want to contact this organization immediately. You can reach them directly at (251) 431-5100.

Lighthouse Counseling Center (or STAR). Serving six counties including Montgomery, Elmore, Butler, Lowndes, Crenshaw and Autauga. You can reach their office and crisis line at (334) 286-5980.

Mental Health Association in Morgan County. Serving both Morgan and Lawrence counties, this organization is here for stalking victims 24/7. You can reach them at (256) 353-1160.

Rape Counselors of East Alabama. Serving four counties including Chambers, Tallapoosa, Lee and Macon, this is a great organization that helps victims of sexual assault; however, they will never turn their backs on stalking victims. You can reach them at (334) 741-0707 today.

Safehouse of Shelby County Inc. Serving Shelby, Coosa and Clay county, this organization can be reached directly at (205) 669-1877. You can also reach their crisis line at (205) 669-5339.

Shoals Crisis Center. Located in the heart of Florence, this organization will never turn their backs on a victim of stalking. Serving four counties including Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale and Marion, you can reach their office at (256)765-0025. You can also reach their crisis line at (256) 767-1100.

The House of Ruth, Inc. Serving eight counties total including Barbour, Bullock, Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston and Pike, you can reach them directly at (337) 793-5214. You can also reach their crisis line at (334) 793-2232.

The Lighthouse of Baldwin County. Serving both Baldwin and Escambia, you can reach their office (251) 947-6196 and crisis line at (251) 947-4393 today.

Turning Point. Serving nine counties total, this is an organization that will never ignore a stalking victim. Serving Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, Marengo, Pickens, Sumter and Tuscaloosa counties. You can reach them directly at their office (205) 758-0808 or call their crisis line at (205) 758-0808.

Victim Services of Cullman, Inc. Serving both Culman and Winston counties, you can reach their office at (256) 775-2600 or their crisis line at (256) 734-6100.

Over millions of women are stalked around the world. The time is now to recognize that stalking is a crime and should not be ignored. I will do my best to update this article periodically. If you have any additional information you would like to share, please do so in the comments.

Stay tuned as I explore the largest state in the United States, Alaska. With not even a million residence totally, the Last Frontier is a state worth exploring. Purchased in 1867 from Russia for a little over $7 million (that is about 2-3 cents per acre), Alaska is "North to the Future" but how are their stalking laws?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tavalodet Mobarak Morgan Ingram

Light a candle to remember
Morgan Ingram and her life.
Morgan Ingram was a beautiful and bright soul with a bold personality to match. She had more drive than NASCAR and a penchant for the pen, but one dark day in December it was all taken away from her.

You see, Morgan was an individual who welcomed many different people into her life. As some of those people were light who shared the same big dreams and passions, there were those who were dark and had no direction unless it was to the nearest party to get loaded and laid.

As a gifted woman with a polished yet free-spirited personality, Morgan was stalked. Of course, if you have never been stalked, you would have zero idea of what she went through. As a result, her entire life was turned upside until one day everything changed forever.

Morgan Ingram was murdered on December 2, 2011 in her Carbondale, Colorado home. Today, we honor the force and face of stalking, as we celebrate her birthday. I decided to light a candle and I encourage you, my readers and friends to light one too. May karma find its way, so we can eventually have justice one day. Gone, but never forgotten. RIP Morgan Ingram!

August 16, 1991-December 2, 2011

For more information about Morgan Ingram, visit the official site today.

Monday, May 2, 2016

10 reasons why I believe Morgan Ingram was murdered

As many of you are already aware, I have had the opportunity to interview Toni Ingram, the mother of Morgan Ingram, a beautiful and bright young woman from Carbondale, Colorado who was stalked and murdered in early December of 2011. When I was with Yahoo! Voices, I published the first interview in late November of 2012. In July of 2014, Yahoo! got rid of the Voices platform. As a result, all exclusive rights to the content I produced were reverted back to me, so I took it upon myself to publish it on this  blog. You can read the original interview here.

In April of 2014, a few months prior to the closing of Yahoo! Voices, I had the opportunity to speak with Toni again. I had a lot of questions, as does anyone who has garnered an interest in this particular case. A lot of things happened in that particular time frame and there was a gap between 2012 to 2014. You can read the second interview here. Then, in August I interviewed Morgan's brother Ryan who also shared some very interesting details with me. You can read that interview here.

1. Drug Levels - When looking at the toxicology reports, I noticed quite a few things that didn't make sense to me and one of them includes the amount of drug in her blood. Morgan Ingram had 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in her blood stream. With 900-1,000 ng being considered "lethal" how can one explain the remaining 6,909-7,009 amount in Morgan's blood? You can listen to my podcast about this here.

2. Gastric Fluids - Morgan Ingram had an old prescription of Amitriptyline that expired over 2 years prior to her murder. When the bottle was found, only a few pills were missing from this particular prescription. Why is that? With 2,287,440 ng in Morgan's gastric fluids, it is impossible that the drug was from that particular bottle. Even if Morgan would have taken the entire bottle, it would not reach such a high amount. This is also explained in my part 1 podcast, which you can listen to here.

3. Date Rape Cocktail - The toxicology reports tell a story. A very tragic yet sad story of a woman who was murdered. When looking at them, I could not help but notice very small amounts of drugs. Upon research, I discovered that they are used frequently in a date rape cocktail. Why would Morgan Ingram have Cyclobenzaprine in her system? I also discussed this particular association in the podcast too.

4. Police Reports - When I first read the police reports, I noticed quite a few discrepancies. One of the major issues, problems per se that I had with the reports was only a few sentences for a month's work. At first, I assumed the detective on the case was lazy, but then I noticed that some of the paragraphs looked edited and changed. I also noticed that some of the sentences were unfinished and looked as if content was removed swiftly without checking for any errors.

5. Rape Kit - Saying "no sign of sexual trauma" does not mean rape kit nor does it mean a rape kit was ever done. For a young woman who was a victim of stalking, why was no rape kit administered? Was Morgan Ingram ignored by law enforcement? An unidentified mark was picked up by a blue light on Morgan's chest. Why was this ignored?

6. Autopsy Photos - The autopsy photos show strangle marks as well as, a swollen and bloody lip. The photos also show other unidentified marks on Morgan's face and body. Not only do the autopsy photos reveal signs of a struggle, they also prove that Morgan Ingram did not take her own life.

7. Street Clothes - When Morgan Ingram was originally found dead, she was discovered wearing street clothes. A light colored shirt with a black bra. She also wore jeans that she didn't wear often and they were unbuttoned too. What was the killer's intention exactly? The man who took Morgan's life obviously didn't want to go purchase a tarp late at night into early morning.

8. Refusal of Dr. Dobersen's opinion - The pathologist on this case changed the cause and manner several times before attempting to come to the hypothetical opinion that Morgan Ingram committed suicide and died of Porphyria. This, of course is so false. When Dr. Dobersen attempted to intervene and give is opinion of why he believes this is a homicide, the pathologist on this case refused and attempted to belittle Dobersen in the process. Why would he do that? Considering Dobersen's credentials outweigh his and he has more experience with these types of crimes too.

9. Rainer Jundt - Why did the detective and sheriff only interview a few people who knew Morgan Ingram? Why did they not speak with Rainer Jundt who knew her more than anyone other than Toni and Steve? Rainer had a lot to tell my boyfriend Joe in this exclusive interview.

10. Suicide Note - Morgan Ingram heavily embraced the arts. She loved singing, playing piano, painting, dancing and writing. If she intended to take her own life, don't you think you think she would have left a suicide note? She didn't leave a suicide note because she did not take her own life. She was not a suicidal person. Even her friends can vouch for that. You can read my interview with them here.

Note - If Morgan were to take any pills, don't you think she would have went for medication stronger than Amitriptyline? There are many things she could have taken. Think about it.

I have always had an interest in true crime. When I was a little girl, I would love to watch Unsolved Mysteries. The one with Robert Stack (RIP). Everything from the stories to Stack's haunting voice, the show was one of the greatest ever on television. And although my experience with this particular genre is quite new, I have still managed to research and discover that not everything is what it seems and that evil is very much alive and well in the world right now. You may disagree with what I have to say, as some of you may not be able to handle these facts and attempt to discredit me by spreading lies about me, but guess what? I don't care (if you do, you can read here). Why? Because these are my reasons for believing that Morgan Ingram was murdered.

For more information about the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram, please visit the official website today. Just click here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Comments I would never make on my own blog

This is the latest comment I received on my blog regarding the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram. As you can see, the person who commented is using my actual name and identity (Sarah Afshar and linking directly to this site) to comment on my own blog. And to make matters worse, they are posting a comment I would never post.

This is what I have been dealing with for years. Four years to be exact. 

I have received quite a few hateful comments and recently, have been told by two concerned women who I don't even know personally, that I am being impersonated. Someone even had the audacity to troll me and ask why I am harassing Mike Boudet of Sword & Scale using my own name. Not sure if it is the same person in the screenshot above, but definitely makes me wonder. 

And to answer this question - No. I am not harassing anyone nor have I ever harassed anyone. So in spite of the lies you are being told, everything you are hearing is not true. I don't know Mike Boudet's email nor do I ever visit his website to make any contact with him. This is a lie. 

First of all, I heard the podcasts Mr. Boudet did regarding Morgan Ingram (episode 11 and 12) one time each back in 2014 when I was sent a link to them. To be honest, the lies were outrageous; however, what I found disturbing about them was how poorly researched they actually are. I am also kind of surprised at how he interviewed Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) and Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, who are simply part of an online cabal dedicated to discrediting and mocking Toni Ingram and the homicide theory, but I was not shocked as that is to be expected. 

And what is even more baffling is how Boudet would glorify their propaganda for ratings in efforts to make me and Mrs. Ingram look bad (crazy for a lack of a better word) for strongly supporting the homicide theory, a theory he evidently disagrees with. 

I must say that I am modestly surprised Boudet would allow internet stalker Michael Odegard on the program, my mother's former friend from Portland who I do not even know. This individual, Mr. Odegard has made many hate blogs about me for no reason and started attacking my boyfriend Joe shortly after for simply asking why he was attacking me, shortly before asking Odegard to stop. You can watch the video here regarding this individual and their menacing. I am also confused as to why he was even featured on the program when his lies hold no value on the Morgan Ingram case. 

I want to clarify that when independent podcaster Mike Boudet originally contacted me in 2014 requesting an interview, I didn't see his message until years later. He contacted me on Facebook and his message went to the other folder where it sat for years before I actually saw it. I would have agreed to do his interview, had I found the message sooner. I don't check that folder much. 

I would also like to say that I do not go on Sword & Scale nor do I frequent the site. I do; however, find what he did to be relatively low especially what he said about Toni Ingram. She does not have Munchausen by Proxy either. This is just another pseudo diagnosis and ad hominem retort by a group of ladies (which Mayra and Tricia are part of) who spend their lives meddling into other's affairs, spreading lies to hide their inferior complex and health issues, and trolling those who disagree with them. Of course, this doesn't shock me due to his association with these two individuals. I do; however, wish him the best. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Morgan Ingram: 4 years since her murder

Today is December 2, 2015.
Today I am lighting candles for Morgan Ingram.
A very bright yet beautiful young woman from Carbondale, Colorado tragically lost her life to murder four years ago from today, December 2, 2011. When you look at this figure, it's been 1,460 days since Morgan was murdered. That is over 35,000 hours. That is how long it has been since her death. That she has been gone.
When I think about what has happened these past few years, there is a lot of contemplation and observation. I have been under scrutiny for quite sometime since publically defending Toni and Steve Ingram as well as, the homicide theory. I have been libeled, slandered, cyber-stalked and bullied. My face and name are associated with a plethora of lies created by only a handful of people. Yet, these lies are not even true. What I have contemplated stems from thoughts in the beginning which lead to big questions - do I regret supporting Morgan? Do I regret supporting Toni? Do I regret supporting Steve? My answer - absolutely not. Because I know what is true and I know what is false. I also know that the truth about what happened to Morgan Ingram will eventually come out.
This leads me to the question - do I believe justice will happen? Absolutely. Why? Because a lie can only be hidden for so long. Every single lie that is being told and sold to you-whether it is by Morgan's murderer, his family and friends, along with those who support and believe him and them, cannot continue as those people are sublimely comforted by them. These people did not know Morgan, they did not know Toni nor do they know Toni now, and they do not know me or anyone else who supports the homicide theory.
The facts speak for themselves. With 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in Morgan's blood, there is no way she committed suicide. Absolutely impossible. Especially when looking at the drug ratio of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline. Even if she would have taken the entire pill bottle, how does one explain that amount in her blood stream? It's easier for law enforcement to sweep this under the rug of lies and deceit while abrasively attacking the victim, her family and those who support them, but if you look at the facts you will see this is a homicide based on the level of drug in her blood. A suicide is easier to create because let's face it, this means not having to spend money, let alone time or make any efforts to do anything at all. A suicide is easier for those who refuse to do their job and fear they will lose their job.
It's very evident that the truth hurts, but it's better to be hurt by it than to be fully supported and comforted by a lie. A lie that is so deceptive and big, it is being sold to you right now as I type this out. Truth be told, the big lie that is being sold to you is just a way to distract and prevent the truth from being exposed. Time is relative and the waiting game sucks, but evidently things must happen before that happens. And when I say that, I mean the truth.
Lighting candles and praying there is justice
for Morgan Ingram.
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, as I believe the truth is a very powerful thing. So no matter how many lies are told, how many lies are spread about Morgan, her mother, myself and anyone else who believes/knows Morgan was murdered, those lies are just words and bare absolutely no influence on the truth. It is the truth that triumphs those fabrications, those useless lies, as it is the truth that is strong and cannot remain hidden for long.
With 2016 approaching us in less than a month, I can only have high hopes for what is in store for the future. What does the future hold? I am quite auspicious and confident that the outcome will be good and I will forever anticipate the big reveal, the truth. A lot of you ask why I continue to support Toni Ingram. Mark Twain once said "if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." What Toni Ingram has shared with everyone are her words as a mother and not just any mother, the mother of Morgan Ingram who knew her daughter more than anyone in the world. Do I think Toni Ingram is telling the truth? Absolutely. Yes, I do.
Morgan Ingram loved life and embraced it for what it is. As there was always a project, a purpose - when I read some of Morgan's work, her creative writing that was shared with me from Toni, I cannot help, but ponder the idea of why she never left a suicide note. It is because she didn't take her own life. Buddha once said that there are three things in this life that cannot be hidden - the sun, the moon and the truth. And guess what? I agree.
Morgan's life, love, and light is not lost. In fact, it is her life, her love, and her light that lives on. Her spirit will forever remain in our hearts. Morgan is a face and a force of stalking and for change. And I will continue to support Morgan, Toni, Steve and the homicide theory forever. No matter how many lies are spread about me, I will never give up on the quest for justice. A wise individual once said "giving up is as good as losing and losing is as good as death." There are no truer words spoken and I will never give up on Morgan. For more information about the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram, please visit the official site today. Rest in Peace, Morgan Ingram.
Everything Morgan:
Interview with Ryan Ingram (Morgan's brother)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Remembering Morgan

Today, I am lighting a candle
to remember Morgan Ingram and her life.
Time cannot erase, the memory of your face. Love, it's all we want. Where is it, is it lost? I wrote a song recently called "I'm Calling For You" which depicts a story about love and remembrance. Today is a day that we celebrate the memory of a beautiful bright light, the life of Morgan Ingram.

I can sit here and type a dissertation that consists of a thousand words, but this will not bring Morgan back. They say a broken heart is equivalent to a million tears, as is the laughter that occurred throughout the years. Is it?

Morgan spent many years and many days with her mother Toni and her father Steve. They shared a lot of happiness and joy. Although Toni and Steve cannot properly grieve, as there is no closure for the death of their daughter, they can remember those amazing moments and memory breeding experiences they spent with her and lock those safely in their hearts for the rest of their life.

A beautiful life may be gone, but it is never lost. Morgan Ingram is that beautiful life. Although she is not here in the physical world, as an entity, she is still around in spirit. We just can't see her. Well, at least most of us. Her soul will forever remain in our hearts. As we remember her life, we can reflect on what she contributes to this world.

Morgan Ingram is now the face and the force of stalking and for change. May her spirit light up on this special day, as we celebrate her memory and her birthday. Morgan may be gone, but her love, her light, and her spirit lives on and lasts forever.

Today, I chose to light a candle to acknowledge and commemorate the life and the death of Morgan Ingram. Although justice hasn't happened, I will continue to keep hope alive and pray everyday until it does.

Morgan with her parents, Toni and Steve Ingram.
Morgan Jennifer Ingram
August 16, 1991-December 2, 2011

Friday, July 31, 2015

Morgan Ingram

Morgan Ingram was a young woman from Carbondale, Colorado who was murdered on December 2, 2011. She was found by her parents Toni and Steve Ingram, who practically knew their daughter more than anyone else in this world. I have had the greatest opportunity to speak with both of them, including Morgan's mother Toni. Although the case remains an unsolved mystery, as the case is also closed and there are many questions left unanswered.
I believe that this was clearly a homicide and knowing what I know now, I believe that the stalker was the man who took Morgan Ingram's life.
My first interview with Toni Ingram:
My second interview with Toni Ingram:
My interview with Ryan Ingram:
As I dove deeper into this mystery, I discovered numerous discrepancies that go beyond words on a screen that logic cannot comprehend. One of them was the level of drug in her blood. Morgan Ingram had 7,909 ng in her blood, which is over 6,000 times the lethal limit. Why was it there? Check out my short podcast:
Rainer Jundt was Morgan Ingram's soul mate, lover, and best friend. The two were inseparable. Check out my boyfriend Joseph Valo III's interview with Rainer Jundt:
Morgan Ingram was murdered and it isn't just Toni Ingram or myself, Sarah Afshar who think it. Check out Joe's podcast about why he believes Morgan Ingram was murdered:
As some of you may be aware, my boyfriend Joe is a psychic and his abilities are getting quite strong. In fact, the more we channel they just get stronger. He was able to make a connection with Morgan in this podcast. Check out his podcast:
Morgan Ingram was stalked, she was terrorized, and she was murdered. Don't believe what you read about her, let alone Toni or myself. These people are friends of the family and/or angry at Mrs. Ingram for simply telling the truth about her daughter, Morgan. They are also angry with me simply because I separated fact from fiction and have made my opinion publically known. For more information about this case, please check out Morgan's Stalking today.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Interview with AJ Jung about Morgan Ingram

Recently, Joe and I were approached by a friend of Morgan Ingram's for an exclusive interview where we both discuss Morgan Ingram and our stance on the case, as well as, the harassment, lies and defamation we (Toni Ingram, as well as, myself - Sarah Afshar and my boyfriend Joseph Valo III) have endured by Keenan Vanginkel supporter Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon (or MayraMM) and cyberstalker Michael Odegard of Portland, Oregon because of our support for Toni Ingram, a mother who tragically lost her daughter to murder in Winter of 2011.

We also expose the connection between Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale and their involvement with unregistered sex offender, Terry Cavitalo aka Terry Stipp (Terry Sholes) who is also involved along with Mayra Martinez in the libel against Toni Ingram and myself, Sarah Afshar, for supporting the homicide theory and my boyfriend Joe for standing with Morgan Ingram.

Thank you Andrew Jung for allowing us to use our voices for the right reason and exposing the untruths created by these people who attempt to silence us. Who refuse to see the truth let alone look at the facts. I will continue to support Mrs. Ingram, as I believe Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered by Keenan Vanginkel, the man stalking her.

You can call us trolls as you can call us crazy, but at least we are not lying. We are telling the truth and will continue to do so.

To read the interview, click here right now.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) is a cyberbully

As many of you aware, I have been harassed online for years by a woman from Oregon named Mayra Martinez. This woman found me after I wrote a blog post about my interview with Toni Ingram, which I published originally to Yahoo! Voices in late November of 2012. In efforts to silence me, she tried an array of intimidation tactics simply because I was going to publish the interview and she didn't want me to. 

She insisted that Morgan Ingram was not stalked and that Toni Ingram was unhinged. When I contacted Toni the same day, I asked her about this bizarre individual and if she knew her. She told me that this woman was a troll who was part of a group called Websleuths and not to engage. At the time, I did not know who she was so I published her comments before speaking with Toni prior to doing so. After speaking with Mrs. Ingram I deleted Mayra's comments before putting the spam filter on. Additionally, I moderated the comments simply because I was on vacation and didn't want to keep deleting any hate messages about Morgan Ingram, Toni Ingram or myself, Sarah Afshar.

Mayra started to get aggressive with her responses the moment I started to moderate the comments. She started to attack me and accuse me of being Toni Ingram herself simply because I did not put her comments through. She even went so far to say that I was an Iran con crew leader and Persians are "third world" in efforts to intimidate me shortly before accusing me of ruining the life of a man named Keenan Vanginkel, the guy that is the suspect. The banter continued for minutes before Mayra threatened me and said "prepare to lose your blog" which I still have screenshots of. 

After I published the interview, I received a lot of great feedback from all over the world. A lot of people thought it was admirable that I allowed Toni Ingram to use her voice to find out what happened to her daughter. Many (not just myself) speculated this was a homicide based on the high levels of Amitriptyline in Morgan Ingram's blood stream. Also, with the amount of evidence Toni Ingram has provided, there is no doubt Morgan was a victim of foul play.

Days later, I received more threats which came directly from the Websleuths site. This time, the harassment came from other individuals. Not only were they attacking Toni Ingram and myself, but they started to actually attack Morgan Ingram. It was weird and again, I refrained from publishing their comments because they were filled with the typical, unoriginal ad hominem. Supremely banal, you could also tell the person/people who wrote the comments were uneducated and clearly hateful.

About a week after this, this person created a hate blog using a woman named "Marcie Wogan" identity. The blog was one of the worst things I have ever read. Not only was it filled with an array of untruths about myself, but it was literally attacking me and those close to me. In addition to the hate towards me, they included people who I had no relation to in the actual blog implying I was related to them in some way. I contacted an attorney asking what legal options I had regarding the site and they said they would contact Google to see if they would actually remove it. The blog was so hateful, Google actually took the initiative and removed it directly from Blogger

My attorney digged into Marcie Wogan and found out that this person was sick, but barely used the internet. That someone was actually using her identity to create hate blogs about people. And apparently, I was not the only victim. Although I don't know whether this is Mayra Martinez, based on the truncation and the information that was voluntarily sent to me by a concerned reader, it is clear she is behind the blog in someway. 

Weird right?

Anyways, I noticed that this woman, this Mayra, then, joined forces with a man who has been harassing me for years over my mother. An internet stalker named Michael Odegard from Oregon had put up a hate site about me in Fall of 2012 shortly before I interviewed Toni Ingram or ever talked about Mrs. Ingram here on my blog. At the time, I was a part-time writer for Yahoo! Voices. Mr. Odegard's blog about me was also filled with hateful lies and made absolutely no sense, as he was an old/former friend of my mother's. Mayra celebrated his hate site about me like he was the messiah of distraction and she was happy someone hated me more than her. In efforts to discredit me because I published Toni Ingram's interview (which she incessantly wanted me to remove), she continued to publish more disgusting things online about me, only this time on individual hate sites about Toni. 

And as this continued, she manipulated the search engines to say horrible things about not just me, but my boyfriend Joe Valo also. Additionally, this woman from Oregon tried to say that I was crazy and that Joe and I were internet stalkers and she is the victim, etc. Which I find funny as she is the one who originally initiated contact, coming here to this blog posting threatening messages. She was the one who contacted me first and threatened me simply because I believe Morgan Ingram was murdered and would not put her comments through. I still have the screenshots from this which are dated back to November 2012. 

Fast forward to 2014. It is currently late February of 2014 and this woman just continues to harass me, as she continues to spread lies about me with weird speculations that are simply untrue and bizarre. Personally, I think she is a one-woman army filled with multiple alter egos. I don't know what kind of personality to expect from her today as they tend to change often. And speaking of often, she comes to this blog quite often to post the most hateful things to me simply because I believe Morgan Ingram was murdered by Keenan Vanginkel. It's really creepy. Almost like cyberstalking. In fact, I think her harassment does constitute as cyberstalking. 

I am well aware that it's inevitable to avoid backlash when dipping into the realm of true crime; however, what this person is saying about me is completely false and not true at all. And truth be told, this Mayra Martinez (or MayraMM) is a malicious cyberbully with an agenda so ego-driven, she fails to refute her own research which is nothing more than venomous propaganda and evident victim blaming of Morgan Ingram.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friends remember Morgan Ingram

December 2nd 2011 is a day that will always be remembered by many who loved Morgan Ingram as she was found dead in her Colorado home. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to some of Morgan's closest friends about life and death after Morgan Ingram.

"Morgan was beautiful, unique, and brilliant" says Nicole Cowan, a friend of Morgan Ingram's whose favorite memory was when she and Morgan would babysit together. Nicole informed me that there were quite a few memories, but she will never forget the time that they traveled to Denver for shoes and found themselves lost.

"We just spent an entire weekend just watching the children of military couples. We were on our way to get fitted for ballet pointe shoes and somehow we found ourselves lost. After about an hour or so, we finally made it. I never said anything to Morgan about living there and all of the sudden she asked if I use to live there. She was very perceptive how she would pick up on almost everything."


When I asked Nicole if she believed Morgan committed suicide, she said "absolutely not" stating "she was one of the happiest, well-adjusted people I have ever met." She continued saying "it just wasn't in her character."

Rainer Jundt, who has known Morgan Ingram longer than most people says that she is a warrior. He says she was a "giver" stating she had endless compassion for others and even at her weakest point, she would give light and love to others who needed it. "She was a beautiful light. Someone, no matter how thick, could never forget."

"Morgan was my first love" Rainer says. "I have known Morgan since the 4th grade, for 9 years of which 4-5 of those years we spent as lovers. We started dating in the 9th grade." So, how did Rainer find out about Morgan's death? He received a message from Morgan's mother Toni. How did he react? Rainer recalls "I was staring at the corner of my apartment blankly wondering why such a sick joke would be played, thinking she wasn't dead. I said to myself that she couldn't be dead. Eventually I went to the bathroom, threw up, and fainted."

Rainer definitely believes that Morgan did not take her own life saying "I believe I know Morgan more than anyone other than the two people who brought her into this world. I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that she would never have tried to take her own life." He also mentioned that Morgan hated taking medication.

According to Danny Rodden "Morgan was a free spirit, a truly caring yet loving soul. She was rarely ever in a bad mood which is why we all loved being around her." Although Danny has only known Morgan for a short period of time he says "the impact she has made on me will last forever."

Danny also says "Morgan was a strong person who didn't want sympathy. She didn't need drugs to help her mood, as she believed in other things like breathing and nature. She didn't want attention and there was no reason she needed to escape. She had way too much talent and way too many plans to throw it away."
"Morgan was the kindest hearted person I ever knew"
says Sage Friel, a friend of Morgan's since 6th grade. "She was always understanding and loving, but knew how to talk about anything without offending you. All she desired was to help others." She also says she found out about Morgan's death through the popular social networking website Facebook. "On December 2, 2011 I remember reading RIP Morgan. At first, I thought it was some sort of sick joke. After visiting her Facebook and talking to friends, I discovered that it was true. That night I cried myself to sleep."

Sage also states "I miss and love her so much. There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about her. I look forward to having the case re-opened. I can't wait for everything to gain speed and her family to have some contentment with the results."

Katie Issacson who has known Morgan Ingram since the 9th grade says "Morgan is the best friend I have ever had" saying "she was incredibly passionate about so many things". She continued ... "Morgan always had a project - whether it be knitting, baking, perfecting songs she learned on the piano, photography, and writing - she was always writing."

Katie went onto say that Morgan loved her family and friends more than anyone she knows saying "she was the kind of friend that would drop everything to help you out. She had a knack for making family out of friends, which is why everyone loved her." She continued saying "Morgan is amazing and although she wasn't perfect, she lived her life the way she wanted to. I learned how to love from her. I hope others will understand what a beautiful soul she was and that she would never leave this life on her own accord to this."

Cassie Simmons, cousin and best friend to Morgan Ingram said Morgan had the biggest heart. "She was always there for me and should could always make me smile." Cassie also says despite being outgoing and caring she was also a great listener. She has so many fond memories of Morgan because she use to live with she, Toni, and Steve growing up. "Morgan had spunk, but her spunk was beautiful."

Now residing in the Los Angeles area, there was quite a distance between she and Morgan. Cassie and Morgan would keep in touch by Skyping often. When I asked Cassie if she believed Morgan Ingram committed suicide she said to me "absolutely not, she would never do anything like that." She continued to say "Morgan put an extra pep in every step, she walked on this earth and everywhere she went, she touched peoples' lives."

Although Nathan Ulrych-DiFiore says he can't remember an exact moment where he didn't love being in the presence of Morgan Ingram, he does have great memories with her. "Morgan was exceptional. She helped so many people by making you look into yourself and really figuring out your problems" he says. He also went onto say "She had a niche for knowing what exactly was bothering you."

Nathan also says he was questioned by one detective the day of her death. "I talked to one detective on the day of her death. He asked me very basic questions. Things like 'Where was she last night' and 'Did you speak to her?' and 'How was her persona?' and 'Was she using drugs? After that, I was never contacted again by the police or any other official. That in itself made me feel that more could have been done."

When I asked Nathan how he would describe Morgan he said "she was beautiful, outgoing, artistic, and very free spirited." He also adds "She will be missed."

Leticia Cheatham described Morgan as a beautiful lady inside and out. "She was unconventional, but free spirited and loved life. Morgan was a friend to anyone. It didn't matter who they were. She had a very compassionate heart."

Leticia states that Morgan was affectionate and says "she hugged every person she saw and made them feel special." Leticia also believes that Morgan did not commit suicide, stating "she embraced life way too much."

Isabella Hash, a long-term friend of Morgan's who Morgan met on Etsy and Makeup Alley says Morgan looked forward to the present and the future a lot. "She was very practical in an artistic sense, but appreciated the arts more than anything else. She was always creating goals for herself and coming up with new ideas. She always had a project."

Isabella says there is no way that Morgan would have committed suicide stating "Morgan has helped me, when I went to take my own life. She talked me out of it. Life has been a struggle for me, but Morgan allowed me to see that life is too valuable and worth living. There is no way she would have left this world by choice."

She continued to tell me "Morgan appreciated life for what it was worth and loved every single moment of living in it. I will never forget the impact she made on me for the rest of my life. She will be forever missed."


Sunday, June 16, 2013

I deactivated my Twitter

I have decided to deactivate from Twitter for a little bit, as I am getting attacked by Keenan Vanginkel supporter Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) and her fake accounts in the worst way. I am also getting attacked by internet stalker Michael Odegard, a man who has been harassing me for years in efforts to get attention from my mother. My mom has not talked to him since 2003. I am also suspecting that Morgan Ingram's stalker and his family are involved in this also, as @t4mtumblr (could be Mayra, as she has a track record of creating many fake accounts, which has been proven) has proved to be part of that same group also. @9riest I definitely suspect is MayraMM, as I believe @sarahafshardie, @exoticsarah1980, @diesarahafshar and the rest of the accounts are also her. It is definitely weird and a bit outrageous. 

I am in Pittsburgh at the moment visiting my boyfriend Joe. I don't need my phone going off every single minute with redundant and outmoded hate comments, that are nothing more than rubbish based on paranoid speculation. Created by a cyberstalker from Oregon who is radically obsessed with silencing me because I disagree with her 100% and find her campaign of hate disgusting, especially towards Morgan Ingram. Is it necessary to attack me for thinking Morgan Ingram was murdered? 

Everything they are accusing me of is simply not true. I am definitely not "Mark Mann" or anyone else they are trying to accuse me of. This made me laugh at how unhinged and paranoid these people are. They also tried to say I am a webcam whore, yet there is not a single nude picture of me online because this has never happened. And as for ExoticSarah1980, I was being impersonated and found out years later that this was my former friend Majid, a Persian man from Virginia/Washington D.C. who was impersonating me. You can read the original story regarding this here

They cannot accept that many people support Toni Ingram and I am not the only one who does. Also, I am not getting paid by Toni Ingram. Another lie this fool has created to up her agenda and make people believe Morgan Ingram was a suicidal junkie and I am crazy for interviewing Morgan's mother Toni and believing Morgan Ingram was murdered. 

Again folks, this is outlandish and fictitious paranoia this person/these people create from their warped imagination. My only guess is they are upset that I published another interview with Toni Ingram and don't want a single person supporting Toni or the homicide theory. Perhaps this is another way to try and intimidate me into deleting the interviews. I have no clue nor do I care. I just interviewed Toni Ingram and have been getting attacked by this woman since. 

And MayraMM, if you are reading this, I am never deleting the interviews (which you can read by clicking here and also here) with Toni Ingram. Toni has every right to speak out. She has every right to question what happened to her daughter. Who are you to silence her? Who are you to silence me for supporting her? 

I will reactivate my Twitter once the harassment from them stops or at least dies down. They are wasting their time spreading lies. They have no proof either because what they are saying is not true.