Interview with AJ Jung about Morgan Ingram

Recently, Joe and I were approached by a friend of Morgan Ingram's for an exclusive interview where we both discuss Morgan Ingram and our stance on the case, as well as, the harassment, lies and defamation we (Toni Ingram, as well as, myself - Sarah Afshar and my boyfriend Joseph Valo III) have endured by Keenan Vanginkel supporter Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon (or MayraMM) and cyberstalker Michael Odegard of Portland, Oregon because of our support for Toni Ingram, a mother who tragically lost her daughter to murder in Winter of 2011.

We also expose the connection between Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale and their involvement with Terry Cavitalo aka Terry Stipp (Terry Sholes) who is also involved along with Mayra Martinez (MayraMM) in the libel against Toni Ingram and myself, Sarah Afshar, for supporting the homicide theory and my boyfriend Joe for standing with Morgan Ingram. Joe and I can and will voluntarily give up all information needed including our phones, computers, or any smart device we own to the appropriate authorities to prove armchair investigator Mayra Martinez, psychotic yet angry Michael Odegard, armchair sleuth Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, unregistered sex offender Terry Stipp, and angry yet misogynistic Mike Boudet are merely lying about us just because they disagree with what we have to say on a crime case. Their sad efforts to silence us have failed as our rights will never be undermined. 

Thank you Andrew Jung for allowing us to use our voices for the right reason and exposing the untruths created by these people who attempt to silence us. Who refuse to see the truth let alone look at the facts. I will continue to support Mrs. Ingram, as I believe Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered by Keenan Vanginkel, the man stalking her. I am asking readers of my blog to please refrain from visiting any of the hate sites and threatening the bullies, as stooping to their level is literally a waste of time. I encourage you to ignore them.

You can call us trolls. You can call us crazy. You can spread whatever lie to fit your inaccurate narratives, but at least we are telling the truth and will continue to do so. 

To read the interview, click here right now.


Anonymous said…
I listened to episode 12 of Sword and Scale and I could immediately tell Michael Odegard was lying. He is definitely the victim player. After reading his sites and this interview I definitely not only believe but know he’s lying about you. I think he’s stalking you. He reminds me of Jared Loughner but even more nasty. Please keep yourself safe. I am so sorry you are being harassed by this disgusting excuse for a human being.
Sarah said…
I do not know Michael Odegard; however, what I do know is he use to talk to my mother in 2002 when she would visit the MSN Movie Chat. She confessed to me she was a regular in that room shortly after he made his first hate blog about me in the Fall of 2012.

He would sporadically comment on this blog in 2010 and 2011 with nothing, but banal hate comments that simply made no sense. One of them he actually told me to kill myself. It was just very weird. I simply ignored him and did not retaliate, as my mother informed me he was mentally ill and was mad that she blocked him. All of this happened before Morgan Ingram was murdered and had absolutely nothing to do with Morgan Ingram.

He (Odegard) is extremely unhinged and started harassing my ex boyfriend Joe because Joe asked him to leave both me and my mother alone. Joe called him out on his lies and exposed him. My mother says Michael Odegard is obsessed with fame and victim playing, so I am assuming he was on the Sword and Scale podcast merely for entertainment purposes as most probably laughed at his incoherent lies and rage.

I do not know Brian Mann. I have never heard of Brian Mann until this individual tried to perpetuate this weird story that somehow Joe and I conspired with this guy (Mann) to ruin his life. This is simply a lie. This man, this Michael Odegard is trying to glorify his own vendetta for fame which is evident by what he says.

And there is no doubt that he was on Sword and Scale simply because Mike Boudet is good friends with Tricia Griffith, a malicious cyberbully who has harassed Toni Ingram and myself for supporting her. Joe is also a supporter of Morgan Ingram and wants justice to happen. He has also been harassed. I do believe when Odegard created the original hate site about me, they found him that way. They celebrated the the sadistic cyber smear simply because this Odegard put up a hate site, so they pretended he was messiah of distraction. Joe did an entire video regarding what Odegard did in 2012. You can watch it here. This is all because my mother blocked him. She ended up getting married a year after she blocked him and has not said one word of Odegard since except when I asked her why I was a target of his hate crime.

I support Toni Ingram as I believe her daughter was stalked and murdered. I also believe Morgan was possibly sexually assaulted too, as the unidentified mark picked up by the LED blue light remains to be questionable within itself. I do believe Keenan Vanginkel did it; however, the case was so poorly investigated by sheriff Lou Vallario and coroner Robert Glassmire (former detective on the case) that the only hope of the case getting reopened is if someone comes forward or confesses to knowing what Keenan has done.

Either way, what is done in the dark is always brought to light. And the truth can only remain hidden for so long before it finds its way out. I will continue to keep myself safe from this unhinged individual. Thank you for your continued support.
Anonymous said…
Michael Odegard is awful. I read one of the hate sites he made about you. It was disgusting. He called you a prostitute in one of them and said you lost your virginity to your father. He even said something about slitting your throat. He’s all sorts of wrong. How did your mother meet him?
Sarah said…
First and foremost, I could never be a prostitute. I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I will not bash nor slander those who work as sex workers, as that is their life and their choice. I am definitely not a prostitute nor have I ever been one. I don't talk to my real father and my real father did not molest me. Just more propaganda.

His first hate blog he made about me featured quite a few disturbing and sinister posts that are far worse. Something is definitely wrong with him. My mother said she talked to him in the MSN movie chat back in 2002. She didn't say too much. She said she cut strings with him in 2003. I am not sure what originally happened there and I don't ask, as my mother is married now. She's been married for almost 16 years now.
Anonymous said…
Your style is very unique compared to other folks I've read stuff from.

Many thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this page.
Anonymous said…
Michael Odegard is disturbing. I dipped into this guy after hearing him on Sword and Scale episode 12. He’s definitely disturbed and I felt like he was being dishonest and deceptive. I don’t even think Mike Boudet believes him.

Speaking of Sword and Scale, I use to love Mike Boudet but have decided to move on from his podcast after he posted a disturbing meme on international women’s day. It was episode 12 that made me rethink my fondness for Sword and Scale. Then the meme he posted was enough for me to wash my hands from him.

I didn’t know much of Rabia o’Chaudry or Aaron Mahnke. Both never influenced by decision to stop listening to Mike Boudet. I wasn’t a fan of how he acted on social media. Tricia Griffith hosting Sword and Scale is the worst move they made. She’s awful and sounds very monotone.
Jessica S. said…
I use to think the Sword and Scale episode was compelling, but its crystal clear to me that it was a lie. It’s obvious that Odegard guy from Portland was lying. Truth thigh, something about Mayra Martinez doesn’t sit right. She’s playing the victim too much. She has her hands very deep into this. Whether Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered or committed suicide, she isn’t someone who is credible and should not meddle into others affairs. She reminds me of someone lying and no doubt she’s behind some of these fake accounts attacking you. I’m also shocked at how big she is physically and how she has been using the same picture for over 10 years on social media. I definitely do not trust this weird individual. Somethings not right.
Anonymous said…
I believe you. I am so sorry these people are saying these horrible things about you. Please know there are many of us who believe you.
I use to administer polygraph tests said…
I never believed a word she said. I always knew she was lying. She made it obvious she was lying when she went on the dark-net show. It’s not hard to spot a liar and I could tell by how she was moving she was lying.
Anonymous said…
I believe you. If I were you, I wouldn’t post about them anymore. You are a smart, beautiful and from the looks of your blog very motivated. These people (especially this Odegard) are ill and filled with drama. I wouldn’t glorify them or give them an ounce of attention. I listened to Sword and Scale and didn’t believe a word of what they said about you.
Olive Oil said…
Michael Odegard seems like an internet stalker to be honest. That’s what I got when I listened to Sword & Scale. I don’t listen to that podcast anymore after watching Boudet attack Rabia O’Chaudry.
Anonymous said…
Michael Odegard is nuts! I could tell immediately when he spoke on Sword and Scale. Reminds me of a psychopath.