Hot In Music: Top 100 Songs To Workout To

Music is more than just sound, it is a language that connects with you. When you hear the right music, dopamine produces. When you combine the right music with working out, the endorphin releasing combination makes everything a lot better. Every single time I head to the gym, I make sure that I have my iPod ready. What are the best songs to workout to?

100. Cuz I Can by Pink. Some of the greatest workout songs are those that you rarely hear on the radio. Out of the many hits by Pink, this jam wasn't on the radio and still remains to be one of the best songs to workout to.

99. Where's Your Head At by Basement Jaxx. When I first heard this song it was in the movie Tomb Raider. Ever since then, it's been an amazing addition to my workout playlist.

98. Be Yourself by Enrique Iglesias. Although this uptempo tune contains an unique beat, if you listen to the lyrics, they tell a story about how Enrique was belittled. What is more motivating to workout than that?

97. Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. There is something special about a song that manages to motivate people. You could be walking into the gym and when this song starts playing, you cannot help but hit the bag.

96. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I remember when I first heard this song and ever since, I have been a fan. The combination of synth and trance in this tune makes this song totally workout worthy.

95. Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Do you remember that movie Top Gun? As one of the main songs to support the album, this 80s classic proves why it is a great song to exercise to.

94. Heart Of A Champion by Nelly. When you workout, you feel passionately motivated in a sense that you are wanting more and more. This song is definitely the song that will increase that motivation.

93. Stronger by Kanye West. The gym is your sanctuary and a place that will not only make you stronger, but keep you strong. I think the lyrics speak for themselves and the individual beats compliment this tune in more ways than one.

92. Warriors Of The World by Manowar. When you go to the gym, do you feel like you are a warrior? Do you feel like you could take on the world? This song sends a message which is accomodated by strong beats. Die for metal!

91. Crazy by Andy Bell. This song demonstrates why synth pop is one of the best genres to workout to. I love the beats in this tune and they make me wanna go crazy at the gym.

90. Symphony Of Destruction by Megadeth. Metal music is always great when you are strength training. At least it is for me. One of the best tunes to lift to is definitely this Megadeth gem.

89. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand. When you workout, what do you like to listen to? I don't know about you, but I love listening to this song. Especially when I am sparring.

88. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N'Roses. Are you ready to get wild? The gym is the jungle, your strength is the predator, and your weakness is your prey.

87. Uprising by Muse. The first time I worked out to this song, I was hooked. It was then that I decided to give it a permanent spot on my workout playlist.

86. Dynamite by Taio Cruz. You can't walk into a gym and expect to be dynamite right away. Long term goals take time and a lot of motivation. I find this song extremely catchy in a sense that at the end of the day, it gives me more hope towards my goals.

85. T.N.T. by AC/DC. Every single time I hit the bag, I always find a lot of motivation in this AC/DC classic. Are you dynamite? Are you gonna win that fight?

84. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. What stands out most about this classic rock song goes beyond the message, but the beats that make the lyrical delivery stronger. It's a great song to hit the bag to.

83. You Are Alive by Fragma. When you head to the gym, do you feel alive? As one of the greatest songs to do Yoga to, this song should be in your iPod.

82. Unbelievable by EMF. Every single time this song comes on, I find myself doing the stairmaster. I am not sure if it is just coinscidence or if I am meant to listen to this song.

81. Magic Dance by David Bowie. Have you ever watched the movie Labrinyth? I was just a child when I first heard this song. Guess what? I loved it then and I love it now.

80. Jump by Van Halen. Exercising releases endorphins and as a result, you become happy. As you continue you started to love who you are. And every time after becomes a stepping stone to where you want to be.

79. Fighter by Christina Aguilera. Does this song make you that much stronger? Does this song make you want to work a little harder? If so, you are a fighter baby.

78. Mony Mony by Tommy James and the Shondells. The gym is a place that allows you to be yourself. It allows you to improve yourself using your own strengths. Is this a wakeup call? Possibly, but it's more so a place to love.

77. What Time Is Love by KLF. When is the last time you got your heart pumping? When is the last time you started sweating? If you can't remember, you need to go to the gym. Just do me a favor, please listen to this song while you are there.

76. Space Shanty by Leftfield. Music is a language that inspires us. We choose whether or not we love it. Then, we choose whether or not we want to workout to it.

75. I'm Persian by DJ Bounce. Are you ready to get your heart pumping? Are you ready to bounce? Once you go Persian, there is no other version.

74. Psychedelic Mind by Clayface. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, what makes your life exciting? And after you answer this question, ask yourself have you been to the gym today?

73. Crowd Control by Excision & Downlink. Is your heart racing yet? I guarantee after hearing this song, it will. Just make sure to play this the next time you do any cross training and/or cardio workout.

72. Monster by Skillet. When it comes to hitting the speed bag, what motivates you? What motivates you to squat heavier weight? What motivates you to squat more reps? I'll tell you right now, this song will.

70. Seven Days And One Week by BBE. How exciting is my life? I am busy, yes. One thing is certain, you can find me at the nearest gym seven days a week.

69. Remember The Name by Fort Minor. The last time you went for a job, what did you listen to? If you can remember the name, you can remember the time, and you can remember everything.

68. It's A Dream by DJ Dean. Being lazy will get you no where. Being busy will get you somewhere. Sure it may be a dream, but make those dreams a reality.

67. Come Out And Play by Offspring. Every time I walk into a gym, it is all business. When I hear a song that tells me to come out and play, it makes my time at the gym a much more fun one.

66. Primal Scream by Motley Crue. Being physically strong is one thing, but being mentally and emotionally strong, well it keeps everything together. We may have to endure struggles for progress, but in the end, it is worth it.

65. Berzerk by Eminem. One of my favorite songs to workout to as of late is definitely this gem by Eminem. Don't make your treadmill your dreadmill.

64. Supermassive Destruction by Epic Score. Some of the greatest songs I have ever heard are those gems that are never played on the radio. I often wonder why. Thankfully I can listen to this song at any time of day.

63. Figure09 by Linkin Park. Are you ready to sweat? Music really does project a supreme influence when it comes to achieving a goal. Symphonic pop rock never sounded so hot.

62. The Pure And The Tainted by Blue Stahli. I don't know about you, but I love a good, strong beat that gets me more motivated to get my heart pumping. Can't decide what song to workout to? Try this one.

61. Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65. The gym is a place to break free and let loose. There are no losers at the gym, as there are only winners. And as a result of winning, there is no need to be blue. This is just a good song.

60. Lay Me Down by Avicii featuring Adam Lambert. When it comes to modern music, I find myself intrigued by these two artists. When I heard they were collaborating, the excitement increased. Needless to say, I am proud to say that this song has been recently added to my workout playlist.

59. Get It On (Bang A Gong) by The Power Station. Some of the greatest songs ever possess a strong beat and epic vocal delivery. This is one of those songs. RIP Robert Palmer.

58. Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. If you are strong, no one can ever knock you down. This song sends that message and is the perfect pick-me-up for that added motivation.

57. Extreme Ways by Moby. When you choose songs to workout to, how do you choose them? The composition in this song makes it not only memorable, but one of the greatest to do Yoga to.

56. Southern Sun by Paul Oakenfold. Life is as precious as we make it. If we hit the gym, we find ourselves becoming more happy. In fact, we embrace the conception of loving oneself. This will allow us to rely less on others to do so.

55. Breath by The Prodigy. The gym is one of the greatest places in the world. Whether you are engaging in a cross training or strength training regime, music really increases your entire perception of fitness and overall workout.

54. Life by Haddaway. When I think of this band, I am reminded of 'What Is Love' in many ways, however; ever since I heard this song, it's become one of my favorites to ride my bike to.

53. Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida featuring David Guetta. When you workout, are you reminded that it gets better the more you do it? Although I love dancing to this song, I love working out to it just as much.

52. Enter Sandman by Metallica. You can head bang to this song all you want, but it's an even better gem to workout to. As classic as it is, 90s rock never sounded so haute.

51. More Human Than Human by White Zombie. Industrial rock is one of the best genres to cross train and strength train to. I think this song is proof.

50. No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne. Some of the greatest songs to hit the bag to are definitely those classic hard rock 90s hits. This is one of them.

49. Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter. I remember hearing this tune when I was very young and thinking about how good it was. Now it remains to be a permanent addition to my workout playlist.

48. Saltwater by Chicane. When you hit the lat pulldown, what music do you listen to? Does it change? Whether you are strength training or cross training, this song needs to be in your Mp3 Player.

47. Let Me Clear My Throat by DJ Kool. Although I love dancing to this jam, I love to workout to it even more. Is this on your playlist?

46. Hey Boy Hey Girl by The Chemical Brothers. When it comes to getting your heart pumping, do you feel that music gives you more motivation to do that? Looking for a good song to workout to? Try this one.

45. Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J. Some of the greatest songs I have ever heard come from a generation where I was too little to remember. Every single time I hit the bag, shadow box, or spar; I am always playing this song.

44. I Want To Break Free by Queen. When it comes to inspiring songs, Queen has a lot of them. However; this song is on my playlist right now. Are you ready to break free?

42. The Final Countdown by Europe. I remember when I first heard this classic 80s hit. It was in the movie Rocky and ever since then, I have incorporated this tune into my workout playlist.

43. Gangnam Style by PSY. One of the best songs to run to is definitely this hit. You don't have to understand Korean to love this song.

42. I Can Lift You Up by Capital Cities. Have you ever heard a song so strong yet so elite that you can't stop doing what you are doing because it just motivates you? This is one of those songs.

41. One Night In Bangkok by The Vinyl Shakerz. As one of the greatest covers of the 80s classic, this tune is literally one of my favorites to workout to. If this isn't on your playlist, it should be.

40. No Limit by 2 Unlimited. When it comes to using the leg press, is there really a limit? When I first started at the gym, I did 90 pounds. Not even a year later, I was doing 600 pounds and now I can do a 1,000.

39. Fight Song by Methods of Mayhem. I love kicking the bag to this song. Then, when I get the mood, I'll shadow box before striking the bag. Who wants to fight?

38. Sandstorm by Darude. Every time I do any sort of cross training or cardio, this song always seems to start playing. I am not sure if my iPhone or iPod is trying to send me a message or not.

37. I Want You by Savage Garden. When you workout, what do you like listening to? I don't know about you, but me, I love this song.

36. Can't Get You Outta My Head by Kylie Minogue. Back in 2002, I heard this song on the radio and every since then, it's been on my playlist. In fact, I love running to this.

35. Ecstacy by ATB. Nine chances out of ten, you have never heard this song. I guarantee that when you do, you will add this to your workout playlist.

34. Magic Waters by Ace Da Brain. When I think of the gym, I think of a happy place that works wonders to improve both my physical and mental state of mind, as well as, well being. This song is something special.

33. Walk by Pantera. You can run or you can walk. This Pantera song is one of the best songs to deadlift to. I think I have actually lifted heavier than usual every single time this song comes on. Does this make sense to you?

32. Escape Velocity by The Chemical Brothers. Every single time I do the elliptical, I find myself listening to this tune for some guidance. What else is there to say? It's one of the best.

31. You Spin Me Round by Dope. As one of the greatest covers in the history of music, this song is not only one of my favorite songs ever, but one of the best to workout to.

30. Justified & Ancient by KLF featuring Tammy Wynette. The last time I ran the treadmill, I found myself increasing the intensity and going hardcore as soon as this song started playing.

29. Undead by Hollywood Undead. Going to the gym is about being alive, not being dead. What more is there to say? I think the title explains everything perfectly.

28. Gouryella by Gouryella. Have you ever heard a song so powerful, you could not help but include it in your daily fitness routine? This is one of those songs.

27. Till I Collapse by Eminem featuring Nate Dogg. Whenever I train any sort of martial art, I cannot help but play this song. It's motivating in a sense that it just grabs you and makes you perform greater.

26. 2 Legit 2 Quit by Hammer. If you can visit the gym, make it legit that you will become a member. Then as you become motivated, never quite. It's that simple.

25. Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc. The innuendos in this song are funny, however; the beats are so incredibly evident, it just makes this jam one of the best songs to kick the bag to.

24. Naz Nakon (Remix) featuring Kamy R. Whenever you train MMA, what do you listen to? I will tell you, this song is one of the many that I listen to. I just love it.

23. Better Off Alone by Alice DJ. This song is dance music at it's finest. The trance in this song is softer than most, but still gives you the strong instrumentals to make it part of a workout playlist.

22. Nurega by Organic Audio. The first time I heard this song was on Fast & Furious and ever since, I have been quite a fan. Let's just say it's been on my workout playlist ever since.

21. Starships Over Alice by Arctic Moon. Today when I hit the cable pulls, this song came on. To be honest, I think it intensified my workout. Does that make sense to you?

20. Morphine by Michael Jackson. One of the best songs ever by the King of Pop and yet, I cannot understand why it never received any airplay. Sure the lyrics tell a very sad story, but the beats make this song exciting.

19. Children by Robert Miles. The combination tells a story that sends a message through the music. There are no lyrics, just strong beats and epic instrumentals.

18. Heaven by DJ Sammy. As one of the greatest covers I have ever heard, this dance song proves to be one of the greatest songs to workout to. Do you have this on your workout playlist?

17. Sea Tides by Andy Blueman. The last time I went downhill skiing, I found myself playing this tune on repeat. I cannot explain it, it's just that amazing.

16. Calling Your Name by Anomaly. When I am training Escrima, I love listening to this song. It's exciting and it is mysterious. What more is there to say?

15. Thug N U Thug N Me (Remix) by Tupac featuring K-Ci & JoJo. As one of the greatest jams of all time, I must confess that this song is one of the best to sweat to. The next time you decide to pick up the weights, make sure this jam is playing.

14. Black Cat by Janet Jackson. When it comes to do any kind of cross training, this tune always starts playing. We only have one life, so you better watch your step or you are going to die.

13. Galaxy Bounce by The Chemical Brothers. This uptempo remains to be one of my favorite songs ever and one of the best songs to sweat to.

12. Everytime We Touch by Cascada. I feel like singing this song to my very faithful and loving mountain bike that ride virtually everyday. This song always gets my heart racing.

11. Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic. When I first heard this song, I was a child. And every single time I hear it, I find myself being more motivated to not only push myself harder, but garner the strength to become stronger.

10. Turkish March by Mozart. Is there anyone on earth that doesn't love Mozart? This classical number is one of the greatest songs you will want to add to your fitness playlist.

9. Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. Nothing is more fierce and wild than this 80s classic. Played in various action movies, this song is so inspiring and is a great song to do stomach crunches to.

8. Satisfaction by Benny Bennassi. Not only is this one of the most successful covers I have ever heard, it's one of the best songs you will ever want to workout to. If you get satisfaction hitting the speed back, just make sure this song is playing while you do it.

7. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C&C Music Factory. Are you ready to sweat? Exercising releases in endorphins and as a result, you sweat. The next time you decide to do an interval workout, make sure this 90s classic is playing. RIP David Cole.

6. Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex. My favorite songs to sweat to are those that have the strongest beats. Where did you go? Where did you go, Cotton Eye Joe?

5. Little Bird by Annie Lennox. The first time I heard this song, I could not help but get into my fitness routine. What else is there to say? It's haute.

4. Da Funk by The Daft Punk. It's a well known fact that Daft Punk is really talented, however; I believe without this song, they wouldn't be world-class superstars. Did I mention that I love working out to this song?

3. Tribal Dance by 2 Unlimited. When I first heard this song, I was a young girl. Now as a young woman, I still love working out to this song and it never gets old.

2. P Control by Prince. The best way to explain this jam is dirty hip hop pop at it's finest. Sure the lyrics possess some sexual innuendo, but the beats make up for it. It's a great song to workout to. You just have to love Prince.

1. Techno Syndrome by The Immortals. The best songs to workout to are those that are so exciting, every single time you hear it played; it's as if you are hearing it for the first time. If you have ever watched The Mortal Kombat, you will understand why this song is the best song to workout to.