How complimenting other people can make your life easier

Words hold power, but they don't hold enough power without action. When you compliment other people, you are delivering more than just words to them. You are delivering an action that speaks much louder than any word. So, how can complimenting other people make your own life easier?
When you make someone's day by telling them "you look beautiful today" those words alone create a level of awareness that triumphs any negativity they are enduring. Although it is possible they could already be in a great mood, your words projected onto another gives them a sense of empowerment that someone else notices them in a positive life.
That level of empowerment then creates a chemical barrier that reflects onto your individual state of well being. So, when you compliment them the compliment is usually reciprocated in return. Statistically speaking, reciprocation has proved to be true in this fact. If they don't compliment you back, no big deal. Just remember the compliment is cherished, embraced, and remembered.
When someone compliments you, how do you feel? Obviously good because you are being fed something positive, which is very crucial and important to ones' individual psyche, esteem, and overall state of well being. Think of this polite expression as a way to live in the moment and appreciate all of the good things you have done to help another person because it is a proven scientific fact that the energy one compliment creates, is projected and reflected upon you.
The next time you see your friends, compliment them. Tell them why you are grateful to have them as friends. Tell them that you look forward to spending many memorable times together and look forward to what the future will hold. Trust me, in the end they will never forget it and not only will it make their day, but your own life easier too.