National Spumoni Day: Spumoni Cheesecake

Today is "National Spumoni Day". Spumoni is simply a traditional Italian dessert that consists of three flavors. Each  flavor represents the color of the Italian flag.The flavors include: pistachio (green), cherry (red), and vanilla (white). Most of time the white in spumoni is replaced with chocolate and even hazelnut flavors more so than vanilla. Sometimes the cherry flavor is changed to strawberry and other times the pistachio flavor is non-existent. 

Often containing fruits and nuts, spumoni is popular among Italians all around the world, but can be enjoyed by virtually anyone who loves and enjoys the flavors offered in Spumoni desserts. 

Spumoni was traditionally made as spumone, a molded gelato, but has become somewhat of a cult-classic staple in the realm of Italian cuisine. Not only many those who love this acquired and unique flavor combination appreciate gelato and ice cream, they have become super fond of other desserts that include the fantastic three-ingredient flavor. Cookies, cakes, and pastries are also relatively popular.

But where did this fine pistachio, cherry, vanilla, and often times chocolate flavor combination actually come from? As you may or may not already be aware, Neapolitan was named after Naples, the third-largest city in Italy and the regional capital of the Italian state of Campania. And even though Napoli is known for many things, spumoni innovated there and has been popular among first, second, and even third-generation of Italian immigrants who migrated right here to the United States.

Today, of course, I am going to enjoy some spumoni cheesecake, which is completely different than the traditional ice cream and cookies. Why? Because I think I owe it to myself to enjoy some. I may even make some spoon too, although if I am being honest, I think that deserves its own national day. If you are bored and thinking of what to do with your day today, just have something with spumoni in it and call it a day. Happy Spumoni Day!  Buon Spumoni Day!