Music Talk: Exclusive Interview with Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy is melodic death metal band located in the heart of Sweden. Established in the mid 90s, they are one of the greatest rock acts ever. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Michael Amott, the guitarist and one of the main founders of the band. Here is what he had to say...

(Q) What inspired you to create Arch Enemy? Tell me a little more about the inspiration behind the band...
Well, I had come out of a death metal phase and while I was still into heaviness and speed, I also had a newfound passion for catchy songwriting and melody. I was looking for a new project where I could fuse both the extreme sounds and heaviness with quality guitar songwriting and structure. The term "melodic death metal" was not a thing yet so I was just acting on pure instinct.

(Q) I remember when I was first heard Black Earth. I was about 15 years old at the time. I remember hearing "Bury Me An Angel" and thinking how amazingly great you were. You are truly melodic death metal at its finest.
Thanks, that’s great to hear! 15 years old is a great time to be exposed to something like that, haha! Yeah, the first album got us some initial underground recognition and also got us our first shows in Europe and Japan. It was the beginning of what we still do to this day.

(Q) Let's talk about the new album. You have a new album called War Eternal, which I am very excited about. Tell me a little more about this album...
It’s the accumulation of the work we put into the song writing process that started after our last album (2011’s ‘Khaos Legions’). I’m very proud of the album, I have a feeling that maybe we've made something quite special this time. I pushed myself harder as a songwriter, with the help of some great collaborations along the way. In a similar way to how ‘Wages Of Sin’ (2001) was a new horizon for Arch Enemy. That is the sort of emotion I feel when I hear these new songs, fresh and exciting.

(Q) How is War Eternal different from your previous albums?
We have a new lineup obviously and we also had a whole year to put this together which helped us make it something very detailed and sonically deep sounding. Now the album is finally out, everyone can judge for themselves.

(Q) Alissa White-Gluz is new to the band. In fact, she joined this year. She's very talented. She was also recommended by Angela, which I think is amazing. What has it been like working with Alissa?
It’s been really good, of course different and new, but good! It’s true that Angela recommended Alissa and after rehearsing with her and doing some demos of new material we all agreed she was in fact perfect for the job.

(Q) Let's talk events. What are your upcoming events? Will there be a tour following the album?
Oh yeah, we’re on the road now in Europe. We’re about 15 shows in and it’s going very, very well! We’ll be in the US this fall with Kreator and Huntress as special guests. We’re looking forward to that.

(Q) Do you think you will ever make it to Pittsburgh, PA?
We haven’t played Pittsburgh, PA in many years. I have no idea why not, from what remember it was good.

(Q) For all of those Arch Enemy fans reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for the band?
Thanks for the interview! Our fans can expect a lot more shows through this and next year as we continue touring the world. See you out there!

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