5 Great Barbecue Joints In Pittsburgh

Barbecue is simply the process of using direct heat to prepare food. Using fire or propane gas, food is either smoked, braised, or roasted. Barbecue also tends to execute the smoky flavor by using various herbs and spices. Some even take this flavor further and use their favorite port and/or liquor. Recently, I discovered five great barbecue joints in the steel city.

1. YinzBurgh BBQ. With everything from 'Baby Back Ribs' to 'Pulled Pork' to 'Beef Brisket' to 'Chicken' and more, search no more for good Southern-Style barbecue, this is it. This barbecue joint also offers an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu, which includes several gluten-free options including a 'Smoked Tofu Block' and a 'Tofu Wrap'. Enjoy amazing 'macaroni & cheese' on the side. For more information, call (412) 621-YINZ today. 

2. Double Wide Grill. With everything from the 'Famous Ribs Platter' which includes slow roasted, fall off the bone ribs to the 'Pulled Pork Platter' which includes marinated slow roasted pork and more, this is the best barbecue joint in the steel city. This eatery also offers an extensive vegan menu as well which includes 'marinated vegetable tofu skewers'. For more information, call (724) 553-5212 today.

3. Two Brothers BAR-B-Q. With everything from 'Smoked Wings' which includes 9 sauces to 'Barbecue Nachos' which includes large pile of tortilla chips covered with cheddar cheese then topped with your choice of Pulled Pork, Southwest Chicken or Firehouse Chili to even 'Pulled Pork Egg Rolls' which include pulled pork and your choice of dipping sauce, and more; this is the place to enjoy good barbecue. For more information, call (412) 257-2950 today.

4. Union Pig and Chicken. With everything from 'Pork Shoulder' to 'St. Louis Ribs' to 'BBQ Chicken', this is the ultimate barbecue eatery. Plus, you can enjoy everything from 'macaroni & cheese' to 'collard greens' as a side. Every Sunday this joint offers a chicken and waffles brunch. For more information, call (412) 363-PORK today.

5. Rowdy BBQ. With everything from 'St. Louis Style Ribs' to 'Chicken' to various BBQ sandwiches which include everything from 'The Big Pig' to 'The Whole Hog' and more, this is one of the best barbecue establishments in the Burgh. With 9 sauces to choose from, you will never get bored. Add a side of 'Hot Pepper Cheeseballs' and make it a party. For more information, call (412) 882-6788 today.