TuneCore and Hip Hop, keeps it's Independent Spirit

TuneCore is an independent music distribution business that believes all artists should have affordable yet equal access to every channel of music distribution. They allow you to keep all major royalities without giving up your ownership, making them one of the most successful music distribution establishments in the world right now.

So, how do you get started? Simply sign up. After you sell your music you have so many chances of getting a publishing deal and after that, basically all of the rest follows. Artist services include: Facebook Audio Recognition, TuneCore Track Smarts, Radio Airplay, Professional Mastering, CD Duplication, TuneCore Merch Link, TwitMusic, Band Zoogle, and at Venu.

Digital stores include iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music, xbox music, Neurotic Media, Spinlet, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, KKBox, Anghami, MixRadio, Target Music, rdio, Deezer, emusic, Shazam, Music Unlimited, Guvera, Slacker, beats music, Akazoo, and more.

TuneCore allows you to get a great deal that is fair, allowing you to keep all of your sales revenue. And the best part is, the distribution is easy yet effective and efficient. As you share your music, your fan base will grow. And guess what? Almost 50% of artists performing at the 2014 A3C Hip Hop Festival have distributed their music through TuneCore. Some of these artists include: Chella H, Mike Fresh, Sonny Bonoho, Rich Kidz, Translee, Shome, G4 Boyz, Stranger Day, GoldYard, J. Dash, Signif, Canon, and more.

Whether you are a rock, heavy metal, hip hop, rap, pop, or even country artist, TuneCore needs you. For more information, check out TuneCore right now.