Quest Nutrition Embraces Low Carbohydrates

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars are low in carbohydrates.
They also come in a variety of
different flavors too, making them healthy and delicious.
I know quite a few of my readers have asked me to blog about low carb food. Well, in case you are unaware, I want to introduce you to a brand that embraces the low carb concept in more ways than one, Quest Nutrition.
With everything from protein chips (with only 5 grams of carbohydrates per bag) and pasta to an assortment of protein bars and indulgence, this is a brand you are going to want to introduce to your life.
I have tried almost everything and I can honestly say that if I were to choose a favorite, I really couldn't. However, right now I am loving the 'White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bar' followed by the 'Cookies & Cream Protein Bar' and the 'Apple Pie Protein Bar'. I love cinnamon, so I guess you could say that I love the 'Cinnamon Roll Protein Bar' too. When I get my period, I cannot live without any of the chocolate. So delicious and guess what? Only 3 gram net carbs in each bar.
 Read my interview with Matt Cadiz, the creative director of Quest Nutrition about the brand here.