SUSU Handbags: Baxter Mermaid Fishskin Leather Crossbody Bag

Baxter Mermaid Fishskin Leather
Crossbody Bag
in Beige.
Created by Susu herself, this incredibly talented designer who resides in the heart of the big apple (NYC) and city of angels (LA) has quite the history in the business. Not only has she worked for BCBG Max Azaria and other prestigious brands, but she's established herself in the fashion scene many years prior to starting her own line of handbags.
Her luxury handbags are amazing, possessing only the finest materials including the greatest quality of leather. They are modern and classic. And depending on the type you get, they can really epitomize your mood.
Recently, it was an honor to be chosen to receive one of her amazing handbags (thank you Susu and eAccountable), the Baxter Mermaid Fishskin Leather Crossbody Bag in Beige which retails for $278. I absolutely love this bag and so far, have received quite a few compliments about it.

Not only does this amazing addition to SUSU Handbags include a genuine dual texture leather, the fishskin pattern makes it look like something you would find in a high-end boutique for thousands of dollars beyond the $278 price tag. The leather is also 100% authentic and quite soft, which I really love. I also love the idea that it's durable in a sense that you can tell it's not the type to wear off.

I also really love this bag because the strap drop is only 21" and it includes an amazing adjustable crossbody strap. This gives you the ability to wear this as a crossbody, as well as, carrying it as an actual handbag. With a width of 10", height of 8", and a depth of 3", this bag is great for carrying quite a few things and a lot bigger than I had originally assumed.

The center strap really adds a lot of definition to this bag along with the pivot metal closure. At first, I was sort of confused by the closure, until I discovered that all you have to do is line up the sides to actually open it.

I really cannot see anyone disinterested in this bag unless you are one who doesn't wear leather. If you are one who doesn't wear leather, you may not find this bag appealing. It is also quite simple too, so if you are interested in something a little more embellished and extravagant this bag may not be you. It is a crossbody style (which I understand, not everyone enjoys) but this bag is extremely versatile and goes with virtually everything.
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FTC: I received this handbag in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. No affiliate links used.