Beauty talk with Amalia Moscoso about HairClutch by DAME

The amazing owners of DAME,
Amalia Moscoso and Debbie Bartes.
When Amalia Moscoso and Debbie Bartes created DAME, they had a vision. As a passion for hair and beauty, these childhood friends came together to make that vision a reality. DAME is known to create unique beauty products, including their latest amazing addition, the HairClutch. The HairClutch is a chic and stunning clutch-style bag that allows to safetly and securely carry your hair extensions. Recently, I caught up with Amalia Moscoso of DAME to talk about the HairClutch. Here is what she had to tell me...

Sarah Afshar: Hello Amalia. How are you? Tell me a little more about Hair Clutch…

Amalia Moscoso: I'm well, thank you for asking! HairClutch is a 3-in-1 solution for hair extensions. You can store your hair, travel with it , and style it while its hanging in the bag. It is the first of its kind and we have been honored a design patent, as well as a utility patent.

S.A: What inspired you to create this brand? Tell me a little more about the inspiration behind the brand and the hair clutch itself…

A.M: HairClutch by Dame is the first line of hair clutch to be launched. The inspiration for the product was simply need. I was a hairstylist for over 17 years and as a professional in the industry, I saw a need for us and our clients to have something to put our hair extensions in. we spend between 150-1000$ on human hair and until recently, there was nothing for us to store, travel, and assist with styling for our hair. Debbie Batres, a business expert, and I met in kindergarten and reconnected in our 20’s. It was like not a day went by. I brought this idea to her and together we formed our company House of Dame Inc. Our mission for the brand Dame is to create innovative beauty solutions for Dame.

S.A: I absolutely love the hair clutch, Amalia. It's fantastic for extensions and yet it's beautifully chic looking too.

A.M: Thank you very much.

S.A: With the amazing success of the HairClutch, I want to ask: do you intend to expand the brand in the future?

A.M: Yes, HairClutch has three versions that will fit into different markets of the hair extension industry. Dame will also have a life of its own as a solution based lifestyle brand for Dame.

S.A: What are your plans for 2016?

A.M: In 2016 we intend to continue building the HairClutch by Dame brand as well as, exploring licensing opportunities and mass distribution for the lower end line of HairClutch.

S.A: That is fantastic. Speaking of 2016, it's approaching very quick. The holidays are near. Do you have any plans for Hair Clutch and the holidays?

A.M: We have partnered with BoxyCharm on Instagram for a holiday contest giveaway. We will also be offering a holiday discount for orders of two hair clutches or more from our website.

S.A: That is so exciting. Is there a right or wrong way of caring for hair extensions? What is one hair care tip you want to share?

A.M: Hair extensions need to be cared for as one cares for their own hair. They need to be washed and conditioned regularly. Air dried is best. They also need to be stored and brushed out. Hanging in a HairClutch will keep them lasting longer.

S.A: Thank you for sharing that amazing tip. Do you test on animals? What is your stance on animal testing?

A.M: Absolutely not. Our factories have textiles that are not in need of animal testing. We don’t believe in cruelty of animals in any realm.

S.A: For all of those beauty and hair enthusiasts reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for the brand?

A.M: As dames, we love to take care of our beauty investments. We have makeup bags, toiletry bags, shoe bags, and now we have a storage, travel, and styling assistant for our hair extensions. You will extend the life of your hair and give it a home that is chic, and purposeful. In the future we will be a launching a full line of HairClutch in different sizes, styles, colors, and multi-purpose.

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