How to rock a short textured 'Do like Rumer Willis

Matrix SoColor Celebrity Stylist,
Nick Stenson at work.
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/
G​etty Images for Claire's)
Rumer Willis may be the oldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, but what you don't realize is, she is a talented musician and actress too. Recently Rumer made her cabaret debut revealing more than just talent, but rocking hair. In fact, Matrix SOCOLOR Celebrity Stylist, Nick Stenson recently styled Rumer Willis for her Feinstein's/54 performance last night where she repped a short textured 'Do.

The question remains, is it possible to recreate this hair look at home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, you want to apply the MATRIX StyleLink Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray to slightly damp hair. It is important that your hair is not dry nor fully wet when applying this particular product. Now taking a round brush, you want to begin blowing out each section of hair.

"One of the biggest trends right now, is understated beauty. We all want that second day hair look, with some lived – in texture on the first day!" - Nick Stenson

As you continue, it is very important to protect the hair from heat. You want to apply the MATRIX StyleLink Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray as this will give you the added protection you need. Then, you want to take a 1 ½ inch curling iron loosely curl the hair.

"It’s important with short cuts especially, to not over work the hair and work with the hair ‘s natural texture. Layer in the product to accentuate hair’s natural feel." - Nick Stenson

Once you have curled the hair, you want to apply the MATRIX StyleLink Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray. Instead of using a brush or a comb, you want to use your fingers to comb through the hair.

To complete the look, you want to apply a dime-sized amount of the MATRIX StyleLink Gloss Booster. Why? Because this will add shine. Finally tuck the hair behind the ear.

How does it feel to rock a short textured 'Do like Rumer Willis?