The Artis Elite Smoke collection, a powerful evolution of makeup brushes

The Artis Elite Smoke collection.

Artis is a world-renowned beauty brand that creates quite possibly some of the greatest brushes the world of beauty has ever seen. But, what really makes Artis different from other makeup brushes and brands? Well, their brushes are created with high-tech machines using only man-made fibers. This makes up the entire fiber bundle which consistently provides you with fantastic makeup application. The secret is CosmeFibre which is produced using this particular method. The brushes also possess up to ten times as many fibers than traditional makeup brushes, resulting in both superior blending and smooth application.
Artis brushes also have an unique shape which is designed to pickup product better, delivering both effective and efficient makeup application. And what makes the Artis Elite Smoke collection so amazing is that the brushes contain a very distinctive aesthetically appealing brush handle that consists of a smoked chrome finish with a special gray grip. As a result, you are provided with superior control which allows you to evenly apply, distribute and blend.
“The profiles of this brush collection take inspiration from how I would draw a human face with oval, linear, and circular shapes making up the various components of the facial structure.” founder and COO of Artis Matthew Waitesmith said about the Elite Smoke collection. “The Artis Elite Smoke Collection design is both familiar and modern, which creates interest, while providing comfort.”
The Artis Elite Smoke Collection consists of ten revolutionary makeup brushes. These brushes include: Circle 1, Circle 1R, Linear 1, Linear 3, Linear 6, Oval 3, Oval 4, Oval 6, Oval 7, Oval 8, and Oval 10. If you cannot decide which state-of-the-art brush you want to snag, you can grab the 3 brush set, the 5 brush set or the entire collection, the 10 brush set.
Artis brushes reign supreme, as this award-winning brand has been featured in an array publications including my Best in Beauty Awards for both Yahoo! Voices and Examiner, where both the Oval 8 and the Linear 3 won best brush in multiple categories.
Waitesmith is a man with a vision and believes that upcoming Artis brush collections will take his creativity one step further. “I want Artis to continue to incorporate a fusion of artistic ideas, like the shape of the human hand and fingers, or the flow of water over an edge, or even the traditional woodworking techniques of lathing a piece of wood,” he said. “Each collection will use different design starting points, and then evolve with the ergonomics and aesthetic beauty we’re known for. We want to make tools that deliver both art and function,” Waitesmith continued.
The Artis Elite Smoke collection brushes are available now at Artis as well as select retailers such as Dillards, Saks Fifth Avenue and Space NK. For more information, visit Artis today.