Get the hair look: Karlie Kloss at the 2016 TIME 100 Gala

Model Karlie Kloss at the
2016 Time TIME Gala.
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)
Every year TIME magazine acknowledges and recognizes 100 people who have influenced the world in their annual 'TIME 100 Gala' celebration. Supermodel Karlie Kloss stunned the red carpet earlier this evening in a gorgeously glam, spaghetti strap purple dress courtesy of Victoria Beckham. Whether it is raining purple in memory of the iconic Prince, Kloss blew up the spotlight at this evening's festivities. As her makeup was on fleek, her hair was impressively chic. In fact, Kloss teamed up with Matt Fugate, Kérastase Paris Consulting Hairstylist for a polished yet chic hair look.

“We really wanted to make this a big moment for Karlie. We opted for a cool Cinderella type vibe that was polished, yet super chic,” Fugate said about the hair look.

So, is it possible to re-create her amazing hair look at home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, you are going to want to wash your hair. For this particular look, Fugate prepped the supermodel's hair with the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin 1 and Kérastase Lait Vital. As Fugate continued, he applied the Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry throughout Kloss's damp hair.

Now, taking a large boar bristle brush, Fugate began rough drying her hair. He made sure to blow dry in large sections. As he continued, he would apply the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil. This gave Kloss's hair what is referred to as a "treatment blowout" which really helps infuse the product into the hair and as a result, promote a shiny finish that perfection.

As Fugate continued with the hair look, he gathered Kloss's hair and began pull her hair back into a low ponytail. As he used his hands, he slightly twisted the hair. As he twisted the hair, Fugate created a loop with the ponytail with the ends of hair pointing up. Once Fugate completed this step, he secured the hair in place with a long bungee wrap. He did not use hooks. Instead, Fugate tied the wrap around the ponytail and through the ponytail loop until bungee is fully wrapped. Then, to secure the style, he tied the bungee into a knot. The Kérastase Paris Consulting Hairstylist continued by hiding the ends of the hair. He accomplished this by pulling back and hair into the upper portion of the ponytail.

To finish the look simply take L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Blow Dry It Blowout Extender Spray and spray all over the hair. This will not only tame flyaways, but promote texture and even create a very soft hold.

Congratulations! You have just re-created Karlie Kloss's hair look at the 2016 TIME 100 Gala.