Do I think Morgan Ingram was murdered?

Morgan Ingram was a young woman from Carbondale, Colorado who was found dead on December 2, 2011 by her parents Toni and Steve Ingram. After the cause and manner of death was changed several times from natural to porphyria insinuating Morgan took her own life, I just knew it was foul play.

Having conducted an independent investigation, it became evident to me that this case involved a murder, even without personally speaking to Toni. As a true crime enthusiast, I found the toxicology reports surrounding Morgan's stalking and death deeply troubling. The presence of 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in her bloodstream, far exceeding the therapeutic range of 10 ng to 250 ng, as stated in the reports, raises significant questions about how such a high concentration could have been possible. Further examination and expert analysis from Dr. Michael Dobersen also opened my eyes to this fact alone.

The presence of 2,287,440 ng of Amitriptyline in Morgan's stomach, along with the limited number of missing pills from her expired prescription, does raise concerns about the inconsistency between the reported dosage and the amount found in her system. It seems implausible that only a few missing pills could result in such high levels in both the bloodstream and gastric fluids. This contradiction warrants further investigation and expert analysis to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the elevated Amitriptyline levels.

The close ratio of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline in both the bloodstream and gastric fluids, despite only a few missing pills from an expired prescription, suggests the possibility of a single high-dose ingestion or injection of the drug. This could explain the consistency in the ratios observed. The significant difference in the absolute amounts of the drugs between the blood stream and gastric fluids further supports the notion that the drug was introduced into the system in a concentrated manner. However, a conclusive determination would require a thorough examination by experts in toxicology and forensic analysis.

The neighbor named Robin, who lived near Toni and had a ranch with horses, reported a burglary where a refrigerator containing various items, including equine drugs, was broken into. Among the stolen drugs was Amitriptyline. This information is significant and should be thoroughly investigated as it could potentially provide a link to the source of the Amitriptyline found in Morgan's system.

I understand that some individuals may disagree with my belief that Morgan Ingram was murdered. You often mention the presence of sludge and pill fragments in her stomach, which is true. However, I don't believe that the high amount in her stomach alone caused her death. It is common knowledge that most pills are designed to be regurgitated when consumed in excessive amounts, as they need to be absorbed in the stomach before taking effect. However, in Morgan's case, she did not regurgitate the pills. Even if she had consumed the entire pill bottle, considering the few missing pills from an expired prescription, it remains unclear how the lethal amount ended up in her bloodstream.

The level in Morgan Ingram's blood stream is so obscenely high, it is virtually impossible to say this is a suicide as she had over 6,000 ng of Amitriptyline in her blood stream. 1,000 is considered to be death. Excluding the high amount in her stomach, the question I have is: how does one get this much Amitriptyline in their blood stream? It is virtually impossible to entertain the suicide theory, overlooking this very vital fact in the investigation.

Another reason why I believe Morgan Ingram was murdered was the fact she had no history of drugs. If you examine the toxicology results fully rather than one dimensionally, you will see that some of those drugs listed were not found in the house during the investigation. Cyclobenzaprine (or Flexeril), for instance is a drug used to treat muscle spasms. This drug was not found in the house yet was mysteriously found in Morgan Ingram's stomach. 175 ng of this drug was found in her gastric fluids. If a woman with no history of drugs let alone suicidal thoughts is found dead, how does this drug mysteriously end up in her stomach? When it was not found in the Ingram home.

Upon examining the autopsy photos, I couldn't help but notice several alarming details. Her face bore marks that appeared consistent with being struck, particularly on her lips and nose, suggesting multiple blows. Additionally, her body was positioned strangely, with raised arms. What convinced me that foul play was involved were the clenched hands, almost in fists and sign language gestures she made, specifically signing a "K" and an "N" for Keenan, the individual she personally identified as her stalker. Furthermore, the peculiar marks on her neck resembled those caused by strangulation. These findings strongly indicate the need for a thorough investigation into the possibility of foul play in Morgan's case.

The interrogation video indeed presents questionable information that raises doubts about Keenan's involvement in the stalking and murder of Morgan. His response of "in my opinion, I didn't do anything" and denial of being near the Ingram's residence, despite clear evidence on camera, are concerning. Moreover, his use of hand gestures and repeated mention of Brooke Harris's name indicate potential deception. It is surprising that those who believe Morgan's death was a suicide overlook these facts. The interrogation video certainly adds weight to the belief that Keenan is involved in her death.

Taking a closer look at Morgan's character and demeanor, I find her to be an optimistic woman who had no desire to escape her life. She embraced her identity as an artist, particularly showcasing her talent in painting and creative writing. It's hard for me to believe that someone with such artistic abilities would leave this world without leaving a heartfelt farewell. Morgan was a spirited and joyful woman, full of determination. She even reported to the authorities that Keenan Vanginkel was stalking her, providing detailed accounts of his constant surveillance and unwelcome presence. I can't help but wonder why some of you skeptics are disregarding this crucial information and pushing the suicide theory. Morgan personally identified her stalker and it's important not to overlook his criminal history and questionable background. He is far from being an innocent bystander. So why are some people quick to defend him? Is it simply to hear yourselves talk or is it easier for them to label a strong-willed, morally upright woman as a mentally ill drug addict? 

It seems to me that you, armchairs, are not experts. I am looking at MayraMM (Mayra Martinez) and Websleuths Tricia and anyone of you who support these reprobates and their opinions. Whenever someone challenges your opinion, you resort to personally attacking them, issuing threats against them and their families, stealing identities and contacting people in efforts to control the narrative, fabricating falsehoods to make people believe you, and spreading even more lies to manipulate and poison public opinion. You go to great lengths to vilify anyone who speaks the truth, even attempting to discredit professionals like Dr. Michael Dobersen. It's clear to me that you are nothing more than true crime trolls obsessed with the case. While you have the right to your own opinion on this case, so do I. In fact, I urge you to cease spreading falsehoods in order to lend credibility to your fabricated narratives because in the end only uneducated, uninformed people believe you. It is evident that you lack expertise in this case and get angry at those who have a different opinion than you. It is important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

So, to answer your question - do you think Morgan Ingram was murdered? Yes, I do.

I could easily write a comprehensive dissertation explaining why I firmly believe this was a homicide. However, it is ultimately up to you to form your own conclusions. Although the case may be officially closed, the evidence is glaringly apparent if you take a closer look. I also want to emphasize that any lies you may hear about me from those who believe Morgan Ingram took her own life are nothing more than attempts to discredit me for openly supporting Morgan Ingram, her mother Toni Ingram, and the theory of homicide. Regardless of the lies that may be spread or told, the truth remains unchanged.

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Anonymous said…
Amazing breakdown. To be honest, I trust your views on the Morgan Ingram case. You don't seem to be victim blaming or speculating suicide. I always thought there was much more to this case. Thank you for sharing this.
Anonymous said…
I am certain that Morgan Ingram was the victim of murder, and I firmly believe Keenan Vanginkel is responsible. The evidence is abundantly clear - his guilt was laid bare during the interrogation video, where it became apparent he had been lying about his involvement in her death. It's obvious that he has a lot to hide, too much for him to be an innocent bystander as he claims. Furthermore, not only did Morgan identify him as her stalker before she died, but she also provided sworn statements confirming these allegations. It is time for justice to be served for this poor girl who suffered so cruelly at the hands of this man.
Anonymous said…
I believe that Morgan Ingram was the victim of a serious crime, and I think Keenan Vanginkel had an unhealthy obsession with her. Brooke Harris may have been complicit in this act as well, and it stands to reason that Occam's Razor applies - the simplest explanation is likely correct. It also appears likely that Morgan was raped by Keenan too. My opinion is firmly rooted in evidence and facts, making it reliable. This has been an insightful piece of writing.