River by Sarah Afshar

I decided to take on River by Bishop Briggs on Smule. There is currently a trending contest going on called the "Smule Olympics" where various groups work together to collaborate and create their own unique version of a song. 

Although I didn't enter the contest (I didn't join any groups this year), I decided to use the hashtag (#SO2018) and experiment with the song as it is my first time diving deep into this tune.

I recorded all of the parts in the song directly from the app using my iPhone X. I used Super Studio 25/25 on each part, so I barely edited the parts as much as I could have. I sung the song originally through on the first part before adding each additional part in. 

There are a total of five parts in this song.


To hear my rendition of River watch the video above. If it doesn't play, just click here to listen. I recorded this using headphones, so I highly suggest wearing them while listening. Was the risk worth the reward? Thank you for listening and have an amazing night.


Anonymous said…
Amazing job! I like this better than the original. Did you record all of parts?
Anonymous said…
The best rendition of this song. Incredible!
Anonymous said…
So soulful! I love Bishop Brigs and you did her song justice.
Gray said…
So much soul! You truly captivated the audience with your performance, Sarah. Why aren't you a superstar? Seriously. Your voice is absolutely mesmerizing.