Solitaire by Sarah Afshar

Solitaire is a beautiful ballad originally performed by Neil Sedaka. I heard the song several times throughout my life and really loved it after hearing the talented Clay Aiken cover this song over 10 years ago. 

The song truly tells a story that many can relate to and identify with. Personally, I cannot relate to this song, but I can connect with the lyrics to it. 

I took it upon myself to record it tonight on Smule. Originally I wanted to perform this song in parts, but decided to just record it in one go. Using Super Studio 30/30, there was barely any editing done to this song. What you hear is what you get and pretty much close to what I sound singing this IRL.

Check out the video above to listen to it. If you cannot see the video, simply click here right now. Remember to listen to this song with headphones. Thank you for listening. Have a wonderful day.


Francine said…
I just listened to this for the first time. This is the best rendition I’ve ever heard. I first heard the song, the original by Neil Sedaka. Then, I heard it covered by the Carpenters. I also heard Elvis’s cover. I’ve heard some other covers of this song including Josh Groban and Clay Aiken and none of them have the soul you do. This was so incredible if you recorded this, I would buy it immediately. I knew you could sing but had no idea you sang this good. Just incredible.
Anonymous said…
Amazing voice and this rendition is remarkable. Even better than Karen Carpenter who was originally my favorite. You have a wonderful voice. You are a tried and true talent.
Anonymous said…
The best version I’ve ever heard of this song.
Anonymous said…
This version of Solitaire is outstanding. I’ve never heard this song covered like this. It’s so different compared to Neil Sedaka’s rendition.
Anonymous said…
By far, the most beautiful and captivating rendition of Solitaire I have ever heard! Not just on a technical level, but an artistic one. You sing this way better than even Karen Carpenter or Clay Aiken could - and I've probably heard it done over a hundred times before. But never quite like this; your voice is truly mesmerizing. If you recorded music, Sarah, I would be sure to buy and download every single song right away.