Natural (piano version) by Sarah Afshar

Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite bands. They are so unique and just bring something new, different and exciting to music. I have quite a few favorite songs from them, with their newest song Natural being one of them. I think the best way I would describe them is a little bit of Dave Matthews Band mixed with OneRepublic with a hint of Cold Play. 

The moment they released the song, I learned it that same night because I knew I would want to record it. You can listen to that recording by going here

Tonight, I took to Smule to create another rendition. A cover that was unique and didn't sound like every other cover of the song. I recorded all of the parts to this song. There are a total of 7 parts including the main part where I sung the song the entire way through the first time. I recorded this using an iPhone X and utilizing 30/30 in the SS. 

To listen to my version of Natural, simply watch the video. If it doesn't play, just click here right now. What do you think? Yes, I recorded all of the parts. Thank you for listening. I hope you are having an incredible evening. 


Claudia said…
I love this! I think I love it better than the original.