I Support Toni Ingram and Sarah Afshar

I recently discovered that someone created a page on Facebook called I Support Toni Ingram and Sarah Afshar where they share posts of mine in relation to Morgan Ingram and the Morgan Ingram case. I decided to take the initiative to both "like" and follow the page, as I also decided to comment on a few posts they shared.

The page is evidently written by a well rounded, intelligent person who is meticulous and articulate. Based on the language, this page was created by someone who not only supports Morgan Ingram and the homicide theory, but supports both Toni Ingram and myself, Sarah Afshar. 

Upon looking at the page, I noticed that the person uploaded an entire photo album about Bill Cosby's victims. I looked all over the internet and could not find those particular photos when searching. So, based on this fact alone, the person was involved with the Bill Cosby case in some shape or form. 

I decided to write this person via Facebook message, but they did not respond. I am guessing they neither saw the message or simply don't utilize the system and don't respond to anyone who messages them directly. 

After every post 'I Support Toni Ingram and Sarah Afshar' creates, they use the hashtag #JusticeforMorgan which I noticed is a hashtag that seems to be used by multiple Morgan Ingram pages created on Facebook. Whether or not the person who created this page is the same person who created RIP Morgan Ingram I have no idea, but their mission seems to be quite clear by what they write and share. They support Morgan Ingram and believe she was stalked for months, as they believe she was murdered by the man stalking her - Keenan Vanginkel.

The page itself serves a great delineation and allows readers to reach their own conclusions regarding myself and Morgan Ingram's mother Toni Ingram without listening to the propaganda about us perpetuated by those who simply disagree with us.

Whoever you are, thank you for creating this page and thank you for supporting me. 


Anonymous said…
I am a huge fan of you and Toni Ingram. As a mother of three girls, I must say that I admire you and Toni. I love the fact that Toni is speaking out and refusing to back down and I love the fact that you are her voice. You definitely keep Toni Ingram strong and it is very clear she will continue to fight forever until justice is served. I think the guy who is the suspect did it and if I were in Toni's shoes, I would also speak up.