Monday, May 20, 2019

Accident, Suicide or Murder: Morgan Ingram

Morgan Ingram
(Photo by Morgan Ingram)
As many are already aware, on Saturday, Oxygen aired Accident, Suicide or Murder a show which acknowledges, recognizes and examines cases thoroughly that have been either unsolved or deserve answers. The season finale featured the stalking and death of Morgan Ingram. 

The show starts out with drone footage of the picturesque Carbondale, Colorado before a dialog took place between retired detective Paul Holes and true crime producer and journalist Kelly McLear regarding her case. Wanting answers, the dynamic duo decided to dig deep into the case to find out if it was an accident, a suicide or a murder. I watched the show with an open mind, disregarding my own point of view, in case I was wrong to believe this was a homicide. 

I watched the show. I believe the show was spun to fit a narrative that the vast majority of status quo want to hear. Most of these shows are aired for entertainment purposes, hence why people watch them to begin with. However, a lot of facts have been left out as Oxygen producers can only fit so much into a 90-minute time frame.  

To be honest, I was very disappointed not by their conclusion of her death, but by how they depicted Morgan Ingram and her stalking altogether. I was also modestly miffed by how they portrayed Toni and Steve Ingram. With that said, questions that were not answered on Accident, Suicide or Murder that I would have liked to have been addressed include:

Question #1: Morgan Ingram had an obscene level of Amitriptyline in her blood. Over 6 times the lethal limit. So, if 500 ng to 1,000 ng of Amitriptyline in the blood is lethal, how did Morgan Ingram get 7,909 ng in her blood stream? 

Question #2: Morgan Ingram had 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in her blood stream which I addressed previously. She also had a level of 2,833 ng of Noratripyline in her blood stream, as well. In her gastric fluids (or stomach) Morgan had 2,287,440 ng of Amitriptyline with a Noratriptyline level of 9,431 ng. Look at how close the numbers are of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline in the blood. This leads me to the important question--why is the ratio so close in the blood versus the level in her stomach or gastric fluids?

Note: The amount in her stomach was high, but I don't believe that is what killed her. I believe it was the level in her blood that did. When looking at the gastric fluid level, the ratio is very far apart in comparison to the blood level. Why is the blood level of Amtriptyline to Noratriptyline so close in comparison to the gastric fluid level? 

Question #3: The beanie hat has a sufficient level of DNA on it. The forensic investigators did not even flinch nor entertain the idea of testing this item, as they were distracted by the polygraph test results of both Toni and Steve Ingram. The polygraph results of Mr. and Mrs. Ingram overshadowed this. That hat should have been tested regardless of the lie detector results. Why wasn't it?

Question #4: Why was Keenan Vanginkel never interviewed? He was the perpetrator, the stalker and yet is painted as innocent, but was not asked to take any lie detector test even though he offered to take one in 2011 and 2012. Have the investigators forgotten about his extensive criminal record including his history with criminal trespassing? Or do they think because he's alive, he is off limits? Vanginkel also has a history of drugs and mental illness, which the Ingrams' have revealed in the past. 

Question #5: Keenan Vanginkel was seen on the cameras walking up the Ingrams' driveway only later to deny it was him when interrogated by detective (now coroner) Robert Glassmire. Why is this fact being overlooked? It is because Morgan Ingram is dead and Keenan Vanginkel is living? Currently, there are no laws protecting the deceased. 

Note: Towards the end of the interrogation video, Vanginkel is seen frantically looking at his phone. As Vanginkel is protected under the constitution of the United States (innocent until proven guilty) he looked modestly guilty when Robert Glassmire left the room in 2011. 

Question #6: In the autopsy photos, it looks like Morgan had blood on her lip and her face had been smashed. There were also marks around her neck, as if she were strangled. Another disturbing observation I made was how her arms were risen and hands were clenched. Evidently this proves she didn't take her own life, but the question I have is--how can they reach the accidental conclusion knowing this fact? 
Morgan Ingram with her mother
Toni Ingram
(Photo by Morgan Ingram)

Additionally I have some concerns regarding the episode. These concerns include:

Morgan Ingram was not a suicidal person. She was artistic with more drive than NASCAR. Her character was not flawless and far from pristine, but was not how she was portrayed in this series. She was not suicidal. She was not running nor escaping from life. I noticed some victim blaming throughout the series which I despise. As I stated previously, there are no laws that protect the deceased. 

Both Toni and Steve Ingram took a polygraph test regarding the stalking and murder of Morgan. Granted it is not a good thing to fail, but I believe as both of them are in their 60's, going through a lot of tension and stress, unable to properly grieve, I believe this is why they failed some of the questions given to them. I don't believe they are deceptive or have bad intentions like some of you think. I don't believe they are liars. I've spoken with both personally for hours and have heard both of them cry. They are not investigators which they have admitted relentlessly throughout the years. They just want answers and have every right to question what happened to their daughter. After all, they knew Morgan more than anyone in this world and she was being stalked, whether you want to believe it or not. 

When they interviewed Danny Rodden, I had to admit I was a little shocked. Rodden is not the same guy from 2011 evidently as he ended up getting back into drugs (relapsing) several years ago and is now a registered sex offender in the state of Colorado. A person under the influence of substances is not a credible witness by any means and their opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. As troublesome as this is, I don't know why his testimony was used unless it was for entertainment purposes to elevate the shock factor, allowing you--the audience to reach your own conclusions about Morgan's death. 

The silhouette of the woman who claims to have been friends with Morgan, who allegedly saw her the night of the death or night before of her death is friends with Brooke Harris and is friendly with the suspect, Keenan Vanginkel. According to a Morgan Ingram Facebook page ran by friends of Morgan Ingram, called RIP Morgan Ingram, the woman identified as "Kara" allegedly also changed the story to fit a narrative that was proved to be not true hence why only excerpts of her testimony aired on the show. 

Stalking is a serious crime which was not taken seriously in this case. They played recordings of Steve Ingram mentioning Morgan may possibly be contemplating suicide. Everyone has their down days. There have been times I thought about ending my life, but then I realize--I love life way too much, which Morgan said on Facebook in her final days of being alive on earth. In fact, it was her final post before she was murdered. 

Update 5/22/19: There is more to the tape that aired on Accident, Suicide or Murder. This tape was recorded before the Ingrams' independently investigated the death of their daughter. The recording featured on the show leaves out vital details, including parts where both Toni and Steve Ingram questioned if it were a suicide and overdose. When questioned, the Ingrams' evidently looked at all scenarios diving deep into the suicide and the accident possibility. The entire tape reveals this fact. Toni and Steve Ingram are not investigators and would have accepted suicide, had Morgan actually took her own life, but eventually after looking at her case fully, they knew their daughter and knew her death was not a suicide and/or accident. 

Update 5/22/19: Camera footage was released to Paul Holes and Kelly McLear of the day Morgan Ingram was found dead. The unidentified concoction in the cup that was in Morgan Ingram's bathroom was, in fact, Morgan Ingram's Pure Tasty Face Mask. Evidently it wasn't tested as Paul Holes suggested. She used the butter knife to stir it, as it is filled with cinnamon, nutmeg and honey. 


I felt like the series was put together greatly with three points of view and possibilities; however, a lot of what they shown is not the whole story. This is just common sense, as every show has to edit hours upon hours of footage to fit a 90-minute time frame. With that said, my opinion has not changed. I still believe Morgan Ingram was murdered and this was in fact, a homicide. Until you can answer my questions, I don't have to listen to any of the banal ad hominem or strange internet theories to support inaccurate narratives. 

I have every right to my opinion and I want answers. I support Toni and Steve Ingram. For more information visit Morgan Ingram today. 


Anonymous said...

I have researched this case extensively. I believe this was a homicide. There is more proof this was a homicide than suicide but not enough evidence to prove it was a homicide. Accident is the latter. I hope justice is served.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article regarding Morgan Ingram. Probably the best one I’ve discovered online.

Carol said...

I think Morgan Ingram was murdered and I believe Keenan Vanginkel killed her. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show lied about the polygraph results for a shock factor narrative. Anytime anything is on television it’s edited and changed. Especially when it fits an entertainment agenda and only so much can fit in a 90-minute time frame. I saw the Ingram’s post Keenan’s global activity report. He’s been in trouble several times for criminal trespassing. He’s not innocent at all and anyone who thinks he is—is more than likely a criminal themselves. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

She was murdered. I don’t believe her death was accidental and definitely not a suicide. The amount in her blood points to homicide.

Deb said...

I just watched her story on "Murder, Suicide or Accident" and I truly believe the investigators on that show got it WRONG. First off, genuinely suicidal people are often happier than normal because they have a plan. But more importantly Amitriptyline is never to be taken with cyclobenzaprine. She was at the party complaining of a horrible headache. Guess what causes that? High doses of amitriptyline. Finally, her doggie being put away tells me someone didnt want to tangle with the dog while they killed her. Maybe someone or the stalker fed her the drugs at the party and they were merely hoping to date rape her and they gave her too much of the date rape drugs. Also, why would the investigators on that TV SHOW say "she probably killed herself because she got another migraine after not having them for so long." We migraine sufferers dont kill ourselves over 1 sudden migraine after months without them. We would go to bed and sleep it off as she tried to do. So much of that TV SHOW'S conclusions were just total incorrect speculation.
I'm a lawyer in STL. Keep pushing for the truth. Her killer or would-be date raper got away with murder.

Huge Hannah said...

You are a Muslim and crazy. She committed suicide. Get over yourself.

Sarah said...

Carol: The woman who produced the show had a different narrative from the beginning hence why they went with the angle that they did. I believe Kelly McLear is a class act and still believes Morgan was murdered, but I don't believe she could say too much on the show. And if she did, I'm almost certain they would not have aired it.

Deb: It was clearly a homicide because the Ingrams didn't have Cyclobenzaprine in the house. No one can explain the amount in her blood and why the ratio of Amttriptyline to Noratriptyline is so close except for Dr. Michael Dobersen who explained this yet was ignored. Additionally she had blood on her lip and clearly looked like she was assaulted when looking at autopsy photos. Plus, you can tell by how her body was positioned including how her arms and hands were raised she was murdered.

Huge Hannah: I am definitely not Muslim and only crazy to those who are incoherent like yourself. Are you that unhinged woman from Kirkland, Washington who keeps posting disgusting shit on my blog? Fetch a life piece of shit.

A lot of people are asking why Steve was caught on tape saying it was a suicide. When Morgan was first murdered, they questioned both Toni and Steve directly. Both Toni and Steve questioned them regarding the suicide theory, entertaining it as a possibility. Toni and Steve are not investigators. They clearly wanted answers and looked at all possibilities when she was originally found dead.

There is more to the tape which didn't air on the show. Shortly after, you can hear both of them questioning homicide. They knew their daughter more than anyone hence why they knew it was a homicide and began to engage that theory shortly after.

RIP Morgan Ingram said...

I hope they make the interrogation video public. The Ingram’s need to expose Keenan Vanginkel and be more aggressive with their approach. #JusticeforMorgan

Sarah said...

RIP Morgan Ingram: Nina, the Ingrams have shared a lot of evidence to support their claims. There is more proof this was a homicide than an accidental death and far more proof this was a homicide than a suicide. The only thing they can do is continue to fight for their daughter the best way they see fit. They have a lot of evidence and proof.

Veronica said...

MURDER for sure! Keenan also looks guilty. Saw him on Dark Net and he looked like a liar. Also that Mayra also looked like a liar. Just my 2 cents..

Tricia Griffith is a psychopath said...

Anyone going to crimecon this year? It’s being held from June 7 (this Friday) until June 10 (Monday) at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans. I’m flying there tomorrow. I hope to meet up with some ya’ll. Sarah, are you going?

Anonymous said...

Paul Holes will be at crimecon this year. I will be asking about Morgan Ingram and why the beanie hat was never tested for DNA evidence. I will also ask why he was ruled out as a suspect when he’s had multiple criminal trespassing charges against him excluding Morgan ingram. Do you want me to ask him anything while I’m there in case you aren’t going? Since you are dipping into true crime I think you should attend. This is my second year going. Last year it was good.

Beth said...

Question: Who is Jamie Mangeris and what is her connection to Keenan Vanginkel and his mother Jenn Johnson? I saw RIP Morgan Ingram on Facebook mention this woman. Just curious.

Sarah said...

If I would have known Crimecon was Friday about a week ago, I would have booked a flight and hotel. Unfortunately I have other obligations at the present and will be flying to India soon. Please ask all of the questions I have in my article. Thank you.

Sarah said...

I don’t know who she is, but according to RIP Morgan Ingram on Facebook she is someone who knows both of them personally. I think her daughter dated Keenan. You would have to ask them.

Anonymous said...

I think she was murdered. Law enforcement did a terrible investigation with this one I strongly feel. Quite possibly the best article on the internet regarding Morgan Ingram. Extremely informative and it’s refreshing to see someone not attack the victim or her mother. The other articles I’ve read were so unconvincing and remind me of write ups created by friends of the suspect. Lots of horrible grammar mistakes also in some of them. Impeccable article.

Neha said...


J said...

I think Keenan Vanginkel not just murdered Morgan Ingram, but raped and tortured her before he did it. No doubt he was already in the house when she got home. Love what you are doing for Morgan! Keep up the excellent work gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Stop! You have got to stop and so does this family. There is ZERO physical evidence that this girl was murdered or that this boy did it! You are ruining people's lives without actually knowing anything and that's not okay! It is terribly sad that this family lost their daughter but you cannot ruin other people's lives because you can't accept that she accidentally overdosed or took her own life.

Sarah said...

Mayra: There is a lot of evidence that Morgan Ingram was murdered. This was clearly a homicide which you continue to ignore. You fail to explain the close ratio of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline in Morgan Ingram's blood stream, among the other questions and concerns I have addressed in my article. Until you can refute what I have to say without posting outmoded ad hominem, I have every right to an opinion regarding the Morgan Ingram case. Therefore, I will continue to support the homicide theory.

As for ruining lives, I have not ruined anyone's life and neither has Toni Ingram. I am just a woman on the internet with questions, who believes Morgan was murdered and the case should be reopened. You, on the other hand, have tried to ruin quite a few lives including mine for supporting Toni Ingram and the homicide theory. You don't have the right to tell someone what to think and how to think, especially when you have spread horrible, untrue lies about not only me, but the actual victim herself-Morgan Ingram.

There are many people who think the same as I do. Many of which are incognito as they fear you will attack them.

But guess what? I'm not scared of you.

In fact, your outlandish cyberbullying and internet stalking tactics will not work on me. You are a self loathing, sad woman with ego-driven angst who is obsessed those who don't give into your petty intimidation tactics. Truth be told, I pity you more than anything that you are so obsessed with Morgan Ingram that you will go to such arm's length to make others believe she was this depressed, suicidal junkie when in reality she was the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Morgan Ingram is the victim not her stalker.

Anonymous said...

9:59 am - what about what you have said about Morgan Ingram? No criminal record, no history of drugs and no evidence of suicide. Is it because she’s dead?

Anonymous said...

I believe she was stalked. I heard stories about him actually following her at night. He was also an internet stalker and tried adding Morgan on FB. Question, does anyone know if Brooke Harris was using the Bubbles alias or was it Jenn Johnson, Morgan’s stalker’s mom?

Anonymous said...

Morgan killed herself and you've killed your reputation following Toni's deluded scenario.

Ginger said...

I don’t believe this poor girl took her own life or overdosed. Who on earth has such high levels of Amitriptyline in their blood and stomach? Not to mention cyclobenzaprine. Her stalker has a history of drugs (multiple arrests) and criminal trespassing. I saw Toni Ingram post the global activity report. There is no way he’s innocent. This reminds me in the 70s when Ted Bundy went on his killing spree and how he had a group of weird women defending him proclaiming his innocence. I don’t believe this Keenan guy is innocent. You could tell he was lying on dark net. He has his hands in this and definitely involved.

Anonymous said...

I read the entire blog Toni Ingram posted from the beginning. How come this many years later her use of amitryptiline is attributed to having Irritable Bowel Syndrome? That was NEVER mentioned before. In fact, Toni Ingram stated more than once that the amitryptiline was for side effects from the carbon monoxide poisoning. Also never mentioned before were strangulation marks on Morgan's neck. Toni Ingram keeps changing her story over and over again and tries to add more "evidence" of murder when in fact there is no evidence of murder.

Biddy27 said...

No matter how much they say it was suicide how can they explain the bruises on her body is she supposed to have beaten herself up as well?

Biddy27 said...

If it was supposed to be suicide how do they explain bruises on her body? Is she believed to have beaten herself as well?

Diane said...

Certain things don’t add up. The work hours prove Morgan Ingram’s stalker was working on December 1st and 2nd. The same group of women trying to make people believe he’s innocent are trying to say he wasn’t in Colorado when she was murdered. RIP Morgan Ingram posted proof he was working those nights.

Then they added testimony from the stalker’s ex gf’s mother who said he told her he worked a double shift. The reports reveal this as fact. You can also see an official statement from Kroger where they admit he was working.

That’s where I realized something isn’t right.

Her phone being across the room. The psychic revealed after she tried to scream she tried to make a call and her stalker took her phone and threw it. She tried to hit the panic button and her stalker ripped it off. The entire scenario makes sense.

I have investigated this and I believe it was a homicide.

My question I have is—Who is the guy with n*** in the last name that helped Keenan clean up the crime scene? RIP Morgan Ingram on Facebook posted a psychic testimony the other day saying this guy helped him clean up the scene of the crime. I’m just curious.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn’t Toni Ingram taken this to the Supreme Court? If the Ingram’s expect to get justice they need to stop doing television shows that are making a mockery out of them and they need to take this to a higher level in the courts. Most people are starting to question. I think she was murdered but doing television which push a different narrative aren’t good.

Someone Who Knows said...

I have personally looked at the autopsy photos and they do not look like a suicide or even accidental. She looked like she was assaulted. I definitely do not think she overdosed or took her own life.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not suicide. The way her arms were positioned. I don't know of anyone who has taken their own life that held their arms that way or clenched their hands that way. That points to murder. The problem is the Ingrams have been made this too public. They should have taken this to a higher court instead of doing television shows.