Trying the new Impossible Whopper from Burger King

I am officially trying the new Impossible Whopper from Burger King for the first time today. To be honest, I rarely do fast food as it is relatively unhealthy, addictive, and overpriced, but this I had to try. After all of the hype, I had to try this delicious vegan addition (in my case, vegetarian, as I ordered this with cheese and mayo on it) as everyone is raving about this burger all over the world wide web. It is also a modestly good price considering most fast food veggie burgers are at least $10 especially if they are paired with French fries and a drink. 

Upon observation, the Impossible Whopper possesses the same visual appeal as the iconic original Whopper that Burger King is renowned for. It's hard to find new words to describe it, but I must emphasize that this is truly one of the best veggie burgers I've ever tasted. The smoky, charcoal broiled flavor reminiscent of the original Whopper, along with the toasted sesame seed bun, remains intact. In all honesty, the only noticeable distinction lies in the texture, as Impossible Foods, in collaboration with Burger King, has delivered an incredible plant-based addition. However, I assure you that the texture is not vastly different, and most people won't even notice it right away.

Truth be told, I have tried so many veggie burgers in the many years I've been a vegetarian and everything from the texture to the flavor of the Impossible Whopper is incredible.  Not many veggie burgers taste anything like a real burger. The charcoal taste won me over in regards to this one. And when paired with a toasted sesame seed bun, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, cheese, and mayonnaise--it is simply outstanding.

When I was younger I would eat fast food, but not a lot these days. It wasn't until I was in university that I discovered more about fast food than I wanted to. It was extremely convenient for me at the time because I could just grab a quick bite before and after my classes. I tried many different things throughout my life. Some I loved, many I hated, and quite a few I contemplated and debated whether I wanted to eat them again. And I must say that this veggie burger is one of those things I do enjoy and will eat again. 

If you haven't tried the new Impossible Whopper at Burger King, you definitely need to. I really hope Burger King keeps this fantastic addition to their brand, as there is nothing like it. It is easily one of the best veggie burgers I have ever had in my life and quite possibly the best one in the fast food industry right now.