Cocktail Recipes: The Best Brass Monkey

If you are a fan of the "Screwdriver" (which consists of Vodka and orange juice) and love rum, you are destined to love and appreciate the "Brass Monkey". The first time I ever made a "Brass Monkey" was a few years ago, when working in a club. The Brass Monkey is simply a drink that is made up of two types of Rum (light and dark) and orange juice.

The drink has received significant praise and reviews in the modern mixed drink and cocktail persuasion by critics. It remains to be one of my favorite drinks, essentially because I appreciate Rum liquor and orange juice. Although the traditional Brass Monkey is made up of Rum (light), Rum (dark), and orange juice, I decided to create my own original, yet unique rendition of the drink.

The Best Brass Monkey

1 oz. Rum
(light, yet coconut based, preferably Malibu)1 oz. Rum (dark)1 oz. Captain Morgan Tattoo
1.2 oz. Vodka
5 oz. Orange Juice
1 splash of Grenadine

Combine the Rum together, followed by the Captain Morgan Tattoo, Vodka, Orange Juice, and Grenadine and serve on the rocks in a chilled, high (or highball glass) with a maraschino cherry.


Anonymous said…
I always thought Brass Monkeys were underrated. They taste better than Screwdrivers. I am going to try to make your drink tonight though.