Creperie, the Land of Crepes on the Lower East Side of New York City

In the heart of the Big Apple on the lower East side, in between Rivington and Stanton Street, lies one of the most luscious, yet delightful and sinuous crepe eateries in New York, Creperie. This conscientious crepe restaurant is destined to appeal to the ultimate crepe loving customer, leaving one tenuously fulfilled and pleased.

Parking is fairly simple when it comes to this crepe friendly establishment, as Creperie provides the great parking. Creperie is moderately big, so it is a decent place to dine if you intend to frequent in a large group. If you plan to eat there individually, you will also find Creperie to be vastly engaging. There is no outdoor seating available, but this NYC eatery offers group dining and private parties. This place is rather unpretentious with a hint of refinement. It can be decorous, as it can be amorous, however, it is just an unadorned place to enjoy crepes. Both take-out and delivery services are accessible at this fine restaurant. Catering is also offered at Creperie.

The food is principally based on crepes. If you are not a fan of crepes, no big deal. There are other options available such as "Toasted Sandwiches on Ciabatta Bread" and "Wraps." One thing is undeniable, there are a lot of crepe varieties available. But if you see something you don't like or want something that isn't readily available, you can customize or create your own crepe. The service at Creperie is quite dutiful, punctual and kind. The crepes are relatively economical, and as a result, are enormously good for the price. One may find the food standard or satisfactory or even astounding, depending on your stance on crepes. If you are a crepe aficionado, more than likely, you will enjoy this place. Prices vary and start at $1.50 and go up to $11.

One thing is certain, Creperie is known for their crepes, as they leave a lot to covet. Despite the popularity of their crepes, which range from "Vegetarian House Special Crepe" (which consists of a spinach, artichoke, parmigiano cheese and reggiano cheese) to "Sautéed Chicken Crepe" (which has chicken, swiss cheese and mushrooms) to "House Special Crepe" (which includes tiramisu with strawberry, nutella and whipped cream) to "The Famous Crepe" (which consists of strawberry, banana, nutella, ice cream and whipped cream), and much more, Creperie clearly demonstrates why it is a great place to eat. Creperie also allows you to make-to-order a crepe, offering an array of amazing delectables such as brie cheese, goat cheese, fresh basil and more.

Creperie also provides a large selection of smoothies that will be appreciated by any crepe lover who visits this restaurant. My favorite is undeniably the "Raspberry Banana Smoothie." Creperie also has a wide range of vegan/vegetarian friendly foods that vary from "Veggies" (which includes an array of vegetables with ricotta cheese, roasted green and red peppers and eggplant) to "Goat Cheese" (which consists of goat cheese and your choice of eggs or mushrooms or sun dried tomatoes). Also, as stated previously, you can make your own crepes. Creperie even has an assortment of sweet crepes that range from "Chocolate Fudge" to "Apple, Caramel and Walnuts" to "Blueberry and Banana" to even "Strawberry, Banana and Nutella" and more. There are also five different types of chocolate available alone, which allow you to customize your own, sweet, delicious crepe. One of the best sweet crepes is definitely "Smores Crepe," which is an amazing crepe that has French milk chocolate, crushed graham crackers and marshmallows. There are specials all of the time, too.

My experience with Creperie has been outstanding. I truly recommend this to the fundamental crepe enthusiast looking to enjoy crepes in a nice, yet simple and comparatively open eating environment, who wants to be totally and utterly fulfilled. It is also open late, so it is really convenient to those looking to enjoy a nice, late-night bite. Would I eat there again? You better believe it. Creperie is open Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 3 a.m. and Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. The free delivery service is Monday through Sunday (or daily) from 5 p.m. until 12 a.m. with a minimum order of just $10.

135 Ludlow St.
New York, NY 10002


Reed said…
I never had a crepe before. I would love to eat there.
Anonymous said…
I have ate at Creperie. This place is great. Angelina Jolie was there once when she was filming the movie Salt. She came in and ate there when I was there. They have great sandwiches there also.