Cocktail Recipes: Rabo-de-galo Sunrise

One of the most unique of all Brazilian cocktails is the Rabo-de-galo cocktail. On more of a cocktail shot level, the Rabo-de-galo is a drink with an edge, that is inspired by Cachca liqueur and red vermouth. The Rabo-de-galo cocktail proves to be ultimately divine, catering to the everyday bittersweet lover. Whether you love Cachca liqueur or vermouth, you are destined to not only enjoy this amazingly fluent drink, but appreciate it, much more so, on an entirely different level.

In ancient times, individuals who appreciated an array of flavors mixed with both sweet and bitter influences combined together to form an acquired taste, would appreciate this fine, ethnic cocktail. With the essence of a subtle goulash, the result would be the Rabo-de-galo cocktail. The result, of course would be much stronger with a more rich flavor and acquired taste. Whether alone, on a warm evening with friends or at a dinner party, the Rabo-de-galo will propose the appropriate toast.

What makes the Rabo-de-galo so interesting is the fact that this amazing creative, yet simple cocktail possesses two individual parts of Cachca liqueur and red vermouth, followed by one part of Cynar. The Cynar is truly optional, however; theorists believe that this fine Italian cordial possesses an array of health benefits, making it ultimately worth adding to any Rabo-de-galo drink. Of course, this cordial also provides the bitterness that collaborates finely with the sweet part of the drink. Cynar is a cordial inspired by artichokes. The Rabo-de-galo cocktail is traditionally served in a large shot glass, however; some people believe it is consumed better when it is in a regular cocktail glass on the rocks with an olive.

Although theorists believe this drink possess only two parts of a Cachca liqueur and red vermouth, I have decided to create my own rendition and version of this unique and authentic drink.

Rabo-de-galo Sunrise

2 oz. Cachca Liqueur
2 oz. Red Vermouth
1 oz. Cynar Liqueur
1 oz. Campari Liqueur

In a practical sense, simply combine the Cachca liqueur, red vermouth, Cynar, and Campari liqueur together. There is absolutely no need to blend, as this drink is as simple as 1-2-3. Give it a little mix and serve in a chilled shot glass with an olive.